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четверг, 17 сентября 2015 г.

Becoming a father of Russian democracy

  Actual Archive 2006Bargaining is not appropriate!At a cabinet meeting to discuss the economic outlook before 2009 clearly expressed an interest in supporting ministers close their spheres of influence. That is why, instead of demonstrating harmony and unity that have recently been trying to show the ministers, the meeting turned into a confrontation between the government. The cause of strife were not the projections and estimates inherent in the sharp turn of the tariff policy in favor of "Gazprom". For this purpose, and was presented to the European Commissioner for Trade Peter Mandelson. His claims to reconcile the export and domestic gas prices turned out as well as possible to the place. The Government wanted to show the citizens that it is not they raise tariffs for gas and electricity, and such is the demand of the international community, which must be met for accession to the WTO, and here we are not anywhere to go.

Mikhail Fradkov and German Gref, a record increase in gas prices reacted philosophically, pretending to submit to the inevitable necessity, "Energy prices are rising around the world, and we are worthless to paddle against the current," "we can not in the context of high international prices to keep such paltry price in the domestic market "," the growth of gas tariffs still more pluses than minuses - after the price shock the economy become more energy efficient and competitive. " At the same time, both concealed that will have arrived home "Gazprom" and shock - citizens of Russia, and that cheap energy tariffs provided mainly cheap labor. Yes, and practice stimulate the economy to the effectiveness of our ministers is treated as a one-sided. But we know that after the resignations of cabinet officials and revelations, they become more workable and less ambitious. What a positive effect on the economy. Maybe the president should think about how to make government more efficient?Apparently sensing the precariousness of his position, Mikhail Fradkov decided to continue: "Everything helps," Gazprom ", because it is our vast resources. But to simplify the matter - God forbid." At the same time, the practice in which profits disappear in the "pocket" of monopoly, he called the "crooked and perverse." But that's just what will be the policy in fact, Fradkov said. Apparently it is the "curve and vicious." Although then he added: "If anyone wants to admit it, this is unacceptable! Hear unacceptable!".As we are all familiar! Threatening words in public and favorable tariffs for monopolies in the future. And confirmed that the past session of the government.Supports German Gref Fradkov position immediately received a proper assessment: "On the right path is the Ministry", - said the Prime Minister, after hearing the report Gref. This approval premier position Gref, apparently inspired to join her and the Chairman of the Central Bank Ignatiev: "We need to improve faster and more safely."As a result, members of the government have gone so far that they themselves had recently denied. It was found that the increase in tariffs will not affect the inflation and will be helpful for economic growth, stimulates the strengthening of the ruble, which, in turn, is also useful. However, the beneficial effect, according to the minister, bears only the growth rates of "Gazprom" and RAO UES. The impact of tariffs on the economy of the Russian Railways are considered harmful.But as it turned out, not all benignly disposed towards "Gazprom", this incubator Russian billionaires. Alexei Kudrin, who, more recently, supported the increase of tariffs for RAO UES, and absolutely no interest, where will the excess profits of UES, suddenly turned against extra income "Gazprom", which he estimates will amount to 400 billion rubles. "Therefore it is necessary to give the commission to study the issue of taxation of excess profits, at least part of these funds have to withdraw," - suggested that the Minister of Finance.Wish Kudrin, remove from "Gazprom" excess profits, the same stopped the First Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, at the same time the governing board of directors of "Gazprom": "Given the heated debate, I propose a protocol decision not to change!".Dmitry Medvedev could, of course, and put even more succinctly, for example: "Bargaining is not appropriate!". But he felt it necessary to indicate the intensity of the debate is invalid. Especially since the protocol decision seems to have been prepared and agreed.The point in dispute put Prime: "I would like to 15 ministers sitting here, add all of the population, which, according to endure, if the good."And everything is good! All the citizens have realized that the government promote the common good, and you just have to wait. But that's only the people suffer for a long time, and had suffered, and all the benefit is not expected. And it seems that in the near future will not come, because the reality is not happy. And now once again expect price increases, although today, according to the Federal State Statistics Service, only the beginning, the cost of a minimum food basket and utility services increased by 11.7 and 15.7%. And it seems that the local policeman, who is German Gref put all the responsibility for economic stability in the country will not help us here.

If a drop of water is the whole essence of life, the media reflected the contradictions of society. And even more confused and blurred in the supply of information is a reflection of a certain position. Therefore, we see a different interpretation of the last meeting of the government. "Gazeta" writes: "The government has identified and destroyed antigazpromovskuyu group. Finance Ministry did not give poke his nose into super profits" Gazprom "," Vremya Novostei "-" take away from "Gazprom" and divide. Gref and Kudrin set their sights on the surplus gas monopoly "," Kommersant "-" Kudrin tried to take away from "Gazprom" 400 billion. Rubles. Dmitry Medvedev did not allow that, and so on. D., And so on. N.After reviewing the newspapers, did not immediately understand what actually happened at this meeting of the government? Maybe really Kudrin, together with German Gref, fought for the interests of Russian citizens, trying to control the surplus of "Gazprom"? "As gas prices increase (as the starting point of the rise in prices for services other natural monopolies) Ministers Gref and Kudrin offered to strike an additional tax," - writes "Time of news". And Dmitry Medvedev defends the interests of the gas monster?And why Gref in his report strongly advocated for an increase in tariffs for natural monopolies, that is made on the side of "Gazprom", as in the debate supported Kudrin: "It is necessary to share with the government and spent on other needs." Here are just a "small" nuance prevents establish itself in this thought - a desire to seize the proceeds of Kudrin's domestic economy and place them in the obligation of the foreign states. Alexei Kudrin, the whole time and just say that you need to spend as little as possible revenues within the country and that the additional revenue should be placed in the commitment of other countries. It is possible that support for Gref, Kudrin's position is explained by beneficial interests in a joint ExonMobile Finance Minister Kudrin and Economic Development German Gref, as last week, he told Russian citizens Sergey Dobrynin.If Kudrin and Gref really took care about the economic development of the domestic economy, it would have to act not for the removal of the "Gazprom" additional income and against raising tariffs for monopolies, and not just of "Gazprom" and RAO UES. But it is time, and we have not heard. And so it turns out that it is necessary to raise rates, that is, to withdraw money from the economy, but not to solve economic or social problems, and for the export of capital abroad. This is the position of Kudrin, Gref and Chubais, although the latter is forced to side with Dmitry Medvedev, for fear of losing a ministerial portfolio. Gref and therefore be in the position of Buridan's ass, which is caught between the two troughs, still could not decide which to go, and so they died of starvation. German Gref, however, did not die of hunger, but a split personality, in this situation, it can not be avoided. So to all those involved with Gref, now it is necessary to clarify - and what it Gref?Naturally, the position of Fradkov and Medvedev in this situation is preferable, although here it is again the question arises: if "Gazprom" - this is our common enormous resource, in whose interests, and the needs for which spent income and excess profits from its activities? But this, the most pressing question, today we have not received an answer. And yet, on this issue no response, public confidence in the government will fall, as it writes Alexei Kostin: "Public confidence in, and now more and private business to power, is rapidly falling. And nobody believes sweet voiced state (formal or non-government) channels that are constantly talking about design and adequate measures taken by the authorities ... The crisis of confidence in the country is growing. The extremism of all stripes and lines too. Disappointment and dissatisfaction with the growing active population injustice established the new order no less than the end of Yeltsin's rule. "" Vremya Novostei "(07.06.06).
Becoming a father of Russian democracy Part IIThe collapse of the paper searchlightsNational projects, as experience has shown, were good only on paper. Efforts to implement the declared searchlights paper, in real life have led to the fact that the authorities have more and more lie, dodge and play comedy, more like a farce.The national project "Health", without any justification, failed, because what could be talking about health, when patients can not get the necessary and essential drugs when patients instead of drugs, talk to the TV screens, how to successfully solve the national project "Health "When the population is annually reduced by 700 thousand. man, when infant mortality we are ahead of the rest.Equally deplorable condition to the implementation of the national project "Affordable Housing". The newspapers are full of headlines: "unaffordable housing"; "Affordable housing is not available," and journalists with a serious attempt to understand why the national project "Affordable housing" is stalling, still manage to say about everything, except what is necessary.
At a meeting in the Ministry of Regional Development, Minister of Regional Development Vladimir Yakovlev said that the year 2007 is unlikely to be better for this national project. Even the Duma deputies believe that the implementation of the national project "Affordable housing" under threat, and try to take at least some measures to save him. At its regular "government hour" MPs even asked Vladimir Yakovlev and the Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Trade Andrei Sharonov, a number of uncomfortable questions. That's just one of the deputies, and even more so officials did not ask: What do you actually want? For some reasons such housing will suddenly become cheap and affordable? It is only because of this president wanted?But, as experience shows, this is not enough. Especially because in the designated national project "Affordable housing" does not provide a single point that would really contribute to cheaper housing. The land issue has not been resolved, and not even worked out a way of its decision. A high percentage of the loans are not reduced. Ways to reduce the cost of construction materials has not been developed. Taxes for construction companies and manufacturers of building materials is not reduced. Income growth is not provided.And even on the contrary. The influx of additional mortgages only spurred the growth of house prices, reinforcing the attractiveness of this market. The rising cost of energy, the price of land, as officials have an additional opportunity to cash in even more aggravated the situation with the low-cost housing. In fact, the government is doing all that leads to a rise in the cost of housing, and anything that contributed to its cheaper. But, at the same time, it offers the people believe everything that she so cynically and shamelessly imposes praises.The sheer failure of the project for the construction of affordable and comfortable housing, forces to search for the perpetrators, in order to somehow justify. The desire to appoint guilty of Minister of Regional Development Vladimir Yakovlev, did not work because it did not want to hide the situation and bustling, and said openly about the shortcomings of the national project. "This lack of long-term housing loans, high inflation, high interest rates on mortgage loans, insufficient housing, weak purchasing power of the population, the poor quality of housing and communal services, the high level of deterioration of municipal infrastructure."If we add to this: the opacity of the isolation procedure of land acquisition for the construction of housing; unresolved legal issue of construction in progress; taxation mortgage agent and mortgage-backed securities, it is possible to clearly indicate that the implementation of the national project "Affordable and Comfortable Housing", won the only officials and bankers.If that is developing in the country is rather active, then a system of mortgage lending. It is growing and expanding in the eyes, however, experts say, and could not cross the barrier of 3-4 per cent coverage in need of better housing conditions. As for the Russians, who can not afford a loan, you enjoy them, in general, nothing.In the Council for National Projects, which is headed by Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, blamed the local authorities, who allegedly opaque partitioned area for development. And I can not understand that the government is one. And what a heroic personality, we are sitting on the ground, who are not afraid of any power hierarchy, nor prosecutors, nor the courts, nor criminal prosecution, all of them on the side. Just revolutionaries !!! Nihilists !!! But maybe they is just, and act in accordance with the essence of the government, and members of the Council for National Projects just fantasize, to mislead people?It turns out that the officials and moneylenders prey, members of the Council for National Projects fantasize, impoverished people, and supervisors play performances for ordinary people. That's how we live!

Vitaly Glukhov.  

The prosecutor's office opened nearly 700 cases of national projects

Last year, on the basis of prosecutorial checks Russian investigative authorities opened 689 criminal cases on crimes committed in the implementation of priority national projects.At the same time, noted in the prosecutor's office, the overwhelming number of criminal cases (393) are associated with the project "Development of agro-industrial complex."The most "popular" items for which to bring proceedings, - fraud, negligence, tampering, forgery, manufacture or sale of forged documents, state awards, stamps, seals and letterheads."Most often these crimes were related to embezzlement of budget funds allocated as the state support measures for the development of animal husbandry, housing construction in rural areas, as well as the misuse of grants and loans," - the official website of the Prosecutor General.The prosecutor's office in 2010, has received over 8800 complaints and appeals of citizens. They reported on violations of criminal law in the implementation of national projects. The investigating authorities had sent more than a thousand materials for addressing the issue of prosecution.Particular attention was paid to the national project "Health". "Along with the available facts of abuse by officials of the regional government in the procurement of medical equipment installed cases of impeding the legitimate activities of organizations engaged in the manufacture and supply of medical equipment for the needs of medical institutions", - the report says.It is also detected crimes in the area of ​​education. Basically, they committed principals and schools.
"There have been numerous cases of misappropriation of funds in the course of carrying out major repairs of apartment houses and other housing facilities," - said the Prosecutor General's Office.Source: news.km.ru

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