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Decent life members of the EP have already provided

Neverov: business head of Komi has dealt a blow to the reputation of "ER"The arrest of the Komi republic's leadership caused serious damage to image and reputation of the party "United Russia" and the institution of government as a whole. This was announced at a press conference in Syktyvkar, the Secretary of the General Council of "United Russia", State Duma Deputy Speaker Sergei Neverov."Undoubtedly The current situation has caused and is causing serious fashion and reputational damage to the party" United Russia "and the institution of government as a whole. However, it proves once again that today there is no untouchables, and the fight against corruption at all levels of government is a priority to the formulation of problems, which is defined by the President. The charges seriously, but put an end to this court ", - said Neverov.

He stressed that, in spite of what is happening, in accordance with the law shall promptly pass the first organizational meeting of the State Council and the Council of Syktyvkar, Komi, they are scheduled for 28 September and 1 October respectively. Sergei Neverov holds in the capital of the Komi Republic with the political council meeting, the deputies, and individual interviews with the deputies.On the post of the speaker of the State Council of the Komi selected five candidates, one of them is recommended. "It's possible candidacy will be discussed at the Presidium of the General Council, which will take place in Moscow tomorrow, where we define the candidate, who introduced the regional conference of the EP and recommended for election. Preference will be given to the newly elected deputies in accordance with the specified in the last election trend update." - said Sergei Neverov.He stressed that at present the party because of their ability to check the purity of the candidates, for their involvement in illegal activities.Defendants in the case of a criminal organization in the Republic of Komi 19 people, including the head of the republic, his deputy, as well as Igor Kovzel - Chairman of the State Council of the Komi Republic, Constantine Romadanov - Deputy Prime Minister of the Komi Republic, the ex-senator of the Republic of Komi Yevgeny Samoilov, the so-called financiers, technologists V.Molyarov, D.Moskvin, A.Goldman, V.Veselov and I.Kudinov, P.Maruschak, A.Faershteyn, L.Libenzon, N.Motorina, M.Hruzin. September 20 the Basmanny Court of Moscow satisfied the investigator's request for detention of 15 detainees for up to 18 of November. A decoy was placed under house arrest.During the 80 searches carried out by investigators of the UK, together with the Federal Security Service in the Komi Republic, St. Petersburg and Moscow, and seized more than 60 kilograms of jewelry, 150 hours worth from $ 30 thousand. Up to $ 1 million, more than 50 seals and stamps of legal persons involved in realization of offshore schemes, financial documents for the legalization of stolen assets totaling more than 1 billion rubles derived offshore.Source: tass.ru
Who causes damage to an image of "United Russia"?
Image is nothing - all the greed for money.The slogan of the modern party member.September 22 workers UAZ-Sual, city Kamensk-Uralsk, came to the rally, demanding higher wages, causing, thus, extreme dissatisfaction with the authorities and the board of the plant.As everything was fine !!! They worked for a pittance and were outraged. We listen to what they were told the factory owners, managers involved in the division of profits, and executives pocket unions, and meekly obeyed. And suddenly, the rally! Yes, even without the permission of that we tried to mention all the journalists, those to whom and demands are! So I'm, obviously, and I want to cry - how dare YOU to speak out against the masters of life! Part of the post that you want to hideImmediately joined the media, wanting to please the authorities."The organizers of the unsanctioned protest reported that participation in the event they attract employees Kamensk-Uralsky Metallurgical Works (KUMZ also included in the group SUAL). The meeting is held without the permission of the city administration (at the time of publication of the material any permission from the organizers has been received), so the organizers of the action are confident that they will drive the police. In the city administration believe that a campaign is customized and aimed at disrupting the elections of deputies of the regional Duma, or at least the application of image damage Arthur Maltsev.Like this! No more and no less! The workers demand higher wages, according to the industry of the rating agreement, payment recycled hours, the selection of the individual columns payments for harmful working conditions, examination of jobs, the safeguards contained in the Labour Code, increasing the payroll by laid-off and downsized, that is, for the intensification of labor, and their "respectable" journalists in a hurry to accuse of bias, in an effort to disrupt the elections of deputies of the Regional Duma, the application of "image damage" United Russia ".Surprising ability to distort everything. The fact that the board of the plant and the mayor of the city of Kamensk-Uralsky Viktor Yakimov, entered into an agreement not to raise the wages of workers (explicit agreement to be legitimate prosecution) as reported by Ivan Tabatchikov and metallurgists 5th grade receive a salary at least metallurgist lower (1) discharge is It does not cause "of image damage" United Russia ". And the fact that the law requires workers to pay, in accordance with call detail industry agreement is undermined. According to their logic, it turns out that the blame is not the one who hunger Morita, but the one who needs bread. And after such statements, they are also accused of working in the engagement!The workers demand their own, created by their labor. After all, it is no secret that the Russian enterprises the share of wages in the newly created value of slightly more than 10%, and noted that Russian economists, whereas in developed countries it is 50-60%, and they are credited with, what the hell.Pull out some anonymous observer, giving perverse evaluation of this action."Observers believe that the protest is a resource of black electoral technologies. The city and the factory spread information discrediting Boris Smolyanitsky (CEO UAZ), which is the trustee CPO Kamensk-Uralsky. "What, one wonders, working the case before the elections to the regional Duma, which for the time of its existence, and not lift a finger to somehow improve the situation of workers? No! And there is nothing they attribute to their fabrications.But Arthur Maltsev, wanting to work on the full program, decided in the best of their ability, not only to present the workers who spoke as individuals seeking to meet their needs, but also publicly squeal on them. This gentleman, "the spokesman", apparently just from a cohort of those who are most frightened people of Stalinist repression, and are engaged in informing the public when it is convenient and profitable."With regard to allegations of Protestants regarding wages, the companies in the group SUAL, call them unjustified. - Pass the opinion of the plant Maltsev. - Salaries of skilled workers exceeds the regional average and UAZ average. In addition, the plant implemented various social programs to support young workers, rest and treatment plant workers and their families. Wages are indexed every six months, with indexation exceeds the rate of inflation. In the first half of 2006 was 14% indexation ", - told the SUAL.At the same time the spokesman notes that the actions of the so-called initiative group did not reflect and may not reflect the interests of the workforce, and address the needs of a few individuals. With this provocation must understand law enforcement agencies. "Firstly, it would be surprising to hear from the leadership of the plant that the workers' demands are legitimate, and secondly, the wages of the metallurgist should not be determined by regional average in the calculation which includes the salary (2500 -3000 rubles) Hunted in the agricultural sector. Nobody is, Mr. Maltsev not pay based on how much cleaner gets in the "UralPolit.Ru" and mayor Viktor Yakimov, in accordance with the salary cloakroom. And thirdly, the workers, like any other citizens are not prohibited to strive to meet their needs. They then today, just, and found those by whom their needs are being met many others. In particular, and writing under dictation and journalists.But Maltsev, apparently regards himself as excluded, to the elite of society, which should not receive at work, and on merit and status. The workers, in the opinion of the journalist, and that paid enough. And there is nothing to require it.Public denunciation of Arthur Maltsev caught another "master" of the pen, a certain Michael Vjugin. "The strike was the workers' blackmail. - Tells readers Vjugin and adds - is anonymous. " He decided not to stand on ceremony and immediately involve law enforcement. "Who brought workers safe on a street - to be seen law enforcement agencies."But why anonymous? When Vjugin, the same results publicly read out the requirements for the General Director of the company, one of the organizers, Sergei Kogan.
Yes, because all these gentlemen can not believe that the workers themselves can think of and organized to demand higher wages and better working conditions. Hence the search for unknown organizers of the rally. Hence, all the divination of various analysts and experts. "The official trade unions blame the elections and hinted at several opposition parties. Analysts see the machinations of the enemies strike merge SUAL and Rusal, "- said Vjugin. And I do not want to understand that workers simply require human working conditions and decent pay.And even the story of Sergey Kogan that each employee every month UAZ recycles on average more than 20 hours, and it will not be paid; that the administration simply does not notice violations of the Labor Code; that steelmakers are attached to the plant, as the largest employers in the city entered into an unspoken agreement to keep all salaries at the secondary level are not persuaded amateur public denunciations.He and his colleague, began to praise the management and owners of the plant. "Director of Information and analytical work" SUAL-Holding-Ural "Roman Lukichev describes what happened quietly:" Relations with enterprise managers and staff have always been built and are being built on the principles of dialogue. All terms and conditions of the Collective Agreement, as well as other agreements in the social sphere, carried out strictly. Much constructive role in this dialogue plays a union. The so-called initiative group did not reflect and may not reflect the interests of the collective, and designed to meet the needs of several individuals, assessment provocative actions that will give the relevant bodies. "As you can see, it was not enough Vyugin once summon the police to act, and he quotes the Roman Lukichev, with the assessment of workers, as "provocative" and reference to "the relevant authorities". And then, to confirm its fabrications, quotes the deputy chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions of the Sverdlovsk region, Andrei Vetluzhsky "By raising wages between union members and management of the plant is a normal negotiating process. (Real wages are not growing, and the negotiation process is going, and going, and during this time, and someone comes to retirement.) This work is regularly scheduled. During this action the unions are not "- he says, and advises to look for the root cause of conflict in the upcoming elections to the regional Duma on October 8".And this gentleman there too. So I want to say, and I think that the workers and say, yes, leave you alone in these elections in the regional Duma, who only care about wanting to get there, but the journalistic fraternity. That is confirmed also by the party members of the Communist Party, the Liberal Democratic Party, the Party of Life and the Pensioners' Party. Himself Vjugin these data and results "... in these parties argue that there is no relation to the protests have not. And political analysts agree: the regional party members, even belong to different camps, too loyal to the regional authorities to create problems in one of the major basic industries of other regions - "SUAL-Holding".
Not finding the rebels among party leaders is really hard to do, Vjugin began to seek them from the competition: "The strike at UAZ there is also not the easiest to SUAL moment: Holding is preparing to unite with Rusal. This procedure is uneasy: the parties agree to work together, they begin to confuse the market, statements about the possibility of other alliances. In this situation, the aggravation of the situation in the company is not exactly play into the hands of its shareholders. However, who can organize such actions of discontent for the game against the merger can not be assumed even intelligence. "As we see the sad results. In general, these sharks ruble arguments boil down to one thing - an urgent need to involve the police, only against anyone, it is not known, but it is imperative to understand the order of the workers. Apparently, following this logic, the police and detained Sergei Kogan, who refused to submit the documents to police officers.

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