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пятница, 20 ноября 2015 г.

"Divers" from the Ministry of Finance are ready to drown Russia

The Minister of Finance has found a new "bottom" of the Russian economy
The Finance Ministry expects the bottom of the falling rate of economic growth will be achieved in the IV quarter, Finance Minister Anton Siluanov, speaking at a joint meeting of the specialized committees of the State Duma.
"In the IV quarter, we expect to be achieved bottom falling economic growth and we are already in the last months of this year, early next see positive economic growth", - quotes the Minister of RIA Novosti.

He added that in the IV quarter, inflation is expected at lower settings than at the beginning of the year and next year inflation will be 6.4% versus 12.2% in the current year.
As noted Siluanov, the Russian fiscal and economic policy is credible foreign investors, "Many investors, including foreign ones, return to the markets", - stated the head of the Ministry of Finance.
As a positive trend, he said, and the reduction of capital flight. At the end of 2015, this is an important indicator for the economy of $ 70 billion.
Last week, Deputy Economic Development Minister Alexei Vedev suggested that Russia will take an investment "bottom" in the I quarter of 2016, and the revival of investment activity will begin in the II quarter of next year. However, he believes that Russia's economy while maintaining oil prices at $ 40 per barrel during 2016-2018 is waiting for another shock.
Prior to that, head of the Ministry of Economic Development Alexei Ulyukayev said that in the III quarter of 2015. Russia's economy has reached the "bottom of the fragile". "It is evident that we are somewhere at the bottom lie, or call it a movement. I think that certainly will not go down, but whether we will go considerably to growth, it is difficult to say," - said the Minister.
In the middle of October, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the peak of the crisis in the domestic economy reached. "The peak of the crisis has been reached, and the economy as a whole, or adapted confidently adapt to the changing conditions of economic life," - commented the head of state.Source: rosbalt.ru

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