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понедельник, 27 июня 2016 г.

plundering Zone

"Kommersant": Putin instructed to close inefficient ten special economic zonesRussian President Vladimir Putin instructed the government to suspend the creation of new special economic zones - at least until the development of common approaches to SEZ and territories of priority development, the newspaper "Kommersant". Work ten areas recognized to be ineffective on the results of audits of the Accounts Chamber and the Prosecutor General's Office, will be terminated, all existing SEZ will give regions. As the departmental correspondence, which examined the "Kommersant", the order to be fulfilled before 30 June.

SEZ decision was made after the analysis of the report of the head of the Presidential Control Directorate Konstantin Chuichenko made on the basis of the Chamber of Accounts data. The report indicated that 33 SEZ spent 186 billion rubles in 2006, 24 billion rubles of them are not used, tax and customs payments from the areas themselves during this period amounted to 40 billion rubles. Creating a single location in the SEZ has managed the budget of 10 million rubles. These funds would be enough to pay workers the average wage in Russia for 25 years, the newspaper notes.
May 27, President Vladimir Putin instructed the government to develop a unified strategy for the SEZ work, to ensure optimization of budgetary investments and create mechanisms for their transfer under the control of the subjects of the Russian Federation, the article says.SEZ Institute in Russia proved to be costly and inefficient, he explained in the KremlinPresidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov, commenting on the "Kommersant", said that the institution of special economic zones in Russia proved to be costly and inefficient. "I need to pick the appropriate paper, but really Institute (SEZ) has been extremely ineffective in our country is very expensive, very little impact and zero efficiency," - said the Kremlin spokesman, quoted by Tass.At the same time, Peskov difficult to confirm whether a formal order was issued did the president on this issue. At the same time, he stressed that the decision to close and a ban on the creation of new areas does not apply to areas of advanced development in the Far East. "No, it's not tori (concerns), the Torah - is the individual institutions that have proven to the contrary good, they are just gaining momentum in its development, and show a very positive trend", - said the president's press secretary.The Ministry of Economic Development confirmed the orders of the president, noting that the government in 2014 realizes an action plan to improve the management of the SEZ ( "Roadmap"), one of the aims of which is to increase the role and responsibility of the subjects of the Russian Federation in the SEZ management. "Currently we are working with the SEZ regions on the conclusion of agreements on the transfer of management authority also are preparing amendments to the Federal Law." On special economic zones in the Russian Federation ", which provides for the establishment of a new order of creation and the SEZ functioning", - noted in the MED.
SEZs were set up by special law in July 2005. On January 1, 30 subjects were 33 SEZs (nine industrial type, six technology development, the three port areas and 15 tourism and recreation). During this time, from the federal budget they have been allocated 122 billion rubles, an additional 64 billion rubles spent regions. It went 334 billion rubles On the infrastructure, but instead of the planned 758 facilities put into operation only 526.Revenues SEZ residents is only 0.2% of the gross regional product of the subjects of the Russian Federation, where they are based. The Accounting Chamber auditors have noticed that all of the SEZ was set up just over 18 thousand jobs.According to the Chamber, as of 1 January the total amount of unused funds of JSC SEZ amounted to over 24 billion rubles, while the total revenue from placing funds on deposit for 2006-2015 - 29.3 billion rubles.As stated in the materials of control and analytical control, there are five criminal cases involving theft of resources in law enforcement, including the theft of 509 million rubles, intended for the development of infrastructure of the Lipetsk region.  

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