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вторник, 17 февраля 2015 г.

Policy of the government of the Russian Federation: Select from the people and give their

   On the anti-crisis measures will spend 22 billion rubles by the end of martaDo late March 2015, the Russian government will spend 22 billion rubles for the implementation of anti-crisis plan. Write about this "Vedomosti" referring to the two officials of financial and economic bloc.
The ministry also propose not to spend money in the first quarter of 2015, as funds are sufficient in the budget. Ministry of Economic Development believe that the end of March March is necessary to allocate 100 billion rubles. Agencies agreed on 22 billion.
The publication reports that 10 billion rubles will be spent to support agriculture, 5 billion - an extension of the recycling program in the automobile industry, another 5 billion - for credit subsidies to enterprises. In addition, the region will allocate one billion for the purchase of automotive vehicles to natural gas, and another billion for capitalization of Eximbank.

Government anti-crisis plan was published on January 28. According to the document, most of the expenditures of the budget will be cut by 10 percent. Remain unchanged spending on defense, agriculture, and social obligations. Also on the fight against unemployment will be spent 82.2 billion rubles.
The total amount of anti-crisis plan - almost 2.3 trillion rubles. One trillion of them aimed at the capitalization of banks.
Source: lenta.ru 

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