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вторник, 17 февраля 2015 г.

Recognizes the legitimacy of illicit enrichment

Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Justice did not support the article "Illicit enrichment"
  All the necessary legal mechanisms to fight corruption already provided, noted representatives of departments

Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Justice, as well as the administration of President of the Russian Federation did not support online petition criminalizing illicit enrichment of officials, who previously won 100 thousand. Votes on the portal "Russian public initiative." This was reported by representatives of relevant agencies at the meeting of the expert committee at the federal level under the supervision of the Minister for Open Government Mikhail Abyzova, to discuss the document.

The authors of the petition from the Fund for the fight against corruption is proposed to extend the jurisdiction of Russia to article 20 of the UN Convention against corruption and to introduce into the Criminal Code a new offense "illegal enrichment" in respect of persons required to provide information about their income. Officials who have discovered assets clearly exceed their legitimate income declared, according to activists, should be held criminally responsible.

According to officials of relevant agencies - the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Justice, and the Office of the Presidential Administration on combating corruption - all necessary legal mechanisms to fight corruption are already provided, and this initiative, inter alia, contrary to the principle of presumption of innocence.

According to Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration on combating corruption Valentine Mikhailov, the Russian Federation ratified the UN Convention against Corruption completely, it operates without any reservations and exceptions. He reminded that the law on ratification was adopted in March 2006. In addition, as noted by Mikhailov, the propagation of the Penal Code for crimes of this nature would be difficult to answer the question of what constitutes a place and time of committing a crime, how to define the term of its limitations. "In our view, the subject property liability of persons involved in corrupt activities is certainly relevant, but it is necessary to solve the problem professionally," - said the official.

"We believe that we as lawyers can not support the initiative of accession to the fact that the participants, and so are we," - said, in turn, deputy director of the Department of International Law Justice Minister Mikhail Vinogradov, also stressed that the UN Convention was ratified in Russia full. "The mechanism of control over income is already provided by the legislation," - he added. In addition, the implementation of this initiative, according to Vinogradov, will lead to a number of issues of constitutional law related to the concept of the presumption of innocence.

"We do not support this initiative. Of course, corruption in the country - a big problem, but it is not a problem the lack of legal mechanisms" - agreed Deputy Interior Minister Igor Zubov.

In addition, the expert group considered excessive and violates the human rights of authors offer Internet petition to oblige officials in senior government positions to represent their employers information about the income and expenditure of their adult children and report on income and expenditure before the former employer for three years after retirement .

Abizov, in turn, noted that the theme of the fight against corruption is extremely relevant. "In this regard, any initiative aimed at fighting corruption, attracting public attention to this topic are needed," - he said. The government and the presidential administration, according to the minister, the system continues to work on improving Russian legislation in this area, and suggestions made today will complement this work.

Online petition proposing to criminalize illicit enrichment of officials, civil became the sixth sentence in almost two years of the project, to collect the necessary number of signatures for the consideration of the ad hoc expert group.

Portal "Russian public initiative" earned in April 2013 pursuant to presidential decree. During this time, the necessary number of votes collected petitions to limit the cost of cars for officials to cancel the "anti-piracy" of the law, recognition of any acts committed in their own home for the protection of property, life and health, committed in self-defense, on the roads on the Privileges and is also an online petition against the imposition of additional taxes on the purchase of foreign online stores.

Source: itar-tass.com

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  The head of the HRC predicted "new 1937" because of Navalny

News Newsland: Chapter Chapter predicted HRC Human Rights Council under the President of Russia Mikhail Fedotov believes that the introduction of the proposed Alexei Navalny criminal article for illicit enrichment officials will lead to massive repression, "Interfax".

"The introduction of this article opens the way to a new 1937. Not only about the counter-revolutionary activities, and about the anti-corruption activities, "- said Fedotov at the meeting of the expert group of the government.

Initiative led by Navalny Fund to Fight Corruption collected 100 thousand. Signatures on a portal "Russian public initiative" and was admitted to the Russian government.

The proposal involves the spread on Russian actions of the 20th article of the UN Convention against Corruption and the introduction of the Criminal Code of the offense "illicit enrichment" against the officials are required to submit information about their income.

"We want a new political repression? I hope not, "- experts warned the head of the HRC during the consideration of the initiative.

Navalny himself said that he was not allowed to attend the meeting despite the fact that he is the author of a formal initiative.

Source: news46.webnode.ru

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