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вторник, 13 октября 2015 г.

Deputies against pensioners

 The State Duma refused to working pensioners indexingPensions working pensioners will not be indexed. This on Twitter said the head of the Duma Committee on Labor, and Veterans Affairs sotspolitike Olga Batalina.She noted that all working pensioners will continue to receive payments, but they are employed, they will not improve. "He left the job - again indexation" - added Batalina.Earlier, on October 9, she said that the government decided to double to index pensions in 2016. Batalina explained that this would be done to pensions increased for inflation in 2015.
At October 8 Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov noted that the possibility of a second indexing in the next year will depend on the growth of the Russian economy.On the same day pravitelstvoutverdilo the draft budget for 2016. It is expected that revenues will reach 13.58 trillion rubles, expenses - 15.76 trillion. The deficit is projected at 2.8 percent of GDP (2.18 trillion).Part of the cost is covered by the Treasury frozen pension savings. Another cost-saving measure - reduced indexation of pensions (4 per cent at the expected inflation rate of 12 percent). Moreover, it considered the idea of ​​the termination of payment of pensions to working pensioners.
Source: lenta.ru
Revenues DeputiesWhat income Duma deputy? Deputies of the Russian State Duma have a salary several times higher than, for example, their counterparts from Ukraine, all officially. The salary of deputies is increasing every year. Prior to September 1, 2013 the representatives of the lower house of the State Duma received 161,000 rubles a month. On September 1, 2013 their wages were officially raised to 254 thousand rubles. Since the beginning of autumn 2014 the official salary of a deputy in Russia is 420,000 rubley.skolko gets Duma deputy studying how much gets Duma deputy, it may be noted that the average wage in Russia will not exceed 30 thousand rubles. Russian parliamentarian receives 14 times more than the average citizen. In addition to wages, government officials use the services of specialized clinics and health centers with special discounts. The budget will cover all travel expenses of deputies and leave in 42 days. Interestingly, many Duma deputies did not even know the full list of benefits that are available to them. In 2015, the maintenance of the machine will be spent 1.2 billion more than last year. The budget again provides an increase in wages in September. - Read more on FB.ru: http://fb.ru/article/187979/skolko-poluchaet-deputat-gosdumyi-iz-chego-skladyivaetsya-zarplata-deputata
In accordance with the decree of the Russian president to raise the remuneration of federal ministers salaries Duma deputies will increase to 253 thousand. Rub., As from September 1, it will amount to 420 thousand. Rub. Monthly payments include monthly fee, as well as a monthly promotion. On September 1, the remuneration of parliamentarians increased from 32.9 thous. To 51.8 thousand rubles., And monetary incentives to 128.4 thousand. Rubles to 202 thousand.
What members receive in addition to a monthly salary?Besides wages, the parliamentarians monthly allocate 200 thousand. Rubles to pay assistants. Deputies also receive additional payments from the regional budgets. The statutes of some parliaments complemented by the rules of the so-called "security Deputies conditions for the smooth and effective implementation of their rights and duties." Therefore, depending on the region's MPs have an additional source of income. Thus, according to the charter in the Chelyabinsk region, people's choices to the device to a new job within 3 months of the salary shall be appointed from the local budget. Also provides for the payment of monthly supplements to the labor pension. According to "Kommersant", the Prosecutor's Office of the Chelyabinsk region, has demanded that the management of 12 local authorities to exclude from Charter points providing an opportunity for members to receive a salary and pension increase at the expense of local budgets.Current Russian legislation provides for compulsory state insurance deputies from the federal budget in the amount of the annual remuneration of the federal minister. Also, every month the State Duma deputy from the date of the election shall be reimbursed the costs associated with the implementation of parliamentary activities, a total of five times the minimum wage. In addition, when moving to Moscow and back to the region after the authority over, MPs pay all travel costs. In addition, they are given a lump sum "to the device" in the amount of half of the salary, and family members - at a rate of a quarter of the salary. MPs also pay benefits for treatment in the amount of two salaries.How many deputies will spend each month?In Russia now - 449 federal deputies and 165 senators. On the salaries of officials on a monthly basis is now the State Treasury will spend - 258 million.What distinguishes the State Duma on the job?
The 2013 budget of the State Duma made the following costs:

remuneration of the State Duma deputies and their assistants - 3.7 billion rubles;
transportation services - 1.8 bln. rubles;
Deputies work in the regions - 778.9 million. rubles;
support and development of information and communication technologies - 232.8 million. rubles;
international activities - 103.8 million. rubles;
events dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the Constitution and the Federal Assembly - 100 million. rubles;
Administrative expenses of the Federation Council in 2016 proposed to increase by 35%.
The content of the State Duma in the next year will grow by 40%, from 7 billion to 10 billion, according to a draft federal budget for next year, prepared by the Ministry of Finance of Russia. The government generally approved the draft federal budget for 2016 on 10 October and the revised draft budget will be submitted to the government on Wednesday.
According to the document, the main increase in the cost of the lower house of parliament is planned under "Expenses for payments to staff in order to perform the functions of state bodies", ie salaries to officials of the State Duma apparatus. If in 2015 the cost of their salaries amounted to 1.8 billion rubles, in 2016 the Ministry of Finance proposes to increase these expenses almost doubled to 3.5 billion rubles.
As the deputy head of the State Duma Yuri Shuvalov, we can talk about the alignment of salaries of employees of parliament and other state bodies.
- We have not yet received the draft of the federal budget, - he says. - In this case, most likely, we are talking about what occurred leveled disparity in wages of civil servants working in the State Duma and other public bodies. After all, according to the law on civil service, all civil servants should be in equal financial conditions, regardless of their place of work. We also have a situation where different authorities different levels of pay. The State Duma was much less funded, and therefore it was decided to increase.
When it Yury Shuvalov stressed that it is not a significant increase in wages, but only on equalization, which is not implemented for one year.
According to Rosstat, in the first half of 2015 the average salary of an employee of the State Duma amounted to 113 thousand. Rubles. At the same time employees of the Government of the Russian Federation, it was 195 thousand. Rubles.
Do not hurt the Ministry of Finance is also the deputies themselves and their assistants. Firstly, 16% increased the cost of their salaries, from 3.4 billion to almost 3.94 billion. In addition, increased and the amount of overhead: the payment of tickets, phone calls, different "kantselyarki." According to the draft budget, the cost of government procurement to "ensure that activities" Deputies also increased almost two-fold, from 944 million rubles to 1.65 billion.
The content of the Federation Council also increased in the draft budget - 35%, from 4 billion to 5.34 billion. At the same time, if the salary of senators and their aides remained approximately at the same level (1.7 billion rubles), the cost of employee benefits Council of the Federation has doubled: from 1.2 billion to 2.6 billion.
According to deputies, to increase the salaries of employees of the State Duma is justified.
- This is true, - said the deputy of the State Duma, the Communist Party faction chief lawyer Vadim Solovyov. - When there was a significant increase in wages in all the federal government, the State Duma apparatus salaries remained at the same level, on the contrary, decreased. This was in the office of the State Duma is the main legislative work. So it's time to make up for it.
According to the draft budget, the wage fund in the presidential administration is reduced by 7.5% - from 8 billion rubles to 7.4 billion, the government apparatus - by 7.3%, from 4.1 billion to 3.8 billion.
According to Solovyov, to raise the salary of the deputy it is not likely to compensate for the budget planned for the deputies, who are not re-elected to the State Duma of the next convocation (because of the postponement of elections from December to September). Earlier this purpose supposed to allocate 713.7 million rubles. It may be also increased the wage fund helpers Duma deputies adds deputy of the faction "Fair Russia" Dmitry Ushakov.
- Indexation of salaries of deputies and assistants was frozen all year - he says. - Perhaps at last we will be able to increase their salaries. As for the salaries of employees of the unit, then in the last few years, we have discussed the situation in the State Duma committee for budget and taxes, but the Finance Ministry did not give the nod to the indexation of wages of employees of, although wages in other government grew steadily.
The finalized draft budget will be submitted to the government on October 14. According to the Ministry of Finance prepared the draft budget, revenues are planned at the level of the Russian Federation 13.58 trillion rubles, expenses - 15.78 trillion rubles, respectively, the budget deficit stood at 2.18 trillion rubles, or 2.8% of GDP. In the budget laid the projected GDP of $ 78.673 trillion rubles and the inflation rate not exceeding 6.4%. Budget 2016 is fundamentally different from a similar document, which was prepared in 2014. The following year, the government creates a one-year budget, without considering the projected 2017-2018 years.
Alexander Bayazitova
Source: izvestia.ru

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