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понедельник, 12 октября 2015 г.

Plutocratic ruble slides

The official euro exchange rate has exceeded 73 rubles
 Official Euro rate set by the Central Bank of 3 October increased by 1.14 rubles to 73.63. The dollar rose to 65.94 rubles (plus 91 kopecks). This information is contained on the website of the regulator. Courses will be valid until October 5, inclusive.
In the course of trading the European single currency is worth 74.01 rubles, the US - 66.30 (as of 14:50 MSK). Brent crude oil continues to fall in price - per barrel give the dollar at 47.87 day high of 48.48 dollars.

September 30 World Bank published a report on the future economic development of Russia, containing predictions about the course of the ruble. In the baseline scenario spelled out oil at 53-55 dollars. If it will be implemented in the next three years the dollar will cost 62.3 rubles, 61 rubles and 58.2, respectively.
Target Economic Development for 2018 - 54 rubles per dollar. The ministry admits that by the end of this year, oil prices could fall in price to $ 38 per barrel, and the dollar - rise in price to 70 rubles. 

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