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вторник, 13 октября 2015 г.

Social policy of the Russian government

Doctors and teachers to reduce salaries by 34 billion rubles
The Russian budget for 2016 expenditures for salaries of teachers, doctors and social workers will reduce by 34.2 billion rubles. However, due to changes in the rules of calculation of average wages in the regions - the May presidential decrees are met.According to the draft federal budget for 2016, the public sector should not expect higher wages. Rather, it should not even be adjusted to reduce revenues, RBC.Thus, compared to the plans set out in the budget for 2015, teachers will receive 24.1 billion rubles less income paramedics cut by 9.218 billion rubles, and the other workers will receive less social sphere 919 million rubles.

Comply with the requirements of the May decree was possible thanks to the decision of the "improvement of statistics", which will allow the paper to reduce the average level of income by region.
Arina Lviv  

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