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Chubais and his team

Elvira pumped 127 billion in pocket bank Chubais
 Elvira pumped 127 billion in pocket bank Chubaysa Podarok group "Opening" surpassed even government subsidies, used by Putin's judo coach until the last days of the most expensive bank bailouts, which was held by a private business, was Mosoblbank. In this case, the head of the Central Bank Nabiullina donated 117 billion sparring partner of Vladimir Putin's judo Arkady Rotenberg, is engaged in the recovery of this credit institution. At the end of 2014 collapsed bank "Trust", its shareholders, led by Ilya Yurov disappeared. In recent days, the Central Bank unexpectedly appreciated this refurbishment of 127 billion rubles. Figure shocked the market and has caused suspicion of corruption personally Nabiullina.

State Duma deputy from the Communist Party, Boris Kashin December 30 sent a request to the Investigation Committee with a request to check "the legality of the former owners and management of the bank" Trust "and" in case of evidence of a crime to consider the institution of criminal proceedings. "The parliamentarian said that the decisions of the Bank of Russia "there is no explanation for the loss of solvency" Trust "and the legal assessment of the actions of the former owners and managers of the bank" Trust ", which caused very large damage."
As told to "Vedomosti" one of the bankers, Tsetrobank made decisions about remediation "Trust" on December 22. This was done in a hurry, in the midst of the panic in the markets. To maintain the liquidity of the bank provides for the allocation of up to 30 billion rubles. Deputy chairman Mikhail Sukhov pointed out that the difference between assets and liabilities "Trust" is estimated at tens of billions of rubles.
December 26 the Central Bank announced the final price of salvation "Trust" - 127 billion rubles., Motels selected financial corporation "Opening". Due to the credit of the Central Bank "FC Opening" will receive a 99 billion loan for a period of 10 years. Taking into account the depreciation of the ruble during this period, the payment can be regarded as non-returnable. Also, the Deposit Insurance Agency will provide a loan "FC Opening" by a loan from the Central Bank in the amount of up to 28 billion six years.
The Central Bank declined to comment on why the choice fell on "FC Opening". But motivation is easy enough to understand, given the link between the past and the current shareholders of the bank official with the leaders of the Central Bank. Elvira Elvira began her career with the fact that in 1995 worked as a secretary Anatoly Chubais Commission on Economic Reforms. The position it occupied on the recommendation of Yevgeny Yasin, who now works at the Higher School of Economics rector Yaroslav Kuzminova - husband Nabiullina.
Yasin and Chubais - trustees of the former Prime Minister Yegor Gaidar. This to the late liberal activists patronized academician Abel Aganbegyan, who before the appointment Gaidar government offered him the lead formed in the Academy of National Economy Research Institute.
Anatoly Chubais, together with his assistant Boris Mints, until recently, was a shareholder of FC "Opening". He was forced to formally abandon the asset after the bank was accused of corrupt ties with the Central Bank.
Now the action "discovery" Vadim Belyaev belong, Alexander Mamut and Ruben Aganbegyan - son patron Gaidar.
Aghanbegyan Jr. - not only for the collection of co Nabiullina "Gaidar Forum 2012", published by the Economic Policy Institute named Yegor Gaidar.
During the presidency of Dmitry Medvedev Ruben Aganbegyan under the patronage of the then Minister Nabiullina was in control from the Moscow Stock Exchange ("MICEX-RTS"), where he took on the job of a Roman Sulzhika. Winter 2013-14 years Sulzhik remaining director of the Moscow Stock Exchange, moved to Kiev, where the militants involved in Evromaydane, and as the Russian opposition - discussed with John McCain strategy Revolution anti-Putin in Moscow.
Following the appointment of the head of the Central Bank of Elvira Nabiullina, the group "Discovery", previously held by small readjustment, suddenly became the organizer of the largest banking transactions - buying Nomos Bank at ICT Group and "Petrocommerce" - Leonid Fedun and Alekperov. No less active "Discovery" in the pension market - with a group of related NPF "LUKoil-Garant" and NPF electricity.
It is not clear who paid for these assets. The bank has more than ten shareholders, and their names are constantly being updated. Now in addition to Belyaeva, Aganbegyan and Mamut group indicates their owners structure owners of "Lukoil", Alexander Nesis, Sergey Gordeev, Dmitry Sokolov, Alexei Gudaitis, as well as minorities.
But only in December at the "openness" to add five new shareholders: the last time - December 30 (OOO "RGS" and Credit Bank of Moscow), and a couple of weeks earlier - NPF "Renaissance life and pensions", "Stalfond" structure and top manager "VEB capital" Sergei Koshelenko.
"None of the bank's top-30 shareholder structure does not change as often as the" Discovery "- indicates the familiar three shareholders favorite bank Elvira Nabiullina.
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