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понедельник, 26 января 2015 г.

Senile disease of capitalism

Liberalism - senile disease
  Today liberalism - the most conservative ideology. Today, it justifies any attempts agonizing capitalism and impose it as a pinnacle of the development of mankind and the "end of history". However, in reality the end of history came to capitalism, not for history. The story continues, moving on and trying to prove the fallacy of liberalism her movements.

Liberalism is the ideology that accompanies capitalism from its very birth. He was progressive compared with feudalism and monarchism. Justification and demands for greater economic, political and individual freedom accompanied growing capitalism, promoted the development of civilizations.
In XX century, capitalism has reached its peak and already during the First Russian Revolution, the Bolsheviks used the word "liberal" in a negative sense. Between February and October revolutions "liberal" as a negative epithet used by the masses. "Liberal - the eternal counsel of the bourgeoisie, the oligarchy, the socio-economic inequality" - this is the current popular interpretation of the word.
But other ideology in capitalism is not. Other lawyers too. So today we see that the Liberals are the main imitators, reactionaries, the most conservative part of society. Wanting to justify the capitalist system as the only correct, they are not averse to cynicism, hypocrisy, meanness, treachery, those "double standards". Their behavior is illogical and inconsistent in terms of objective reality. Meaningless catch them on the "double standards" - for them it is a normal tool, because when he dies, capitalism, and they die - at least in the ideological sense. Do not wait for them to "fair duels" - they are trying to prolong its existence by any means. In the ideological and philosophical terms liberalism today - senile disease, then it is necessary to diagnose and help connect psychiatrists.
With the most blatant censorship I have encountered in the liberal media. Any slightest encroachment on their values, any criticism of them were cut without the consent of the author. Totalitarian liberalism. They impose their totalitarian values, force, forced to share and believe in them.
Liberals mass of resources - financial, media, support in one way or another from the authorities and the like. Nothing surprising. As I wrote above, liberalism - the ideology of capitalism. The oligarchy will provide its journalists, philosophers, writers, human rights organizations and non-governmental organizations. Therefore not surprising that the company "Gazprom", which is actually owned by Russian oligarchs, for example, has invested a lot of resources to the main Russian liberal radio station "Echo of Moscow" and will not allow to close it - as long as the company will own the oligarchs. All conflicts between the owners, sponsors and journalists, editors have the character of scenes from everyday life - who is to blame, that the whole day dishes are not washed and piled in the sink - nothing tragic, ordinary family scene. Conflicts soon calms without any serious consequences for the participants.
Emphasis on the liberal media events make depending on their importance to the capitalist system. France is more important as one of the pillars of capitalism than Yemen, which is difficult to even be classified as colonies - so it maloponyaten for the dominant system in the world. So do not be surprised that the major media have paid much more attention from the Islamists killed 12 French, 50 died on the same day from the same Islamists citizens of Yemen. Do not be surprised that killed hundreds of children in the Donbas, thousands of children killed in Syria, do not get as much attention as a dozen shot in the wording of the elderly French cartoonists. Yes, I attack the Islamists in the Editor «Charlie Hebdo». Workers in this edition even entered into a conflict with Islamic radicals, went depicting satirical images of sacred radicals. But the children of Donbass, Syrian children with no one in conflict, they are absolutely innocent to those who killed them. "Double standards" of liberalism. Priorities are clearly, clearly, in bold, cast in gold.
In modern conditions the Liberals will always be a resource in a better position than members of any other ideology was. But those who want to make a "good career" as an intellectual, will join up with the liberals.
The safest, most toothless opposition to the current government (with the exception of the medieval modes, such as the Persian monarchy, African dictatorships, the dictatorship in Turkmenistan, and so on. N.) - A liberal. The current state power in one way or another - products oligarchs, multinational corporations, oligarchic syndicates. The same US President Barack Obama - a product of the oligarchs behind the Democratic Party. Russian President Vladimir Putin - the same product of local and foreign oligarchs. It is obvious that people with intellectual level "where would still recruit an informer" is not able to individually control the huge multinational country. But to make him some sign of power is quite possible - a lot of signs is not required.
However, in the framework of liberal democracy to be just enough power. Need some forces which portrayed the opposition. These are the rules of the game. After that, and there is the liberal opposition.
Necrophilia because of the federal Russian media dug up the grave of mossy political corpse Alexei Navalny, when the situation in Russia became closer to the threshold of massive popular protests. The reason for his references, additional medialization become even jewelry items. Bulk removed bracelet FSIN - this is the main event of the day for the so-called all-Russian mass media. Tomorrow he wears earrings FSB and, no doubt, it will also become the main event.
Navalny and his followers are not a real danger to the Putin regime - they are an integral part. As in Ukraine. One of the liberal-oligarchic regime Yanukovych Maidan protest replaced another, Poroshenko-Kolomoiskiy supplemented more and clinical Russophobia. Poroshenko therefore does not require the arrest of Yanukovych, wherever he may be, does not initiate the trial of Renat Akhmetov, the main sponsor of Yanukovych and accomplice. But he and Kolomoiskiy finances and directs punitive units to suppress the popular uprising in the Donbas - in fact rebellion against oligarchies, shatters the current system.
The same scenario will be implemented in Russia in the case of the seizure of power Navalny and co. Senile disease of liberalism will only grow stronger.
Therefore, the protest mood masses should refuse any cooperation with the liberals. Experience protests of 2011-2012 showed that "drain opposition" liberals destroy any mass popular movement, bring it to the state of silly jokes.
An integral feature of the liberals in Russia is Russophobia. Russophobia is necessarily present in the luggage of the liberals in the former Soviet space. Many western too. It is an axiom. This was highlighted during the uprising and war in the Donbass. Clinical Russophobia has become an indispensable element in the policy regime Poroshenko-Kolomoiskiy. Supporting Poroshenko Western liberal policy necessarily mention the threat posed by Russian namely: who should win and drive the Ukraine to become a "prosperous and democratic power." And this despite the fact that Russian and in considerable quantities, is in punitive units and militias fighting on the side of many ethnic Ukrainians.
I wonder why modern liberals have to be russophobes. We can assume that for a civilization of Western Europe and the United States are historically Russian strategic adversary. Therefore, even if the liberal-oligarchic regime in Russia is more convenient position of Russia as an enemy, demonize it - because the population of Western Europe and the United States are used to it.
As a result, Russian to Western civilization are the same as those whom the Palestinian Arabs in Israel, the Kurds in Turkey, Maya Indians, who are fighting for the rights of the Zapatistas, Mexico. Dangerous rogue. That is a vision of Russian and Russia to impose Western liberals. Russian liberals with head held march in the wake of their Western counterparts. Hence, they need blood from the nose to emphasize their identity with them, their solidarity, their diligence. Russian liberals criticize, demean all Russian and praise all the Euro-American. Although it comes to stupidity and idiocy.
Another mandatory feature of modern liberalism - reviewing the results of the Second World War. Use a comprehensive toolkit: writing new history textbooks, films and documentaries, special radio and television programs, publications in print and online media, round tables with comfortable "experts" and so on. D. The main message: to cast doubt on those or other facts of the Second World associated usually with the Soviet Union, and to impose their vision. Sometimes it takes a direct falsification.
Reviewing the results of the Second World War, the Liberals create the preconditions for a revival of Nazism in the world, the emergence of states like Nazi Germany.
Already have dangerous precedents in the Baltic countries, where rehabilitated veterans punitive Nazi divisions. Fresh precedent - today's Ukraine, where the regime Poroshenko-Kolomoiskiy his Nazi rhetoric and behavior, among other things, provoked and accelerated the popular uprising in the Donbas. Methods uprising also copied from the German occupiers action during World on Soviet territory.
It must be concluded that under current conditions the ideal state for liberals - direct or secret oligarchic form of government, the inequality of the population constitutionally enshrined dissatisfied suppress most totalitarian methods, the ideology of liberalism elevated to the level of the sole and absolute truth. The phenomenon of liberalism today is destructive to humanity, it hinders development and downright dangerous for common sense.
Alexander Rybin
Source: rabkor.ru  

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