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Revenues are falling and prices are rising

  The devaluation of the selected quarter of the wages of people in Russia
News Newsland: Devaluation selected quarter wages residents RossiiStagnatsiya Russian economy and the devaluation of the ruble had very negative effects on earnings of citizens. Over the year, growth in real wages will not exceed 1.9%, economists predict. Falled Russian currency has reduced wages in dollar terms.
Experts estimate that since the beginning of the year the loss of residents of the Russian Federation depending on the region ranged from 110 to almost $ 700. Throughout the country, losses are estimated at about one-fourth of the average wage. In December, in dollar terms, the average salary of the Russians was below $ 600 a month, and in this sense for the citizens came back in 2008, "Nezavisimaya Gazeta".
Over the year, growth in real wages will not exceed 1.9%, economists predict.

"In real terms, the average wage in the economy as a whole has stagnated since the middle of the year. And at the end of 2014 its growth will not exceed 1.9%," - noted in the report of the Centre of the Higher School of Economics (HSE) "Comments on the state and business." In 2013, the Federal State Statistics Service for the year recorded growth of real wages by more than 5%.
Long-term slowdown in wage growth was observed primarily in the non-budgetary sectors of the economy: they worsened the dynamics of labor productivity and financial situation of enterprises. But now we add to this the effect of the stagnation of wages in the public sector. High growth rates of wages became an unbearable burden for regional budgets, experts Development Center.
"If in 2012 the nominal wages of state employees grew in the first three quarters at an average rate of 21% year on year, in 2013 - 19%, then in 2014 in the same period - already 11%" - the report says the HSE. But the dynamics of growth of wages in nominal terms, which means that in real - adjusted for inflation - the growth was much more modest. According to Rosstat, the end of the third quarter of 2014, inflation since the beginning of the year exceeded 7%, by 25 December it from the beginning of the year was 10.4%.
Not only economic stagnation and problems of regional budgets impact on earnings of Russians, but also the sharp devaluation of the ruble. Salaries are greatly reduced in dollar terms, according to a study conducted by experts of analytical department of the company "FinExpertiza."
According to experts, the average in Russia in March this year the salary of citizens in dollar terms was around 808 dollars. By December, it decreased by almost a quarter - up to 588 dollars. Depending on the region of Russians lost since the beginning of the year ranged from 110 to 677 dollars. The higher the salary in the region, the more citizens are losing out on the weakening of the ruble.
For example, in the Tambov region, according to the calculations authors of the study, pay this spring were in currency terms 507 dollars a month, and by December they were down to 397 dollars. In the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District in the spring of citizens received in currency terms, 1885 dollars a month by December their salaries dropped to 1208 dollars. Muscovites at the beginning of the year received an average of 1,510 dollars a month in December - only about 1066 dollars.
The researchers correlated the average level of wages and the dollar in recent years, and found that "the results of December 2014 the wages of Russians in dollars fell to the level of the crisis of 2008". "For many years we were going to get closer to the level of welfare of citizens in Europe and the US, comparing the level of income in Russia and abroad. Salary of $ 1,000 per month was the purpose of which is almost reached. Now, we entered into six years ago, "- economists say.
According to the forecast director of the company "FinExpertiza" Nina Kozlova, "the dollar against the ruble will undoubtedly decline, but in 2015 it is unlikely to reach the beginning of the 2014 values." Hence, the wage in dollars is also not return in 2015 to the level of 2014.
Faltering economic situation in Russia is strongly influenced by the labor market, say representatives of personnel services. In 2014 he entered into a fundamentally new state. Analysts by Superjob.ru call this condition "alarming stability." Deputy director of personnel holding "Encore" Tatiana Baskin described it as "stable uncertainty." According to her, "in different industries decline in recruitment to the end of 2014 amounted to 15 to 25% compared to the same period in 2013". While the majority of companies plan to increase salaries in the range of 4-7%, but stipulate that they will act on the environment, and increase spending not massively, and deserved, said the expert.
"Most companies are trying to increase productivity and reduce costs, expand the duties of employees under the old salary - added Baskin. - Some reduce the volume or change the structure of social package. "
According to the director of marketing for "beagle" Anna Skorik, "the labor market in 2015 is completely dependent on the economic situation in the country, and therefore optimizing budgets and, as a result, redundancies are inevitable." She believes that "the rate will be made primarily on the most effective and valuable employees are able to quickly and efficiently to achieve maximum results." The expert also noted that instead of attracting new employees, many employers opt for internal displacement and enhance the most helpful staff.
New Region: The devaluation of the selected quarter of the inhabitants of Russia salaries
Natalia Anikina
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