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среда, 30 декабря 2015 г.

Feverish ruble sign of unhealthy fiscal policy

The euro reached 80 rublesThe euro on the Moscow Stock Exchange on Tuesday, December 29 updated with up to the end of summer, reaching the mark of 80 rubles. The dollar came close to 73 rubles, the highest since December 2014, according to data exchange.Experts believe that the ruble weakening against the backdrop of the uncertain dynamics of the oil market, as well as due to the purchase of currency on the eve of the Christmas holidays after the tax payment period, reports "Interfax".Both currencies are growing the fourth consecutive trading, the dollar during this period added 3.02 ruble. (4.3 percent), EUR - 3.84 rubles. (5 percent).

Brent crude is trading around the level of 36.6 dollars per barrel. The ruble price of "black gold" is around 2.65 thousand rubles, RIA Novosti reported.On Monday, December 28 at the exchange rate of the dollar was worth 72.10 rubles, euro - 79.21 rubles, of Brent was traded for 36.87 dollars (as of 18:00 MSK).In this day of de Director of the Department of monetary policy of the Bank of Russia Igor Dmitriev told Reuters, that the reduced volatility of the ruble, the Russian economy is adapted to the external conditions. "Now we see that the exchange rate is close to equilibrium values. Or are fundamentally sound, here it is already possible to use different theoretical approaches, but in general it is close to these levels, "- leads the agency his words. Dmitriev said that the deviations from the market rate of the ruble is not fundamentally justified, and no abnormalities that lead to distortions of inflation.December 25, President of Sberbank German Gref said that in 2016 the value of the ruble will fall after falling oil prices.December 23 Chairman of the Central Elvira Nabiullina noted that the volatility of the national currency decreased. According to her, the floating exchange rate regime is best suited for the Russian economy in the current environment.
Source: lenta.ru

All the people of the Historic RUSSIA,Homelessness Soviet people,and the Russian people,as the only source of powerIn Russian federation,its senior officials, namely:Russian President Vladimir PutinRussian Prime Minister Medvedev DAChairman of the Federation CouncilLegislative Assembly of the Russian Federation VI MatvienkoChairman of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, SE Naryshkin

That vote
Today, it is clear and absolutely proved that the Central Bank of Russia has not executed the Constitution of the Russian Federation, where Article 75, paragraph 2, clearly states that:"Protecting and ensuring the stability of the ruble Basic Operation of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation."This means that without providing the stability of the ruble as the national currency, the leadership of the Central Bank and its employees are in a state of permanent national scandal, explicable only by the fact that none of them possesses competence such elementary concepts of their officially declared, professionalism, as "folk economy "," economic wealth "," value "," money "," profit "," capital "and" labor "," private property "and so on. d., and so on. n., as a result, the state leadership emission, the national financial and monetary system of the country as necessary and inevitable for many years is anti-state, anti-social, anti-economical, irrational, and therefore the anti-popular character.This fact incontrovertibly evident in the ongoing rise in prices due to the unprecedented high and growing inflation, radically undermining personal financial well-being of each and every citizen of Russia separately, namely those with the main and only public benefit, economic and financial "asset" - their workforce. Excluding only the beneficiaries of inflation: Selected bankers, financial speculators and affiliated public servants at all levels.This situation essentially defines a "method of use" for the Constitution of the Russian Federation and for all official its institutions, including the President and the Government, at which ordinary labor force, as the most popular and the massiveness of the form of the bourgeois private property and "civilized democracy" takes us the country's frenzied anti-bourgeois character. But! ... Not "pro-communist, anti-bourgeois," and anti-bourgeois-usurious, therefore, frankly slaveholding. This apparently it is equipped with all the latest tools of modern information society and its "world of finance".All irrationalism and the whole "obstinacy" pseudo-professional behavior of "our" central bank fully explains that his mental and officials belonging to the global financial oligarchy,Finance of the Russian Federation is to serve the country's development, the economy and welfare of its people, not the enrichment of a handful of oligarchs, and the current "national" plutocracy, emerged from yesterday of the CPSU!Without a firm monetary unit, valid (ie. E. On the basis of the law of value!) Appreciate the contribution of every citizen (who is the owner of the labor force) in the overall development of the country and its people, Russia has no future, there is not even the prospects maintain themselves as a whole, As a state, to ensure the welfare of their people and actually realizing the constitutional rights of its citizens.Today it is already impossible to silence the fact that no senior officials of the Russian Federation, nor the system-forming organs and the state of its political system is unable to cope with the solution of this problem in the interests of society, the state and the nation. As a result, they "favor" of each ordinary workers and citizens of the Russian Federation in undivided order and private property as trans-national and "national" financiers-slaveholders.Therefore, based on the constitutional provision on state powers of the Russian people as the sole source of power in the Russian Federation, the People's Committee initiative of citizens - ANO Committee to Protect the rights of owners of residential premises of houses Ekaterinburg - expresses its determination, the unconditional right and exhaustive COMPETENCE take over the function of the national "personnel officer" in relation to the national emission center of the Russian Federation - the so-called "printing press", namely, to form a professional and responsible "team" to control the financial and banking system of the country in the interest and for the benefit of the people, who will faithfully perform their duties not for the sake of the huge monetary rewards, "golden parachutes" privileges imposed everywhere for civil servants, officials in all areas and at all levels, and with scientific authority and for a modest salary to doctors, teachers and highly skilled workers ...
Adopted unanimously at the general meeting of the ANO Committee to Protect the rights of owners of residential premises of houses Ekaterinburg
Chairman of the Committee V.I.GluhovEkaterinburg, November 6, 2014

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