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среда, 30 декабря 2015 г.

About the bad speculators and good government

 Putin accused speculators in the fall in living standards of Russians
Russian President Vladimir Putin found in the country 'unfounded, frankly, the speculative rise in the cost of products, goods and services ", which leads to a decrease in the standard of living of Russians. He stated this at a meeting with members of the government.Putin demanded from the government to keep prices using market instruments and "expand the share of low-cost but high-quality domestic products."

At the meeting, Putin admitted that the period of cheap oil and sanctions against Russia could be delayed.
According to the poll, conducted by Online Market Intelligence commissioned by RBC, most Russians have noticed a sharp rise in prices before the New Year. More than 56 percent of respondents said that prices rise more than last year.Rosstat at the end of the year reported a sharp rise in price of vegetables. For the week of 15 to 21 December tomatoes rose in price by 11.2 percent a week earlier - by 9 percent. Tomatoes are included in the list of products, the supply of which is banned in Turkey within the Russian sanctions.According to estimates of the Central Bank and the Ministry of Economic Development, at the end of 2015 inflation in Russia will amount to about 13 percent.Source: meduza.io

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