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воскресенье, 23 декабря 2012 г.

"Perestroika" - the apotheosis of petty-bourgeois socialism in the USSR.

 Since 1986. Solutions with 27 Congress of the CPSU, the party ceased to be proletarian, became known as the party of the people, the state has ceased to be a state of the dictatorship of the proletariat.Leadership in the Communist Party faction seized the petty-bourgeois socialism."The Communist Manifesto" in the "petty-bourgeois socialism," went on to describe this "socialist" movement:"The desire to restore the old means of production and of exchange, the old property relations, to cramping the modern means of production and exchange in the framework of the old property relations.This is both utopian and reactionary petty-bourgeois socialism. "

According to statistics, 27 Congress of the CPSU of five thousand delegates:workers 34%managers of different levels-48%,intellectuals-5, 4%.At 19 Party Conference in 1988. delegates:workers 32%managers, 42%,intnelengentsii-8, 7%.According to Lenin's definition of classes, the data in the "Great Beginning" says:"Classes are groups of people differing1. in place in the system of social production,2. In relation to the means of production,3. for her role in the organization of labor,4. on ways to reduce the size of the share of social wealth of which they dispose.Classes are groups of people, one of which can appropriate the labor of another owing to the different places they occupy in the system of social economy.In the newspaper "Business and Life" № 47 for 1990. Soviet population is divided into 3 groups according to the share of the means of subsistence, assigned from the national pocket."Workers" - with an average per capita income of up to 100 rubles per person constituting38.7% of the population, give the state its entire surplus product."Democrats" - with an average per capita income of 100 to 200 rubles. Constituting54% of people who give of their surplus."Soviet bourgeois" - with an average per capita income of more than 200 rubles. Constituting6.7% of the population, the leaders of social production, the appropriated surplus-product of other groups.In Soviet society by 1990 formed a new bourgeoisie, have managed to learn a parasite and the Soviet authorities to seize the whole party apparatus of the CPSU, who stood at the head of the social economy of the country, to arrogate to itself the right to control the means of production by state, assumed the right to dispose of all social wealth of the country and the right to award himself a huge share of the social wealth created by all working people of the USSR.Communist Party no longer a party of the working class, it has become the party of the new bourgeoisie.Society again divided into three classes: producers, managers, and leaders.Again came to the fore the social and biological division of society15% altruists-communists, individualists, 15% of parasites, and the rest ranging between. Elections confirmed this division of society. The silent majority has not come to the polls. Voices who voted divided in half.Selection system in which the supreme dullness assigned lower dumber than himself, that he did not take its place in the business hierarchy, has led to the degeneration of the ruling class.The crisis of society associated with the staffing crisis in the government.This crisis was superimposed on an objective crisis of the country's transition from an industrial society to a new era of the information society.Managerial class has replaced the Ruling Class, decrepit in the last 50 years of uninterrupted rule. But the managerial class by existing selection system was unable to keep the gray in the hands of the state mechanism, due to the same intellectual degradation.According to sociological studies conducted by me in the neighborhood "Beskudnikovo 'lives:36% of ordinary working families,31% of ordinary families of intellectuals17% of heads of households of different ranks,8% of the rank and file of sales staff on 1988That is 25% of the families (17% +8% = 25%) supported Yeltsin's election - is the chief and hucksters. It is from them recruited entrepreneurs, new Russian, shuttles.Dying only families of the workers.According to the same research interest of the leaders of social groupsChildren and young people are also allocated:39% of children - the leaders of the workers' families,25% of children - the leaders of the families of ordinary intellectuals16% of children - the leaders of the heads of families of different ranks,10% of children from families of leaders ordinary trade workers.With equal opportunities management positions in the country should take an objective come from the families of workers and ordinary intelligentsia, but ruling class can not allow that, he wants to keep warm places for their offspring, which only have a 16% organizational skills.That is why the ruling class is trying to create additional difficulties for the education people from lower-producing sectors of society through the introduction of tuition fees, which means not in the lower layers, or to create special privileged conditions for their offspring, preparing for the future degradation of the Management and organizational skills the ruling class.The conditions for the direction of the energy leaders of the lower classes in criminal structures with potential for elimination, as competition leaders of the ruling classes using the state machine.The media for the lower strata of society promoted various perversions.For high - healthy lifestyles.In deliberately collapsing Soviet society for this purpose promoted artificially lower intellectual level for those from families of workers and ordinary intellectuals, by transferring engineers to work in order to eliminate competition for the offspring of nomenclature, to take seats in the management structure.Inciting ethnic strife between the leaders - come from manufacturing backgrounds for mutual destruction of leaders of different ethnic groups on the principle - divide and conquer.With the help of the media promoted false way out of the crisis of society in order to put on the wrong track public opinion for further retention in power of the ruling class.With the help of specially trained provocateurs organized pseudo labor organization, leads them to a dead end and organizing squabbles between leaders, driving them on ideological circle.In Russia is still only four ways to accelerate the transition to a new post-industrial society - the Society for Information.This is an investment for the development of information technology1. by wars of conquest,2. at the expense of the colonies,3. by climbing into debt from more developed countries,4. from its own resources through savings (eliminating middlemen, unproductive parasitic classes and groups, scientific planned management of the economy) that socialist road.Afghanistan is the first way, Chechnya - the second way, the current policy a third way, Stalin's industrialization - the fourth way. Russia will choose?S. Balashov

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