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понедельник, 15 июня 2015 г.

Bankers are not government edict

  Financiers support the state as a rope - gallows. Charles Louis de Montesquieu.
The Government has increased subsidies for selhoztehnikiPravitelstvo Russian Federation is making great efforts for the comprehensive development of domestic production. In other words, not only in the modernization and re-equipment of the Russian armed forces more funds, but in such a peaceful industry, agriculture.Thus, the Russian government has increased subsidies granted to producers of agricultural machinery from 15 to 25% of its price, but not more than the maximum amount per unit of agricultural machinery, "ceiling" which, incidentally, also rose.But that is not all. For equipment sold in the Crimean, Siberian and Far Eastern federal districts of state support will be at 25, and all 30%.

In addition, the new document the prerequisites for even closer cooperation with other countries of the Eurasian Economic Union, specified in the list of the individual process steps. This list applies only to agricultural machinery, is a result of research and development work on state contract signed with the Russian Ministry of Industry.According to the Government of the Russian Federation, such a step will contribute to increasing the availability of purchase of agricultural machinery and increase the volume of supply to agricultural producers.Optionally have the economics to understand and assess how it is wise and useful initiative on the part of our government. Russia's domestic policy, aimed at strengthening the production in agriculture, gives background that will serve as an impetus for the development of the Russian economy.vrakulikSource: newsland.comBanks staged Ural farmers' credit drought "Farmers of the Sverdlovsk region in the midst of planting experiencing an acute shortage of working capital. Although, logically, crediting of agriculture should be made to the planting season, this year, state-owned banks significantly tightened lending process, treating each borrower literally through a magnifying glass. Farmers have to seek out other sources of funding and reduce the acreage. This means that the views of the next harvest will be much more modest than in the previous season.As the correspondent NDnews.ru, Sverdlovsk authorities do not cease to draw very positive picture of the situation in the agricultural sector. As if wearing rose-colored glasses, officials say stocks of seeds is enough land, too, has been prepared for planting, and even heavy rains allegedly did not affect the course of the campaign. At the same time no attention is another important aspect - working capital of farmers. The money they need, as they say, only yesterday - on the eve of the seed needed to buy seeds, fuel and lubricants for machinery, fertilizers, plant protection from diseases and so on. And without the support of many banking it was not enough.To start sowing, Sverdlovsk agricultural enterprises, as previously stated the chairman of the Regional Union of Growers Vitaliy Dunin, it had 1.8 billion rubles. But banks to shell out this year refused to actually turning the funding of the village, which is more than ever needs the help of credit institutions. As they say farmers initially been significantly raised rates otpugnuvshie some farmers. In particular, the "home" for the representatives of agribusiness "Rosselkhozbank" set the bar at 23%, and, for example, the "Savings Bank" has decided to give loans at 17% per annum. But even at such rates to get loan funds can not - banks stopped lending, even for short periods, apparently, afraid of no return."We have applied for a short-term purpose loan in the amount of 10 million rubles in March this year. In addition to fuel, it needed to buy seed product. We have in the past year under the snow left a lot of potatoes, so it wanted to buy it. Today it's already the beginning of June, sowing campaign finished, and no decision on our application is still pending. This is a disaster, some financial sabotage, "- said Sergey NDnews.ru Ural farmer Vaughn.In his words, the Agricultural Bank tightened requirements for borrowers, and now for the loan requires a large set of documents. "Many have to redo the paper, and not one time. The Bank strictly looking at each digit. Increased attention is evident even to those who are with them is not the first year working as we do, for example. We have enough collateral base, we are not at a loss. But for a few months with the credit issue can not be solved. The bank is not say what caused the delay, - continues the agency. - In the end, we had to find other sources of funding. As with our other colleagues in the region. Someone even one million rubles can not give. Although the amount, honestly, a little to our industry. "Difficulties crediting farmers and local officials confirmed. As the leading specialist NDnews.ru Beloyarski agribusiness management and food Olga Rechkalova currently from 9 farms area, apply for a loan to agricultural use in the "Roselhozbank 'approval received only one (!) Company. "The rest are either asked to provide additional documents or fix is ​​available. Comes to the absurd - you need some help to reassure other references, "- noticed Rechkalova. In this situation, the official has added, many farmers are no longer relying on banks, decided to borrow from grain traders or large processors for future harvest.Market participants say that the banks are now profitable to lend to large enterprises and agricultural holdings as a percentage of their loans will be much greater than the loans issued to farmers. Realizing the seriousness of the situation, farmers, private traders openly say that they simply may not have the money for something to keep the area planted. Some, anticipating this development, had already decided to adjust their plans."I counted the forces and decided that this year will be planted only 45% of the area of ​​grain. Roughly speaking, instead of 1500 hectares will be about 600. And I do not even count on subsidies - it is funny money that still need to try to get from the state. And representatives of the banks in private conversations explain: our statements that we are willing to give loans to farmers - this is just advertising. You can try to take the money, but only time wasting. So I do not pay this year to the banks, I know the situation in this sphere ", - noted in conversation with a reporter NDnews.ru another Ural farmer Anatoly Pavlov.Market participants are not ready to talk about how to survive this year. According to the forecasts of some of them, there are fears that the fall harvest will collect only 30-40% of the previous year. At the same time its cost will be higher than last year by about 25-30% (an important role in this play and the cost of vegetable seeds that farmers buy abroad because domestic production quantities is not enough)."Because of the shortage of raw materials will rise and prices for finished products. However, all show the summer months. Some more specific conclusions can be made in July - early August ", - concluded Paul.Ignat Bakin, Simon Salivanchuk Anton GuskovSource: urfo.org

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