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пятница, 26 июня 2015 г.

The colonial system of governance

Our you pay 14 times less than the salary of deputies
The salaries of deputies in the world are considered decent, if they do not exceed 2-3 times the average income of their fellow citizens. This coefficient follow, for example, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, France, Malaysia, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia. As you can see, many different countries.

And what about this matter with us? The Russian State Duma each received 400 thousand rubles a month. Apart from the regular official prescription premiums for 60-80 thousand. At the same time, according to the State Statistics, the average salary in the country is 32,000 rubles. Ie even by the most conservative estimates with you our salaries are 14 times less than the salary of deputies. Also still in South Africa.

And knowing the quality of these deputies, the difference is a cause for anger.
For example, the opening of the State Duma on the website broadcasts video recordings of all meetings in a row: http://www.duma.gov.ru/analytics/tv/meetings-archive/. We see the beginning of each clip show hall filled with 1/5, but when the chairman announces the registration, the frame is replaced by a splash, and lo and behold, the screen displayed the inscription stable, that a quorum is present at 99-100%. All the rest of the meeting is not displayed, but only - close-up - the person "responsible acting" in the background of which still are seen empty seats.

All of this we already know, but I advise you not to be lazy and look through the profiles of our representatives in a row. And each will be spectacular truant. Even Spring did not vote at all in the third question, according to the statistics of its cards. What to say about the less active.

For example, I like Muscovite, is a thought in a Antoshkin Nikolay Timofeevich. Deep retired, he never played for all four years of meetings. But the annual revenue of five million rubles received properly according to the declaration, published on the same website. And also it has several hectares of land and two apartments at 100 square meters each. Ownership garage without the declared, however, vehicles. Total Card deputies voted against the 0.2% of cases.

Or take the following in the "representative". Unknown to me White Irina V. hectare of land, BMW and apartments. It is included in the discussion of draft laws only six times, and all were in the spring of 2014. Her card had voted "against" the same as the rest, only in the framework of the statistical error. In it we also spend at least half a million rubles a month.
And only one salary spend 207 million rubles (460,000 x 450 deputies RUR / month), or 2.5 billion. Annually.

That's not counting the cost of providing working truants (machine building, assistants). If you do not take into account the parliamentary pension of 60 thousand rubles per month. And if you close your eyes to the Decree №136, issued in March this year, the President, on the list of beneficiaries, which in spite of the difficult time will still be provided free medical health care and even paid annual spa treatment. Those benefit recipients are: the president, deputies, members of the Federation Council, the heads of security agencies, ambassadors, judges, prosecutors, the Central Election Commission, and other officials and members of their families, as well as those retired from the above post.

Laziness these burned billions idlers even counting scale already obvious. If only one salary MPs alone legislature (and there are many) is three times more than all spending such a huge fund as "Give Life", for example. How many lives could have been saved on the salary of the deputy of the State Duma, instead of putting all of them the same computer?

In short, suddenly I discovered that the website of the State Duma makes you wonder.
Here, PR!
Svetlana Shmeleva
Source: besttoday.ru 

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