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Headache government retirees and not corrupt

May 27, 2015
Raising the retirement age in Russia - only a matter of time

Raising the retirement age in Russia is inevitable and necessary, to avoid this will only allow an increase in productivity, experts say
May 27. FINMARKET.RU - In Russia, raising the retirement age is inevitable and necessary in an aging population, experts say. This opinion they expressed in the course of an organized group information Finam.ru (part of the investholding "Finam") online conference "Prospects of the Russian pension system: the accumulation remained uncertain future." "Increasing age makes it possible to maintain the balance of interests of workers and pensioners - the pension system should take into account the objective demographic trends. For objective forecasts, maintaining the same age will lead to a reduction in pensions or to continue the growth of federal budget expenditure," - said Chairman of the Board of Directors of the European Pension Fund Evgeny Yakushev.

As the president of the National League of Management Dmitry Alexandrov, Russia is one of the lowest retirement age, which is a continuation of the Soviet system. "Everywhere the average retirement age is about 65 years. And, two features lie in the fact that this age is the same for both men and women, and that in the coming years is planned gradual increase in the retirement age. Up to 65 (in those countries where it is 62-63) and up to 67 and above, where the retirement age is 65 years. This is just the usual demographics, you can not argue with that, "- said the expert, adding that every Year load per working person increases.
 Other measures, which are now resorting developed countries and which are inevitable in Russia, according to D.Aleksandrova are financial incentives later retirement and, on the contrary, a significant decrease in pensions for early retirement.
 The analyst of "Finam" Anton Soroko called pension system headache government in recent years. He noted that the retirement age in Russia is truly one of the lowest, but stressed that one should not forget about life expectancy, "which also does not possess high levels." "It turns out that the average time of survival in the Russian Federation as a whole corresponds to that in developed countries, but it will grow rapidly after the rise in per capita GDP in the coming years. Therefore, raising the retirement age will have to happen. It is worth noting that the management of the state should approach to this issue carefully, because any changes in the pension field often taken a very negative population, "- said A.Soroko. Director of the Institute of Strategic Analysis "FBC" Igor Nikolaev, noting that the increase in retirement age were all developed countries, said that it was necessary to do, and Russia. However, according to him, it is necessary to make that decision when the economy still good, but not against the backdrop of freezing and cutting salaries, layoffs, etc. "We missed a time slept, as always," - said Nikolaev. According to him, the decision should be such that it is really for the young and relatively young - those who are for the most part is not particularly thinking about their retirement future, and those who are in the next 5 years should retire, it should not even touch. "Well, it is necessary to increase the life expectancy, making health a real national priority," - says Nikolaev. He expressed the view that, given the unpopularity of this measure is to increase the retirement age will be held after the presidential elections in 2018. "In order not to confuse the people, it will happen no earlier parliamentary elections, probably, or presidential elections. That is, not until 2017-2018 years", - agrees and D.Aleksandrov.
 Meanwhile, experts believe that the current retirement age actually leave. "But you need to reduce mortality, increase the birth rate, and most importantly - productivity. If a worker earns a monthly basis their labor millions of rubles, it can provide some insurance contributions of pensioners," - said a leading analyst of research company "Pension and Actuarial advice" Eugene Biezbardis. "The alternative - a sharp increase in labor productivity, the introduction of breakthrough innovations, etc." - adds A.Soroko.

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