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пятница, 26 июня 2015 г.

The origins of the deficit FIU

SP has accused the RPF of abuses during the construction of buildings
Russia's Audit Chamber has found numerous irregularities in the construction of buildings of the Pension Fund of Russia in 2013-2015. This was reported in the press release agency. In particular, the Chamber found that one employee Pension Fund accounts for almost half of the total area greater than that provided by the regulations (17.4 square meters instead of 9 meters).
According to the auditor Vladimir Katrenko, analysis of construction price of 50 properties at a total estimated cost of 9.6 billion rubles, showed that almost half of them exceed the aggregated price ratios.

An analysis of 45 budget calculations for construction (reconstruction) of office buildings FIU showed that in 38 cases, these standards were applied in 7 cases, the Fund used other indices of change of the estimated cost.
The audit also found that the executive management of the FIU in 2013-2015 was not carried out a detailed analysis of the need for the acquisition of buildings and premises, taking into account the real needs and applicable regulations. For example, in the offices of the RPF on Chechnya, the Tomsk Region, the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District purchased a building area of more than required for a particular branch of the fund. As a result, the foundation for these divisions were acquired fund surplus in the general area of 2.8 thousand meters.
In addition, the auditors found that the Pension Fund were admitted violations of the law in the area of procurement. For example, the separation of the FIU in Samara region were improperly signed two additional agreements to the state contract to perform new types of work not covered by the auction documentation and state contract, worth 7.3 million rubles. In Perm violation of construction time led to an increase in the estimates by 169 million rubles.
In November 2014, Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the Presidential Control Directorate to conduct a review to determine the reasonableness of the cost of construction of buildings of the Pension Fund in various Russian cities. This was done after the activists of the Popular Front complained to the head of state to the high cost of excess and luxury of some buildings FIU.
In particular, the ONF have compared the building of the Pension Fund in Zvenigorod worth 2.7 billion rubles from the perinatal center in the Krasnodar region of 2.5 billion rubles. Medical center equipped with the latest equipment, worth 200 million less than the usual office building FIU stressed ONF.
Source: lenta.ru

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