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понедельник, 15 июня 2015 г.

Fee for submission of Russians grow

Since July 1, increased tariffs: for heat, water, gas and electricity, we will pay an average increase of 8.3%, writes "Rossiyskaya Gazeta".
For several years, the cost of utilities is growing only once a year, in the summer. Last year, the government has set a long-term limit change fee for residents of each municipality. Thus, prices for communal guaranteed to grow much slower inflation.

As far as rates rise

Fee Russians for heating the average for the region in 2015 will grow by 8.4%.
In the water supply and sewerage - by 9.1%.
For gas supply - 7.5%
For electricity - by 8.5%.

 Actual Archive
 The benefits of planning and market-based approaches Government
Conflict of business and government turned the discussion of maximum tariffs for services of natural monopolies at yesterday's cabinet meeting. If last year was mostly a brawler, "Gazprom" disagrees with the cuts in their appetites, then yesterday it successfully replaced the chairman of the Board of RAO "EES" Anatoly Chubais. For he promised seed Mikhail Fradkov doubling the GDP by investing in energy, and then German Gref announced that his economic policies - not that other, as the medieval palmistry.
That's really who have no palmistry, and net cash interest, so it is with Mr. Chubais. And thanks to its vigorous activity, for more than fifteen years we are told that Russia is building, though somehow awkward and difficult, the market economy, but presented at a government meeting the basic parameters of the three-year economic forecast, which indicated that in 2006 rates for electricity will grow by 7.5%, tariffs on w / e. transportation by 8% - gas for - 11%, in 2007 electricity - 6.5%, in the w / e. transportation to - 7%, gas at - 8%, in 2008 electricity - 5.5%, in the w / e. For transportation 5.5%, gas at -7%, plus inflation from 4 to 8%, some say otherwise.
The question is, where is the market economy, the development of which so advocated the current leaders? What develops Economic Development, laying such growth rates? And for Chubais and this is not enough. Maybe they know in advance that it is in such proportion will increase the costs of enterprises producing and supplying electricity and gas, as well as and the railroad? Of course not. But, for the entire economy of the country and for the citizens of this increase in tariffs will result in the growth of real production costs, higher prices for all goods and services, and thus, slowing the pace of development, rising unemployment and declining living standards.
Government is the purest demagogy, for which there are explicit plans to further deterioration of the people's life. And for citizens planned to raise tariffs faster than with enterprises ... people just hang noodles on the ears. They say that a great blessing for him to be, if the tariffs in 2009 will grow by 6 percent, rather than 8 as in 2007. The fact that these 6 per cent in 2009 in rubles will be more than 8 percent in 2007 , to explain to the people one is going. And the prime minister Fradkov, such tricky wordplay seem quite satisfied.
A strange situation where ministers, at a meeting of the government, say that the growth rate of domestic production falling, like worried about our economy, and then, instead to propose measures to address the situation, offer even more to strangle the growth of domestic producer tariffs electricity, gas, railway transportation, and even the top cover inflation. To surely.
All the more strange to see such a zeal of ministers, in the desire to help our "poor" monopolists, since the growth of these tariffs will not lead to the replenishment of the state budget, but rather the contrary, because the fall profitability of industrial and agricultural producers and, as a consequence, reduce the taxable base.
As marketeers pursuing our ministers, putting the growth of tariffs? Naturally, the answer to this question lies in the material interests and the interests of the so-called natural monopolies can be traced very clearly. It is they, the owners of monopolies benefit from the growth of tariffs. Without spending a penny on an increase in productivity or the conversion of production, or to improve the methods of work or to reduce the administrative apparatus, they receive a significant increase in profits. And they, and there is no need to do it. They, like any monopoly, seeking to increase their profits not by reducing production costs, and by adjusting prices, planning the growth of tariffs. And, in this case, it is not necessary to have seven rocket scientist to figure out that our major monopolies in the energy and gas industry, as well as, and the railroad, lobbied for their interests and laid myself revenue growth. Prepared by, so to speak, the soil itself, then to explain to the citizens that rates are rising According to the Government plan.
But we have something for ordinary citizens and the economy, from this no easier. What a difference to us as we would rob the monopoly? According to the plan of the government or when they want and how they want. Well, probably, our ministers believe that the plan would be more honest.
It turns out that when people are asked why prices for food and industrial goods, why inflation is unwound, the officials say, that we are not and, as we have a market economy, and employers set their own prices for their products, and inflation is expressed Alexei Kudrin, in the newspaper "Izvestia", is due to the rapid growth of tariffs for housing and communal services. However, for reasons unclear to us, which is why rising prices for housing and communal services, the finance minister once modestly. And when people are trying to figure out what has caused price increases for electricity and gas, he said that it planned government strategy.
Citizens rejoice! Finally, our government came the economic outlook, and not for one year, and the next three years, and now, according to their forecasts, every year we will be more and more to pay for goods and services. However, along the way, we have learned from our ministers who are friends and who are dearer to them. But what are we from that knowledge?
Vitaly Glukhov

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