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среда, 3 июня 2015 г.

Indelible sin Gref

 Gref pointed out the danger of serious reforms in Russia
The head of Sberbank German Gref told about the danger of serious and wide-ranging reforms to the current Russian system of governance. The president of Sberbank, told the newspaper "Vedomosti" on Thursday, May 28th."The less money, the greater the incentive for reforms. And with the price of oil at around $ 70 more incentives to reformism no "- he said, noting that the first need to create an effective management system.

"Before starting to reform something, you must first create an effective management system. With currently existing risk of developing serious, wide-ranging reforms, "- said Gref.In his opinion, it is necessary to start with the system of executive power. Interlocutor of the newspaper said that while there is no need to change the constitutional foundations of the current system."When the machine is not aimed at a result, it generates the process. Clients of this machine are not citizens, and the management, which, in turn, did not get results, giving new instructions in a more rigid form. Machine fear begins to generate more documents, trying to guess the will of the principal and breaking away from the content ", - Gref explained.The head of Sberbank said that this system will work as long as "we do not put at the center of this system, the interests of the citizen and businesses and will not start the whole system to put an obvious problem with the ultimate goal."In this companion he refused to describe the current situation of the word "dead end." "I think that the situation is not ripe," - said Gref. In his opinion, the established system does not crash. "It will not collapse. When I was 30, I also operated the words "collapse", "dead end." The system does not collapse, it will slowly degrade, "- said the head of Sberbank.Source: forbes.ru-------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------
Indelible sin Gref
And it is worth to tell about why Sberbank (which is completely bankrupted their professional status, prestige and credit-market reliability when picked up and returned in the proper amount, labor contributions of the population of the USSR) today bliss in the credit market of Russia, no matter how nothing had happened ...
Why, infrastructure and matfondy him even from the Soviet times, went to the current benefitsioriyu actually free? Why is this, the Soviet student Gref, who graduated, "passing" state. examination of "scientific communism", where he swore the state commission that he is an active participant in the construction of communism in socialism suddenly became ruler ... a private bank, that is, the institution of financial capitalism ...!
Why, as a minister in the Russian government and, therefore, responsible for everything and everything about it in public speeches now looking for "guilty" in the fact that everything we do is somehow "wrong": emergency and corruption, and the capital of the flee the country, and heavy investment climate? Why is the industry of the country is bent, the population impoverished and ... his private campaign - the Russian Security Council - in constant svehpribylyah?Why is capitalism in our country is so bad for the majority of citizens, but the taste and good for German Gref and his ilk?

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