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пятница, 19 июня 2015 г.

Under the guise of concern for the state budget

 The State Duma supported rent Siberian lands Chinese
 The State Duma assessed positively the possibility of leasing of agricultural land in Siberia to Chinese companies. According to the chairman of the Duma Committee on Agriculture Nikolai Pankov, the process should be carried out under the strict control of the state, reports "Moscow speaking".
"This should be paying taxes in full, should be a program to attract and create new jobs," - said Pankow. According to him, at present in Russia for over 40 percent of agricultural land is not used.
The deputy noted that the successful development of the project must be met agronomic standards. "The fact that today such a large amount of land in the regions where the land is not processed, taken by another State in the rent, I think, nothing terrible in it is not" - says Pankow.

Trans-Baikal Territory Governor Konstantin Ilkovsky confirmed his intention to transfer 150 thousand hectares of agricultural land rent of the Chinese company. "From our side - it is the land, on their part - it's money. From our side - the most severe control over cultivation technology "- said Ilkovsky.
Earlier on Tuesday, June 16 TASS reported that the authorities of the Region agreed to lease to the Chinese investor Mogoytuyskuyu vacant industrial park for up to 49 years. It is planned that in its place will be a center for the production and marketing of agricultural products. Chinese company "Huae Sinban" intends to invest in the project 24 billion rubles.
Source: lenta.ru


 Pushkin's Eugene Onegin hero just an economic genius compared to the current State Duma deputies, who escaped from modern realities in the two centuries at least.
Bran Homer, Theocritus;
During the reading of Adam Smith,
And there was a deep economy,
That is able to judge
As the state gets richer,
And the lives and why
You do not need gold to him,
When the product is simple.
My father could not understand it
And the land pledge.

 So where will flow received for the lease of land the money? The question is not idle, as the data outflow of capital from the country indicate that the money derived in large quantities, including the budget, as has been reported after verification of the Accounting Chamber on Public Procurement.
Money ran abroad
Individuals have dramatically increased the transfer of funds abroad. People can prepare for tougher fight against offshore companies and hide money, experts say

    Margarita Papchenkova,
    Philip Sterkin,
    Ekaterina Kravchenko

Individuals - residents continued to increase in the I quarter of withdrawal of funds to foreign countries - $ 11.2 billion, from the data of the Central Bank. This is 7% more than in the IV quarter of 2013 and 69% more than the year before. The total amount transferred abroad (including the near abroad and transfers of non-residents), even fell slightly - to $ 16.72 billion from $ 18.11 billion in the IV quarter (previous year - $ 11.7 billion. See graphic). According to the representative of the Federal Tax Service, in I quarter has increased dramatically and the number of notifications of accounts opened by individuals abroad - 28% against the average 10-20%.
Most residents have increased rapidly transfers in Switzerland - she got more than a quarter of the money transferred $ 3.1 billion. For the year amount transferred to this country increased by 3.2 times in comparison with IV quarter of 2013 - 2.8 times . For comparison, in the United States, which occupied the second place, it was transferred $ 0.9 billion (see. Incision).
The sharp increase in remittances from residents in foreign countries occurred in the IV quarter of 2013 - up to $ 10.46 billion from $ 07.05 billion the previous quarter. Money managers themselves puzzled by the statistics, says the top manager of the largest European banks: large numbers, and capital under management of private clients in London and Swiss institutions is not increased - on the contrary, they fix reduced flow of new clients to attract private clients from Russia in recent years has been very difficult . An increasing number of complaints about private investments abroad, for example in real estate, says PwC partner Catherine Lazorina. The money could go to purchase real estate, but neither in London nor in Zurich, there were no such purchases, says the banker. "Where does this money go?" - He says: the basic version - is the financing of offshore structures of Russian citizens, and Russia are engaged in the major banks, including state-owned banks.
The dynamics of transfers at the end of last year and early this could affect two factors: general nervousness due to geopolitical risks and strengthen the fight against offshore companies, allows for tax officials. We discuss the different mechanisms of tax and financial control and people can withdraw money in advance, he concludes. With this agreement, partner Paragon Advice Group Alexander Zakharov: more and more customers are asking for help to open an account in Europe.
The surge may be associated with the activity of the largest Russian banks abroad, the employee agrees to a large Russian bank. The scope of cross-border operations Sberbank Europe and VTB Bank increased significantly as this could endanger the stability of the euro zone, the ECB wrote. In June, they were included among the 120 regulator of banks, requiring special supervision.

 On the withdrawal of the Central Bank conducted influenced sweep of the banking system, according to Natalia Orlova from Alfa Bank and a member of another major Russian bank. But one of the main factors - the general deterioration of the economic situation, says Orlova: "This in itself is not new, but in the world, the situation is improving, and people are starting to look for higher yields abroad." The state itself takes the negative signals, one of the best examples - the withdrawal of pension savings, she says.

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