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суббота, 13 июня 2015 г.

Depositors blame!

Sberbank said the devastation DIA "serial investors"
Siranuysh Sharoyan 06/02/2015

"Serial investors" get about a quarter of pay the Deposit Insurance Agency, estimated Sberbank. Some banks have lost the license, they form deposits of up to 40% of deposits.
Prudent investors
The fund the Deposit Insurance Agency to August 2013 decreased by 70% and can already be assessed as insufficient, the report says principal analyst Michael Matovnikov Sberbank. The report itself was presented at a meeting of the Public Council at the DIA May 27 (copy of the document is at the RBC). Taking into account the payments to depositors of banks with licenses were revoked from March to May 2015, the fund de facto exhausted, he adds.

Deposit Insurance Fund quickly "melts", including due to the activity of "serial depositors." Thus, in the report referred to clients who distribute their savings among banks with high interest rates, and the size of their contributions lies within the insured amount (currently one-time insurance up to 1.4 million rubles., It is possible to obtain each time revoking the license of the bank, hosts contribution).

On "series of depositors", according to estimates Sberbank accounts for around a quarter of payments banks collapsed from January 2013 to April 2015. Savings made its findings by examining the customer base of the banks on deposits which in this period DIA through Sberbank paid compensation. Total of banks turned 29 (that's 30% of all credit institutions, which in the same period the Central Bank revoked the license). The risky banks (ie those that deposit rates were much higher than the market), not less than 7% of investors are "serial", according to the report. The total number of contributors, their share is much smaller - no more than 1%, but they get almost a quarter of all payments DIA. According Matovnikova, for the period 16 depositors have been paid compensation in ten banks, each of them an average received from DIA to 6 million rubles.
The problem of "serial depositors' notice and VTB24 - another major agent in the payment of compensation to depositors of banks lost their licenses. Vice President Ashot Simonyan VTB24 agrees with estimates of Sberbank's share of funds "serial depositors" in the total amount of compensation paid.
Calculation warranty DIA has become the dominant factor in choosing banks and investors, guided by the search for the maximum rates on deposits, pay no attention to the risks, I'm sure the author of the report.
"This is just part of the picture: Sberbank depositors reviewed only 29 of the 96 banks that pay compensation for two-plus years, and banks with aggressive policies to attract deposits has 200-300", - the document says. In some banks with an aggressive policy of attracting deposits observed extremely high (20-40%) share serial investors, and for these banks focus on this segment - in fact, part of the strategy, said Matovnikov.
As an example, he cites the bank "Moscow Lights" license which was revoked in May last year. On "series of depositors' it accounted for 35% of the deposit portfolio. Payments to depositors of the bank amounted to DIA more than 11 billion rubles. Almost 17 billion rubles. of the Deposit Insurance Fund were paid customers Shipbuilding Bank, which averaged 28% of Sberbank "serial depositors."
Customers without responsibility
As of March the deposit insurance fund was estimated at 69 billion rubles. (Including provisions for the payment). On Monday, June 1, the Board of Directors approved the DIA recourse to the Central Bank for a five-year loan in the amount of 110 billion rubles. Experts expressed concern that payments to depositors of the bank "Transport" in the amount of 37.6 billion rubles., Which the Central Bank revoked the license on May 20 could devastate the fund.
No responsibility for the prudent behavior of "serial contributors" is not provided, although the question of responsibility for the selection of the bank's customers large credit institutions was raised repeatedly.
At the end of 2013 partially shift the responsibility to the customer is going to the State Duma. "We are concerned about the problem that many investors today who place their savings in the Russian banking system, made of a sort of deposit insurance business, which we also not very happy," - said the former chairman of the Duma Committee on Financial Markets Natalia Burykina. Deputies examined the possibility of limiting the level of interest payments on bank deposits in the event of an insured event, she said. However, if the amendments were not accepted.
In May, the idea to limit the banks' customers the opportunity to receive deposit back gosstrahovku head of Sberbank German Gref. The newspaper "Kommersant" wrote that he reported on the situation and raised the issue of limiting the payments in a meeting with Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.
Matovnikov report highlights a number of ways to influence the behavior of investors. The optimal solution he calls the amendments to the law "On deposit insurance" that would limit the ability to get multiple insurance one person (for example, pay for five years the indemnity within 3 mln., And only on banks that pay higher insurance DIA contributions). In addition, the Board of Directors DIA could increase the risk premium to the base rate: the existing allowance Sberbank considers too low, not matching the probability of default of banks. It is important rapidly to clear the banking sector through a more active policy of the supervisory unit of the Central Bank to revoke the license in the early stages while increasing the accountability of managers and shareholders of the bank for the withdrawal of assets, the report said.
From the findings Matovnikova agrees Simonyan. "Customers should be responsible for what they choose a reliable bank: it is necessary to introduce some limitations to the client, making money in risky banks, after the withdrawal of the license did not receive 100% compensation." There are several ways: You can pay the principal amount of the deposit without accrued interest, you can enter the franchise, for example, to pay 90% of the insured amount, etc. In any case, the client should be more responsible for their decisions, adds Simonyan.
"The most harmless creatures"
However, not everyone thinks the action "serial depositors" reprehensible, the need for changes to the deposit insurance system, according to some experts, is missing. "Any way to limit, in which investors do not pay extra largely kills the raison d'être of the system of insurance - banks do not escape from the raids of clients who are afraid of losing part of the savings," - said the head of the Public Council at the DIA Pavel Medvedev. "It is impossible to agree on complicated schemes in which a person can only get a certain amount of the payment at a certain time, and so on, because the Insurance Act must be fundamentally simple, people must be freed from the torment of understanding how to construct financial system, "- said Medvedev.
"To determine which bank is bad, but what good does not work the usual investor, this should be engaged in the supervision of the Central Bank" - outraged member of the expert council Vasily Solodkov DIA. He told RBC that just like many investors, guided by when choosing a bank the size of bets and keep their savings within the guaranteed amount of the ACB. Alternatives for investment Solodkov Now, he said, simply do not see. Until 2014 in Russia "somehow formed middle class", but the real destination for investments he actually was, the Russian stock market is very volatile and depends on the insane geopolitics, the prospects for growth in real estate there, and were the only alternative to bank deposits. Investors in this situation "the most harmless creatures," says Solodkov: "People are trying to save their village from the engi inflation and scold them not for that."
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What would have been happy to speculators from the banking sector, if they could bankrupt the banks, ie assigned to the depositors' money and do not pay the depositors themselves! There is a lively discussion "evil" of investors who wish to obtain their blood money. They do not ask someone else, do not apply for bank margins or property Gref, but they are still bad. They did not even ask, but what happened to their contributions? Who is clever, managed to appropriate the money of depositors, which reimburses the insurance fund and avoid punishment? And where looks a state that in its obligation to protect the status of private property? Where are the leaders who took power cabinets, under the flag of the inviolability of private property? It turns private property is sacred just for a few, but not all.
 It turns out that the main purpose of operating in the Russian banks and their owners - a lure and rob him of the depositor as sticky and that no compensation.

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