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среда, 3 июня 2015 г.

Robbery under the guise of caring for repairs

33 arguments against the law to overhaul
 Toward the close of 2012 the State Duma adopted the law number 271, which determined the development of housing and communal services of Russia for many years. According to many experts, human rights activists, lawyers and members of the law that does not hold water - it is full of misunderstandings skroёn.
The introduction of the law by all the rules and broke the Propaganda delayed by region, possibly to avoid the organized mass resistance.
Next, we list the most striking contradictions of this "law of overhaul" as it is dubbed in the nation.

The law on amendments to the Housing Code regarding the establishment of funds overhaul and charging from the population in these funds FZ-271 in our opinion:
1. unfair and cynical - forced gratuitous introduced during the lifetime of charge for owners of apartments in apartment buildings, that is, for the most part the poorest ones to segments of the population, while the Muscovites released only pay the regions
2. illogical - funds for capital repairs still are not nearly enough charges are for old and new houses, privatized, cooperative and built anew.
3. deprives the "zone of peace" - it is impossible not to pay this tax, discontinue use, such as for water, gas, electricity
4. Corruption - the organization collect additional payment will result in a humiliating and already leads to a huge waste of budget and people's time and money of millions of ordinary people. In each of the 85 regions, a new hotbed of corruption - NGO Fund for the repair fees! And this NGO is to distribute virtually unchecked orders for billions of rubles!
5. is illegal - violates the legal rights of millions of owners, puts them in a worse position compared to the owners of mansions and villas, residents of selected areas, contrary to the Constitution and many laws. Enables funds to carry out activities with signs of banking operations without a license Bank of Russia
6. stupid - in times of crisis, the sanctions will inevitably lead to increased social tension in society (only dumber sotsnormy), the threat of prosecution with fines, default interest, bailiffs only embitter the population
7. unpatriotic - baffled and disappointed at the mercy of forces, even supporters of the government and gives food to criticize opponents of Russia
8. Disputes - according to lawyers of the obschedomovoe property and areas of old houses still owned by municipalities, as owners were never transferred, and hence the concern about the content of the property lies with the local authorities
9. against Crimean - do not believe that mandatory contributions for the repair will please the new citizens of the country (this does not include property tax and fee for the "management")
10. antinaroden - pushed through by the ruling party, the opposition and the Patriots against such a law
11. untimely - enter extortionate exaction during the sanctions against Russia, at least short-sighted, if not criminal
12. liar - in fact a tax on people not rich, but unlike these taxes collected by some dubious NGOs and regional agents removed from under the people's control. These NGOs formally represent the activity as "other commercial mediation"
13. dangerous - a wave of protests which could provoke the ill-conceived and unique law (in the world, nowhere is this not!) Will lead to irreparable consequences
14. provocative - allows you to snitch without report last payments for capital repairs and contrasts management companies and new funds NGOs overhaul, they will collect fees from the same and for the same thing ...
15. inefficient - for any choice of means of citizens are primarily for maintenance personnel fund NGOs and funding controversial projects contrived allegedly urgently needed citizens, with masquerade lie about certain other sources of financing, as people do not understand that the budget is too popular means only taken on another channel
16. irrational - "magic" way all the work of Soviet engineering Russian HOA CC and other organizations "zeroed". Funds start with a "clean slate." Courts already inundated with claims Funds to the administrations of settlements for different reasons. And that's before the mass of litigation with the public.
17. contradictory - on the one hand the law approves overhaul of mandatory fees (that is, it is a pure tax, the owners of the palaces of it released), on the other hand requires the residents to accept the contract, issued in the form of the offer (ie a service)
18. blasphemous - forcing the elderly to pay for the services that will be provided to them after the death of the alleged
19. voluntarist - provides for the "eternal" accumulation of means people in the maintenance fund
20. sverhizbytochen - there is no task that is delegated by law to the newly established NGO monsters overhaul, which could fulfill the already existing organizations (remember? - The economy must be economical)
21. too risky - the practical risks of failure of the program, withdrawal of funds to counter the population, undermining the credibility of the government is much higher than the calculated theoretical benefit of the law
22. extremely inconvenient for the population (size does not matter) - the necessary funds in the right amount power could easily be taken from property taxes or raise existing levies for repairs and maintenance of the property, without creating problems for the population with monthly payments, invoices, commissions and hassle, but then we would not have created NGO "Fund", which are so necessary power
23. does not consider privatization of "Chubais." If we made people responsible for the sins and deficiencies of the authorities in previous years, the fair would be, and vice versa, to set off vouchers, lost savings in the savings bank certificates voucher investment funds (investment fund) as payment for capital repairs at face value, increased by the inflation rate over the years .
24. "thirty years without major repairs" - the law deprives many owners of the rights and hopes for timely repairs and reinforces inequality is the regional long-term plans with queues and voluntarist approaches to their formation.
25. "directed against the weak," the first thing that made the funds - it is illegal exactions overhaul grouped with electricity and heating in common "GRABЁZHKI" and then unlawfully deprived of subsidies opponents provocative law.
The apotheosis of insanity can be levying fines from the population for nevnesёnnuyu prepayment for virtual overhaul in the distant future.

26. Profitable officials and bureaucrats. If the imaginary benefit for owners to wait thirty years, the staff of the Fund, the associated company officials and get immediate access to personal information of citizens, the possibility to influence the fiscal authorities of the state and, most importantly, manage finances, while remaining legally "fluffy" employees NGOs.
27. False - law 271FZ misleads people by substitution of concepts, instead of complex home renovation will be the improvement of the individual elements of the ICM after decades of waiting, but it is proudly called "overhaul"
28. discourages - the law is active rejection, puts residents in a no-win situation, causing distrust of the majority of political institutions and causes confusion, frustration, emotional shock, helplessness for failing to protect themselves, the strongest stress.
29. Moskvotsentrichny - law completely ignores that the destruction of the housing stock in the region is much stronger than in the capital, where the state finances from the soul, and the application of the same requirements actually puts the region in a much worse position
30. Based on the "principle of ASS Shah" - the time of the "execution" overhaul is likely one of the parties to the treaty of 271 law not live check "performance" is, alas, no one, or do not need
31. retrograde 271-FZ preserves the backwardness in the construction of the ICM, directing people's funds to maintain housing facilities without common sense, on the basis of formal data and in the interests of stakeholders
32. Tears individual result from the action. In life there is no greater pleasure than to overcome obstacles, create new goals and to see them become reality. On the contrary, it leads to frustration definitive inability to implement planned. Unconditional lifetime payment for overhaul in complete isolation from reality is the worst example of social coercion without a significant result for the individual.
33. sinecure - funds set up comfortable jobs for managers associated with the government and their families
We, too, for the rehabilitation of housing and communal services and housing repairs. But not for this law, which leads us to a total coercion and the abyss.
What do you think about this?


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