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понедельник, 15 июня 2015 г.

Russians tighten their belts

Russians tighten their belts tighter
The regular price increases, followed by salary, alas, has not kept pace, began in Russian business almost commonplace. Now before you go to the supermarket you can bet: how much the amount of the check will increase compared to last shopping. Apparently, in the near future, such a bet will not lose relevance. Not least because that very soon the country should grow by gasoline.Experts say the wholesale price of fuel went up for a long time. Since January, the price of gasoline 92 increased by 13 per cent, 95 - 11, and diesel - almost 18. Retail prices are yet in place. Alas, the key word here - yet. According to experts of the company Thomson Reuters Kortes, in the near future the price will grow by at least 6 percent. A notorious pessimists predict all 14. Simply put, until the end of the year fuel price will rise by an average of 5 rubles.

This means that in the near future more expensive everything. For instance, products. But in May, Rosstat recorded slowdown in the cost of goods in this category (average prices gained just 0.1 percent instead of 0.3 percent recorded in April), then there was hope for a return to relative stability.Now some edible products even cheaper. For instance, cheeses have fallen in price by 2 percent. As for fruits and vegetables are due to seasonal factors, the most noticeable price fell by cucumbers (minus 15 percent), tomatoes (minus 13 percent) and pears (minus 1.8 percent). But sweet, on the contrary, it has risen in price. Chocolate added to the price of 3.5 per cent, caramel - 2.6 percent. Apparently, this is a sign that summer is time to give up desserts to keep the shape and the money in your wallet.A curious fact: in the last month for the first time since the beginning of the year in the country increased sales of apparel and footwear. Generally speaking, the number of goods sold last month rose by 2 percent, and in monetary terms, sales increased by 13 percent.Experts attribute this trend to several factors. Firstly, with the beginning of the summer season, some Russians just decided to update your wardrobe. In addition, after a series of cuts now, many companies recruit staff again. Accordingly, some of our compatriots went for new things to look presentable for an interview and not to lose face in front of new colleagues. And then, start time of holidays and someone wants to buy new stuff for your trip. But those who do not ride there was economic reasons, trying to compensate for disappointment on this occasion fashionable dress or blouse.Particularly noticeable increased trade turnover in shops. The well-known resource for the sale of clothing and footwear KupiVip in May sales increased by 65%. These figures show that the Russians in purses at the moment everything seems to be not so bad.Now - a moment that says that to the complete well-being, we are still far away. Starting next month, the country will rise in price medicines. HSE experts expect an average 16 percent rise in price most of the drugs. This trend occurs because on July 1, the Ministry of Health will have new powers to regulate the cost of medicines. "The Minister of Health said that 30% index the producer prices of essential drugs in the category of value below 50 rubles., Because they are at a loss. And those that are from 50 to 500 rubles., Last year's rise in the level of inflation", - explained in an interview with RBC senior fellow at the Center of HSE Elena Balashov.Meanwhile, the same study showed that the Russian market is now struggling for foreign manufacturers. They have increased production and increased imports. As a result, the state program for the replacement of foreign products domestic stalled. "If the conditional import price (US. $ Per tonne) in the first quarter fell by 41.5%, the ruble price (when converted at the exchange rate of the Bank of Russia) increased by 5%, then there is even less than the price of the VED manufacturers the same period. So while importing wins and import substitution remain in the plans for 2020, "- experts emphasize the HSE.Thus, the market situation for the average Russian resembles a roller coaster. Just glad lower prices for products coming increase in price on gasoline. I decided that the acute phase of the crisis passed, and you can afford the extra T-shirt - the state "pleases" a rise in price of drugs. In short, no life, and a daily attraction.Maria SmolinSource: noteru.com  

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