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среда, 3 июня 2015 г.

The public urges deputies to protect the constitutional rights of citizens

Autonomous Nonprofit Organization
"The Committee to Protect the rights of owners of premises of apartment buildings in Ekaterinburg"
Phone 8904548 23 58 8929 2161658 Publicstriv@bk.ru
Council senior home district Khimmash, Yekaterinburg
620010, Ekaterinburg, Isetskaya 16 -82, Publicstriv@bk.ru


Recent legislative innovations, especially the local creativity, more contradictory and mutually exclusive. We, homeowners MCD Yekaterinburg and area of concern changes in the housing sector, which occur behind the scenes, almost behind the residents.
On the one hand, the "moving" a huge amount of paid and non-governmental organizations and gruppochek, on the other - this is some kind of pseudo public figures that revolve around a favorite, put a "husky" and together covered the mass of attention all the subtleties of "kitchen".

So assess the situation, including on appeals from Yekaterinburg:
Utilities remains seriously corrupt sphere ascertain the prosecutor's office RF19.02.14
Moscow. 19 February. Interfax - The Russian Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika said that the housing sector remains largely criminalized and corrupt. ..

most organizations subject to the scope of spending public utilities funds collected from the public and received from the budgets of different levels. Distributed as evidence of their direct theft, and violation of the order of use. "Financial abuse is one of the reasons for the formation of municipal utilities have considerable size payables resursosnabzhayuschimi enterprises. ... Also, prosecutors revealed numerous abuses of the government and local authorities are often Related affiliation with organizations Housing and improper exercise supervisory powers.
According to the experience of social work, we believe that assessment delicate.
We have every reason not to trust the employee service housing, at all levels. From ordinary workers, to regulatory authorities.

Therefore, we ask for parliamentary inquiries on the latest action - Licensing management companies. I would like to receive information and comments from the Ministry, YLD, the Prosecutor's Office and the Federal Antimonopoly Service
Residents learn more difficult, and sometimes impossible.

1). Concerned owners, at the dawn of the event, addressed the Rossolovu AP to include in the licensing commission chairmen of the Councils of the houses and take the ICM feature on the licensee.
On the one hand - 470 characteristics ("LLC" UK REMP The men's ") is a significant amount, on the other - and by what authority Utilities of the Sverdlovsk region of the Russian Federation violated PP 02.2006 №75 from regulating the amount - the maximum - 100,000 sq m. State grants the formation of organizations, rather than the Governing hulking monster - trust ..
For example: for seasonal inspections (2 times a year), the Commission shall carry out inspection and write the Act on the status of the ICM. Making comments on the work plan for the current period, schedule, cost estimates, order, agreed with the Board to fill the house and the annex to the agreement to approve.
For the most a smart engineer, working hours at home. With 470 houses, is 940 days a year, seven days a week. Or leave the MCD without seasonal inspections. (We proplachennyh)
Noise was a lot of licensing, but specific questions about specific companies, no one raised.
2). Which documents provide for the licensing of the Criminal Code? Who maintained and tested? Who is responsible for the admission of licensed?
Who is listed in the abbreviation "Ltd", where they are registered, they pass or do not pass the exam? If the director (an employee working under a contract for 3 years), will not go the way, then ...? Director of a contract for 3 years, conclude an agreement with the owners for 5 years (?).
Criminal introduced to 01.12.2006. At that time there were more tenants than owners. The administration falsified the meeting and introduced the contract for tenants, which is completely contrary to the Housing Code, the Civil Code of the Russian Federation and the rights of consumers in the Criminal Code which provided for unlimited license and impunity.
Today almost all housing is privatized, the owner became literate, and the rights it remained at the 2006 level. Many residents have died, gone. The composition has changed. It was time - 5 years x 2 deadline to conclude a new agreement (the entire Sverdlovsk region), it is a big job. Prepare a meeting (for each house). To prepare, calculate, coordinate application to contracts, estimates, etc. And the work is not conducted any.
For companies to start work in 2005, deadlines have already expired. Does this mean that the licensing of the company's past, which are not subject to economic relations are not entitled to use the personal data of owners and put them to account, to enter into a contract on their behalf, etc.
In the courts with the owners it has been proven immorality of many companies
For example: Many of the Criminal Code of Yekaterinburg are in litigation with the owners of its ICD. At the same time, multi-million dollar claim by the courts are not criminal and administrative charges. Pickpocket Yekaterinburg sends on the bench, and stole unfounded accrued for the mythical electricity 40,000 000.00rb ("LLC" UK REMP The men's "and LLC" Nizhneisetskaya ") - 10 000.00rb fine.
Only recaptured unreasonable charges on cold-water and sanitation (?) As a new adventure with additional payments for heating.
There is a letter of YLD calculation and unjustified enrichment, the Prosecutor's Office has a requirement to hold a recalculation of the Criminal Code "refused to perform" (?!)
And these companies were at the forefront of certification and licensing.

3). Documentary support. On the website of the State housing inspection have the lists in the work program. This means that they are living, working process. While such momentous events as a minimum, accompanied by advertisements, instructions, orders and other documents. Their form is provided, the document has a name - the cap (orders, list, list, ...), the date, the person in charge.
The city is not proud of its licensees, does not remove our heroes in the news, does not invite the MCD served to celebrate the, orders - orders not published in the newspapers. On the back of receipts, which could be the information to the owners of its Criminal Code, advertise pawn shops, fast loans, restaurants and a word about the change in status and the area of legal relations.
Maybe the fact that many of the Criminal Code, in "working order" according to the exhaust fraudulent schemes, have prepared for yourself "alternate airfield" and licensed some other "INN", and it is better to do on the sly. Owners receive a receipt and no one would never consider and verify the microscopic figures in the details, and yet, in 10 years, "Change" is not a company that happened more than one bankruptcy, not even knowing about it. (N-Tagil "Zhilservice" and so on.) In this case, indeed, the publicity is not desirable.

4). Voiced the general statistics about 15% did not pass the licensing of the Criminal Code. Administration shall ensure competition for MKD left without CC. Again faced with a lack of information, orders, lists ...
Who are those who failed and why? We are still in a financial and economic team.
Who are those who passed the test? They act Megacomplex or novice?
Where do these "grand pianos in the bush" come from? Who are their "company"?
How will be the contest, sent documents and financial balances?

5). Not cheap appreciated this event. Who paid for it? Which items of expenditure? Out of owners?
Financial capital - a big mystery. Sami Criminal position themselves barely making ends meet, with crowds of debtors and other troubles.
But if you figure out how much they flew for 2014, in addition to the current period, under "non-operating income", only for the mythical "heating", the MMM is resting.

6). A simple owner of a lot of questions and perplexities, where the Legal Service of the Ministry, YLD, Prosecutor's Office, the Criminal Code (the owners paid), and finally, our, local Ministry of Justice? Is it so difficult to prepare and monitor compliance with the Law on Licensing of operating schemes (medicine, education) or our sacred cows it had to be something special, not traumatic. Special admission.

Concerned owners appealed to the courts and on the results in some areas of the Russian Federation, have been declared a moratorium on these activities, postponement and even ...

Minister of Construction and Housing of the new quality of Russia decided:
Cancel your order on licensing

More April 28 !!! The day before the end of the program, 5/1/2015. But who knows about this dislocation?
Our Minister wonderful signature. But it is something mysterious thinks.

Dear deputies!

Help to keep balance in mind,
Purse from priduroshnyh "managers"
The roof over the head,
Respect for the State of the Russian Federation,

On behalf of the initiative group, Lyudmila Tikhonovna Datsyuk.
Committee Chairman ANO "KPZP SZHPMD": VI Glukhov
Chairman of "CC MDC": Oleinikova NV 

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