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Merit for the oligarchy

 Matvienko gave Kudrin medal
Chairman of the Federation Council Valentina Matviyenko gave the ex-Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin, a commemorative medal in honor of the anniversary of the Federation Council, the correspondent of the Federal News Agency.Matviyenko thanked Kudrin for an extended report on the current economic situation in the country and noted his contribution to the unconditional Russian parliament."Today you are not burdened by public authority and can act as a freelance artist. And without limitation to express their point of view. You have always taken an active part in the activities, "- said Matvienko.

Recall, the former Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin is the first time in 3.5 years was made at the site of the Federation Council, where he spoke about the current difficult economic situation in the country and shared his predictions are not comforting for the near future."We do not need sanctions, we need a structural approach to economic problems and increasing the competitiveness of the country", - Kudrin said at the end of its report.Earlier, he said that compared with the crisis of 2009, the current crisis in Russia is less impact on the well-being of Russians. However, he is confident that the country faces difficult times and worsening economic situation.Lada MikhailyukSource: riafan.ru

Actual Archive
"Capercaillie" on tokovischeEnd of the year, as well as to be expected, people gave lot of various forecasts for the future and different wishes. Do not stay aside and the Ministry of Finance figures. Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin, the TV channel "Vesti24" promised the Russians, "the worst year for the world economy in the postwar period." "Russia's budget deficit next year could reach 1.5-2.5 trillion rubles, inflation will exceed 13 percent, and for one dollar will be given 31-32 rubles."
"The effect of the devaluation are gradually felt, I mean the weakening of the ruble, it has passed this year, is now more than 29 rubles per dollar, and once there were 24, and now we expect that, on average, next year will be 31-32 rubles "- said the head of the Ministry of Finance.Of course, it will be the worst year for ordinary Russian citizens, not to Kudrin, so just rejoicing their Victoria over the people that could see the television viewers' Vesti24. "
And how else can evaluate the case, forecasts and statements of the Ministry of Finance, but the robbery of the people? After all, ever since the Ministry of Finance headed by Kudrin, inflation only grew, and the officials came up to her more and more explanations. Earlier they said that inflation is the result of high oil prices, now we hear the opposite, inflation - is the result of low oil prices.Assurances as Kudrin that financial problems will not be solved at the expense of social services and public sector interests will not suffer, give, if not idiocy, the cynicism of the highest standard.
"We have several reorient spending, but will not reduce them. This will not affect any wages or pensions. All these budget expenditures will be carried out in the amount of one hundred percent. State employees do not have to worry. Neither the military nor the doctors and teachers of the federal budget. The subjects of the Russian payroll again for the payment of social benefits always have enough funds ", - said the minister.It is not affected! Inflation accelerates the rise in prices, and the interests of the people, and, in particular, the public sector, doctors, teachers, according to Kudrin, will not be affected. Social benefits may have to be paid in full, but that the purchasing power of the ruble Buda significantly reduced, and thus the standard of living of those same teachers and doctors. If we consider that in terms of reduced production nobody will raise wages and benefits, and some even lose their jobs, it is possible to fully evaluate the statements of the Ministry of Finance.
After Kudrin gave their forecasts for 2009 and the first deputy chairman Alexei Ulyukayev. "Inflation next year will be 10-12%," Belgian Foreign Central Bank first deputy chairman Alexei Ulyukayev."Reducing the money supply, the world prices for energy and food, a credit crunch in the economy, as well as a slowdown in revenue growth of business and household work in favor of controlling the growth of prices", - said Ulyukayev.Says !!! "... A credit crunch in the economy, as well as a slowdown in revenue growth businesses and households." What are accurate predictions! "Control the growth of prices" - to whose side? It seems, from the field of psychiatry.Further, Ulyukayev said that inflation accelerates: "The weakening of the ruble against the currencies of our counterparties, other things being equal, affect the level of prices - expensive imports."A ruble, presumably weakens itself, without the participation of the Central Bank?What is clearly seen from the interview Kudrin and Ulyukayev, is the fact that their departments, and they especially do not intend to change the fiscal policy of the state. We do not intend to protect the interests of the majority of Russian citizens, and continue to ensure the domination of the interests of the higher bureaucracy and suppliers of hydrocarbon raw material, while continuing to fool the people of her head meaningless rhetoric.Not to be unfounded give a few examples from the history of the reign of Kudrin and his "glorious" struggle against inflation, taken from the forum site "Derbent wall."In early 2006, we read in the newspaper "Vedomosti": "The government can not keep inflation within the planned framework. In the first half of February, prices rose by 0, 8%, and by the end of the month, inflation may reach 1.2%, economists predict. In the first two weeks of February inflation rate was 0, 8%, said yesterday the Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Zhukov. In February last year, prices rose by 1, 2%.According to the Economic Development Ministry released data in February, inflation could reach 1.3-1.5%, and the results of the first two months of the year - is 3.9%. It seems that the 9-percent annual growth in prices strap, set in the budget as much as possible may be overcome significantly ahead of schedule. ""When the government approves the budget for the current year (2006) we were promised to keep a tight rein on inflation. And do not let her break out of 8, 5% during 2006. Moreover, puffing out his cheeks, officials said that they are quite capable by 2008, to drive it into the framework of 3 - 4%. Alas, it took only two months, and stubborn inflation wiped his nose with our financial authorities: defeated half of their annual plan. "" Komsomolskaya Pravda ". Valery Bhutan.It took one and a half years, and again we hear how power struggles with inflation, which successfully overcomes these hapless fighters.
"Inflation, which so unsuccessfully, to" fight "the Ministry of Finance is not reduced. For the second month in a row prices are rising faster than in 2006, the Finance Ministry and members of the government hastily excuses higher prices and the depreciation of the ruble, not wanting to look in the mirror.The Finance Ministry believes that the summer will help to remedy the situation of deflation, which is dependent on the crop. ""The central bank was not able to pull the inflation of oil prices," writes "Gazeta". "... Responsible for the project of monetary policy yesterday had the First Deputy Central Bank Chairman Alexei Ulyukayev. To soften the militant deputies, the first thing he told me how hard it is to work to the Central Bank." Central Bank forecasts inflation of 5.2%, and the results year - at around 8%. The deputy chairman of the Central Bank takes credit for that failed to sterilize the inflow.
The acute crisis of power, the more evident discrepancy between reality and reflection of this reality in the media. This discrepancy has become so obvious that even loyal to the government newspaper "Izvestia" spoke about this and published an article by Anne Kaledin "Food prices are rising faster than inflation."
"When announce official data on inflation, there is nothing but bewilderment they will not be indignant vyzyvayut.- Kaledin - We all go shopping and see the prices rise. Purse emptied all swiftly, and the "paper" inflation year-on-year falls. Very indicative in this sense was the last week. We were told that in June, prices rose by 1%. For the summer rate is high, but not fatal. But at the same time, the cost of the minimal set of food in June increased by 4.8%, and YTD - 13.1%. That's the explanation for our bewilderment. "
From 1 to 22 October, inflation in Russia amounted to 1.3%, from the beginning of the year prices rose by 8.9%, and now, their growth for the year could exceed 10%, according to Deputy Prime Minister Alexei Kudrin.To combat inflation, Kudrin reminded, applied export and import duties. By Region was a wave of price fixing; the largest retail chains and manufacturers of frozen prices on six key products until 31 January. FAS filed in 17 regions of 40 cases. The measures have helped, says Kudrin: the second half of October rise in food prices has slowed by half.However, core inflation continues to accelerate. In September, it reached a record 1.6% in October, according to Kudrin estimates, will grow by 1.5-2%."Measures taken by the Government, could not stop the rise in prices. Inflation in October was 1.6%, ie was twice higher than a month earlier. A major food has risen by 10-30%. But worst of all, that the decision of the authorities spanned the rise in prices in 2008.In October 2007, inflation amounted to 1.6%, said on Tuesday the Federal State Statistics Service (Rosstat). Although the government has launched an active struggle, but the rise in prices was twice more than in September (0.8%) and simply not comparable with the 0.3% inflation rate, fixed in October 2006 ".Inflation since the beginning of the year was 9.3%. Thus, not only were unattainable government's plans for the year 2007 (8%), but the results of last year, when total inflation was 9%. " The newspaper "Izvestia"
"For the first two weeks of October price growth was 0.9%, including for the first week, inflation was 0.5%, and for the second - 0.4%," - said Deputy Economic Development Minister Andrei BelousovAt the same time Belousov said that the government and the central bank has the tools to curb rising prices. "
Vice-Premier and Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin said after a cabinet meeting that the Finance Ministry is guided not by the official forecast of price increases of 8% and the inflation rate of 10%."The Russian monetary authorities for the first time acknowledged that the rapid rise in prices will continue in 2008. Meanwhile, the ministry insists that inflation next year will not exceed 6-7%. " "NG"The election, re-election, debate, fiery speeches, castling, the national projects, a change of course, and so on and so forth, but inflation and rising prices remain enviable stability. As the saying goes: love comes and goes, and always want to eat.
"The government recognizes its defeat in the fight against inflation. In November, according to the Economic Development Ministry, it will amount to 0.9-1%. Even though it is less than 1.6% of October, but more than in September, when the government began to sound the alarm. Future projections are disappointing. Factors pushing prices up, remain. "
"The government has handed over another position in the fight against inflation. Yesterday, the ministry was forced to once again raise the forecast growth of prices on the results of the outgoing year. At this time, another 0.5% to 11-11.5%. Experts believe that this strap in contrast to all previous forecasts is unlikely to be exceeded. " "Izvestia"How to write !!! The government has handed over another position in the fight. You would think that the information is from the front. Where's the front? In general, whether fighting or being is only an appearance? And if you look closely, we can firmly say that visibility.
Fighting inflation is the government, and was again the victims of the people.Governmental inflation forecast for 2008. "In 2008, government plans, it will be 7.5-8.5%. "The task of reducing inflation to 7.5-8.5% - difficult, but it must perform," - said the Head of Economic Development Elvira Nabiullina.
Never within the declared inflation, Kudrin resumed his forecasts for the next year trying to convince people that in 2008 the Ministry of Finance and the head accurately fulfill promises. Hardly be believed!
"Inflation in 2008 will be 8.5%, says Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin. During its surge at the beginning of the year, according to the minister, followed by price cuts"We expect to reduce inflation next year to 8.5%," - said Deputy Prime Minister and head of the Ministry of Finance Alexei Kudrin, in an interview, "the final program," NTV television on Sunday. "At the beginning of the year, inflation will grow at a higher rate, but we expect a significant reduction in their mid-year. We hope that in 2008, inflation curbed, "- said the Minister.
It would seem that the state of the last forces trying to inflation is not strongly affected the prosperity of the population. That just does not do it - "freezes" price increases incomes of the poor so that they suffer less from price increases ... But his worries only cause criticism and discontent. That's Institute of Globalization and Social Movements (IGSO) categorically said this week - Inflation in Russia is generated by the policy of the Ministry of Finance.
Ensure victory over inflation turned out to be harder than winning the "United Russia" in the elections. Ministry of Economic Development, for example, suddenly cheerful reports that the official rate of price growth will not exceed 12% (about 8 percent plan set at the beginning of the year, and do not remember). A more convincing representatives of the Cabinet of Ministers and is used at all political technology acceptance, saying that if it were not for the prompt action of the government, the prices in general could grow by 30-40%.
"Milton Friedman reminded us that inflation is always and everywhere a monetary phenomenon. In Russia, the growth of the monetary base more than twice the performance laid down by the Central Bank in the 13-17 per cent, while the growth of the money supply over the past half year has increased from 30 to about 50 percent. An important factor fueling excessive growth of money supply, was the weakening of fiscal discipline in the run-up to presidential elections.
Money supply growth in Russia increases the reluctance of the Central Bank to increase the rate of the ruble. His unique policy in this area Central Bank raised its attractiveness to foreign borrowing by Russian banks. This has resulted in the strengthening of the external balance of the Russian capital account, sterilization is the Central Bank has no political tool. "
Desmond Lachman - fellow at the American Enterprise Institute.
What is still not clear? Inflation, as more than once or twice argued, is monetary in nature, and, therefore, are to blame for its power pumped circulation unsecured money signs.
"Prime Minister Viktor Zubkov has appointed his deputy - Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin commander of anti-inflation front. On Thursday, opening a government meeting, Zubkov announced the creation of a special governmental working group to curb rising prices. Kudrin headed the group, Gref Nabiullina and Minister of Agriculture Alexei Gordeyev became his deputy.Brigade Kudrin will have to make a real breakthrough: to ensure the reduction of inflation, and not only before but also after the presidential elections, to the final rate of price growth was significantly lower than last year's 11.9%. "What made the team Kudrin at the front to fight inflation? Thirteen percent inflation in 2008, provides a clear answer - nothing!
Let us examine, as it should, and punish, anybody, this setup gives the government its citizens reporting that they make producers and sellers of socially important goods freeze prices. And the newspapers vied inform citizens that "Russian officials and agreed with the producers and sellers of products that the prices are not changed until 1 May."
"Kudrin connects high January inflation is to increase tariffs for services of natural monopolies. He drew the attention of the MPs that any one of the following months, the tariffs will not be increased.Kudrin also believes that the objective circumstances suggest that inflation in 2008 will be lower than in 2007Kudrin noted that the additional capital inflows in 2007 amounted to 67 billion dollars in Russia. In addition, according to him, last year, 1.7 trillion rubles was "printed and thrown into the economy."ITAR-TASS
"Food prices in February continued to grow. Most - 22% - rose sugar. Markedly increased the prices of bread, milk and meat products. At the end of the year, inflation on food products may be more than 15%, experts predict.Inflation for February 2008 will be 1.1-1.3%. Such data are contained in the prepared by the Ministry of Economic Development (MEDT) monitoring the current situation in the economy. In January 2008, according to Rosstat, inflation reached the level of 2.3%.
In January - February 2008, inflation in the consumer market amounted to 3.4-3.6%, according to the ministry.
ITAR-TASS"The outlook for inflation may reconsider. Most likely, this will be in conjunction with monetary policy - I think in June, "- the words quoted Ulyukayev RIA" Novosti ".At the same time deputy chairman of the Central Bank believes that the March inflation in Russia could slow to less than 1% from February's 1.2%.To reduce this figure, the Central Bank will have to seriously narrow monetary base in the country and the instability in the global credit market this seems unlikely. "The behavior of our ministers, all the time to revise their forecasts for inflation, similar to the behavior of the alcoholic who promises every time, Monday to tie, and every Monday, drunk as a lord.Apparently, and methods of influence on the government should be a similar impact on the alcoholic, that is, compulsory treatment."Inflation is not stopped - just the beginning of March the price of bread rose by 2.2%, sunflower oil - 2.4%, sugar - by 1.3%." "Gazeta"
"In the first week of April prices jumped by 0.5% against 0.6% for the whole of April, 2007. According to Rosstat, from 1 to 7 April loaf of white bread became more expensive by 2.6%, a loaf of black - by 3.3%.The weekly monitoring of price movements Rosstat covers 50 items of goods and services. During the first week of April, inflation was 0.5% versus 0.2% for the same period in 2007. Since the beginning of the year prices rose by 5.3% - more than half selected the recently increased government forecasts for this year to 9.5%. " RBC Daly"By March, annual inflation was over 13%, the Central Bank first deputy chairman Alexei Ulyukayev. By the end of the year it may reach 14%, experts say. Unstoppable rise in prices has become a dangerous social irritant. But the government is promising that the inflation rate will decline in the second half.Ulyukayev expects to return to a downward trend in May - June, and even believes that there is a chance to reduce inflation by several percentage points - down to single digits for the year. Even more generous in promises, Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin. "There are all the basic factors to arrive at the planned inflation", - he told reporters after a meeting of board of the Ministry of Finance, that is, to 9.5%. Hope the government related to the slowdown in money supply growth. "In May, we expect a reduction of the dynamics of growth of the money supply, and this will affect inflation this year", - explained Ulyukayev. Money supply growth in 2008, according to the Central Bank, put in 30-35%, whereas last year the increase was 47%. Slow capital inflows - the top of the Central Bank forecast for 2008 is $ 40 billion, which is half the 2007 level. " // ITAR-TASS
The life of the poorest Russians in 2008 will be more expensive than a quarter - inflation for people whose income is less than the minimum subsistence level will be at least 25%, experts predict FBK. Because of this, the first time in the 2000s, the number of poor has increased - from 18.9 million to 20 million people.The poorest people of Russia in 2008, inflation will see at least 25%. Such conclusion was joyless FBK. It is more than 10 percentage points higher than its forecast overall inflation rate (14%). And more than twice as high as officially reported figures (10.5% for the year).
Living in poverty rises in price faster because low-income citizens spend the bulk of their income on food."The highest growth rates are currently increasing prices for those foods that form the basis of the diet of the poor" - said the director of the Strategic Analysis Department FBK Igor Nikolaev.Thus, in January-June 2008, the prices of fruits and vegetables increased by 36% and pasta - by 26%, sunflower oil - by 25.9%, bread and bakery products - by 20.7%, cereals - by 20 4%.
Source: "Times"
Inflation has won !!! The Russian government was not able to cope with rising prices. Economic Development finally admitted that meet the forecasted 10.5% inflation in 2008 is unrealistic. The new goal - to 11.8%.
Source: Gazeta.ru
And this goal, as you know, was achieved with a significant excess. So, there is not any reason not to trust Alexei Kudrin promised us the worst year of the war.However, there are some ambiguities that Kudrin would be worth to clarify: who fought against us, on whose side the government was why the people did not know what we are fighting, and that taken by the authorities, for the victory in this war? And so everything is clear.
Ivan Tevrizsky
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Inflation (from the Latin. Inflatio -vzdutie) - the depreciation of money, which manifests itself in the form of price increases for goods and services that are not due to an increase in their quality or the inevitable cost increases. Inflation is caused, first of all, the overflow channels of monetary circulation of excess money supply in the absence of adequate increase in the mass of commodities.

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