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пятница, 26 июня 2015 г.

CBR and financial crises

"The Central Bank operates Nostradamus"
Announcing the "unrealistic" a repetition of the financial crisis of 2014, the Bank of Russia is silent, that they are not managed by the Russian state, as a person more powerful than the president. They know in advance the fate of each crisis, because they are satisfied with it and ...
The Bank of Russia considers unrealistic repetition of the financial crisis in 2014. This assessment is contained in the report of the Central Bank on financial stability. The regulator believes that amassed enough resources to oppose major economic shocks from the outside.

"Even in the case of extremely negative scenario (a sharp drop in oil prices, capital outflows from emerging markets as a result of rising interest rates in developed markets), the Bank of Russia is a wide arsenal of tools to ensure the stability of the financial sector", - the report says.

According to the statements of the Central Bank turned out to be a very interesting comment in InTEN "Where the Central Bank knows what will happen tomorrow, next month, in the fall? There's Nostradamus work? "
It turns out that Nostradamus.
But seriously, the Central Bank - Nostradamus himself, for it is the source of the Central Bank of crisis management and the mechanism embodiments of these crises.
For example, the financial crisis at the end of 2014, according to the Central Bank, has been linked to the collapse of the ruble against the major currencies against the backdrop of sanctions against Russia and a sharp drop in oil prices. At some point, the dollar reached 80 rubles, the euro reached $ 100. After that, the Central Bank raised its key interest rate to 17 percent per annum, and began to expand the refinancing program, reports lenta.ru.
However, everything is exactly the opposite. First, the Central Bank intervened in the money market, and then the money collapsed. For example, the December newspaper material "President", "Zhirinovsky accused Nabiullina in the fall of the ruble."
In another article, "General liberals Kudrin from the Stabilization Fund to the Fed's" newspaper "President" quotes the scientist-economist Valentin Katasonova that former Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin protege more influential people than President Vladimir Putin.
This is because the sacked from his post as Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin retained the post of Chairman of the National Banking Council, Chairman of the Board for the Financial Markets under the President of Russia, where he continued to engage in creating an international financial center.
"The National Banking Council and the Council for the Financial Markets under the President - just a kind of institutions that are not in sight ... The Federal Law on the Central Bank said that the top management level is not the Board of Directors and Chairman of the Bank, and the National Banking Council and to the Central Bank ... This structure was quite independent, even from the President - said Professor Valentin MGIMO Katasonov explained the situation:
These are the more influential people and run by the Central Bank of Russia and its protégé Nabiullina pursuing a policy of impoverishment of the Russian population. And she knows: who Nostaradamus, and that his name was not Michel and Rothschild ...

Ivan Orlov
Source: prezidentpress.ru

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