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Whose game is played Kudrin?

 Kudrin has started a great game

 Why former deputy prime minister offers to hold early elections?

Alexei Kudrin suggested to reflect on holding early presidential elections in order to ensure that the newly elected president of the maximum credibility on the eve of the difficult economic reforms. A statement Kudrin made at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. Such theses Kudrin could hardly be accidental, and it is likely proposed them after consultations with Putin. Thus, we can talk about the beginning of a big political game, the nature of which (and the role in which Kudrin) remains a mystery.

On the eve of the possibility of early presidential elections predicted economist Yevgeny Gontmakher in his column in the "Gazette." In the opinion of Gontmahera, the decision to postpone the upcoming elections to the State Duma can only talk about one thing - the authorities seek to "introduce into the Russian political revolution in the concept of early elections at the federal level." However, Kudrin as the source of the initiative looks quite unexpectedly.

While experts reacted cautiously to the statement Kudrin. "I find it difficult to decide whether such a proposal manifestation of a sense of humor and irony, or exceptional naivete Alexei Kudrin. Of course, there is a third option - a frank conformism, but I still tend to the first two reasons, "- says the statement Kudrin Lilia Shevtsova, a political scientist and lead researcher of the Carnegie Moscow Center.

The most plausible explanation of the possible entry into the game Kudrin - its calculation on the prime minister after the early re-election of the new-old president.

Against the backdrop of deteriorating socio-economic situation in Russia, the postponement of the presidential election can serve as Putin's desire to form a new government. Gontmaher suggests that in this situation there are two possible scenarios - mobilization (with promotion to the post of prime minister personalities like Glazyev and Rogozin) or conventionally liberal.

"Here we can definitely say that Putin is tired of Medvedev - believes the St. Petersburg political commentator Sergei Schelin. - The president probably would like to found a helper, ready to take on some of the technical features and management departments. But in this case it is not clear whether this will suit the role of Alexei Kudrin? "

Serious reforms are not possible without a fundamental transformation of the autocracy and the care of the ruling elite in the Kremlin, I'm sure Shevtsova:

"Gref, Kudrin and other liberals system, have been unable to carry out liberal reforms in all the previous stages, the more will not be able to implement them in the current paradigm of the war, from which the system will hardly be able to go."

According to her, even "liberal" scenario with the same core of power will only lead to a change in the appearance of portraits of individuals and Kudrin and Gref at the Kremlin wall.

The positive point of the liberal scenario - the final collapse of illusions, says political scientist: "If the system will include the Liberals in power, it will strike a final blow to the myth around them. It will become evident that the hope for some change - an inexcusable weakness. " Note that the Liberals and now occupy most of the senior positions in the economic departments, but they are pragmatists, fulfilling orders from above.

The idea of transferring the elections - parliamentary or federal - is not regarded as a revolutionary step. "The electoral laws are constantly changing in Russia, every next election held under the new rules," - said Schelin. I agree with him and Lilia Shevtsova:

"Everything that happens in Russia over the past 15 years - all acts to restrict freedoms and so on - are inherently zeroing of our Constitution, and another does not change the trend."

However, the introduction of such mechanisms to manipulate election dates and deadlines in the electoral practice of the legislature will be a serious challenge to the current political system.

Source: cont.ws

Actual Archive
Harassment by Alexei Kudrin

 Alexei Kudrin

"I probably am one of those people who in the past eight years have done a lot to reduce taxes. I do not need to protect the image of the person, which reduces taxes. "

 With this statement Kudrin could not agree more. However, it should clarify: reduction, any taxes initiated Alexei Kudrin.

Take an example from the recent past.

23.03. 2008

 According to the newspaper "Kommersant" Alexei Kudrin instead deferred VAT reduction for the entire business yesterday unexpectedly proposed reduction of MET to separate, the oil industry.

"The debate on reducing value added tax in 2009 ended yesterday Deputy Prime Minister Alexei Kudrin announced that instead of reducing the VAT in 2009, the government will reduce the tax on mineral extraction, reducing the collection of the tax from oil companies 100 billion rubles."

The entire debate on the VAT reduction was carried out in line with domestic support, smothered this tax, and Kudrin has decided to reduce the tax burden of oil and gas industry and so not affected by VAT. Oil companies and gas suppliers, exporting hydrocarbon feedstock, the VAT return, but the companies that produce goods for domestic consumption, VAT return.

In general, as always, make life easier for those who do not, and straining cuts coupons, but the real producers requested to wait until better times. Wait ... wait ... wait ...... wait ...

 Instead of reducing the VAT reduced duties on oil

     20.09.2008 Mr.

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin at a meeting with foreign businessmen said that, given the recent developments in the market, the government considers it possible to change the customs duties on oil and adjust them downward, writes Nezavisimaya Gazeta.

According to the established standards of today, the government is reviewing the export duties on oil and oil products from Russia every two months on the basis of cost indexes of Russian Urals oil on the world market during this time.

Now, due to economic instability, fees will be recalculated based on the price of oil over the past 17 days. Thus, as stated earlier, Dmitry Medvedev, fees will be reduced by more than $ 100, and reached a value of $ 372 per ton. Reduced export duty frees about $ 5.5 billion, $ 4.5 billion of which will depart mining companies and $ 1 billion businesses refining industry. The Prime Minister also expressed the hope that the savings will be spent "to maintain the current smooth operation of the energy sector and create conditions for the rhythmic 'creditor oil and gas sector."

At the same time, Vladimir Putin said that Russia's current oil prices are quite comfortable. "The best for us is to keep the price within such limits, which, on the one hand, would cover the investment needs of the manufacturer, on the other hand, would have no deterrent effect on the negative development of the world and of our own economy," - said the ex-president of the Russian Federation.

The forecast prices for Russian oil was initially $ 55 per barrel, but during the year several times increased. Current projections are reduced to $ 112 per barrels, according to RIA Novosti.

At the meeting, Putin also touched upon issues of increasing the deductions for depreciation of the market and a possible reduction in VAT and UST. Separately it allocated a statement that the position in relation to foreign investment Russia will remain unchanged.

Source: Finam-Light

20.09.2008 Mr.

---------------------------------------- ---------- ------------------------------ -

Blackmail by Kudrin

The issue of lowering value added tax (VAT) from 18 to 12 percent should be resolved within a month. This RIA Novosti reported with reference to the statement of the Ministry of Economic Development Elvira Nabiullina.

According to Nabiullina, Economic Development must finalize the concept of socio-economic development of Russia until 2020 in a month. It was at this point the government should decide on VAT reform the pension system and healthcare modernization.

In early August, the Economic Development Ministry submitted to the government a proposal to reduce the VAT to 12 percent from 2010. However, against reducing the tax rate has spoken Finance Ministry, believing that it will make the national budget more dependent on oil prices.

              Since oil revenues are already divided between the owners of the market, it seems, and forces the Minister of Finance made threatening statements of the most incredible kind.

Earlier, Kudrin said that the reduction of VAT threaten weakening national security. Barely. Now the Minister of Finance, said: "From the VAT reduction from 18 to 12 percent of the first to suffer the pension system, as well as education and health."

This statement Kudrin, may be regarded as blackmail people and those who advocate for the reduction of VAT, or its complete abolition.

Like, if the decision is made to reduce the VAT, then someone who does not want to give up their incomes, ready to get into the pockets of pensioners, teachers and doctors.

Perhaps that will climb. And maybe that will show the state approach to business, and will provide for lascivious hands, so as not climbed, which is not allowed. Time will tell and history will judge.

The possibility of reducing the VAT discussed the Russian government since 2008. Then this initiative was supported by Vladimir Putin.

12. 09. 2008

---------------------------------------- ---------- ---------------------------

As Alexei Kudrin "buried" tax reduction

 The issue of reducing VAT, it would seem, it has settled at the highest level, but things are there. Vice-Premier and Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin persists stick to their line, and does not miss a chance to figures in hand to prove fatal course on tax cuts. On Wednesday, he tried to convince the representatives of big business from the RSPP that the VAT reduction they actually did not want. Almost persuaded.

"The draft budget strategy until 2023 is unacceptable to the business community and in the event of jeopardizing the feasibility of" Concept 2020 "- with that mindset on Wednesday at the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, the author of the strategy met Alexei Kudrin.

Most RSPP resented in the strategy is that it is not mentioned a single word, it would seem, already adopted at the highest level, a decision to reduce VAT. And without it, confident businessman with us to get off the oil needle. Afloat to resist, retorted Minister of Finance. "Today, I can admit it, we have not provided up to now the stability of macroeconomics. Two years ago, there was a surge in inflation, then began to say, there are stability, let's do the other chores. No. Our resistance was immediately shaken first serious risks to the world markets ", - he said.

In his deep conviction, we now do not have to redraw the tax system and ensure financial stability. And to begin to tame inflation. And here the VAT cut quite inappropriately. "In our view, the additional inflation will be 3.8 percentage points, - the minister added. - The net effect of (economic growth) - will be zero or a maximum of 0.1-0.2% additional GDP growth.

Source: "News"

As you can see, Alexei Kudrin and took all of us decided to cancel the reform of the tax system, and thus refused to facilitate the noose around the neck of the Russian economy, promising to perform, even the building of communism, and some concept and budget strategy for 2023.

And who asks him in 2023 for the result? And who, I ask, in Russia, to make responsible decisions? Remembered Putin as president, then Medvedev and, in the election campaign, promised to reduce the VAT and Kudrin took and decided.

But Kudrin we did not choose and may decide for us

 The Ministry of Finance has allowed the tax authorities to speed up VAT refunds

07.12.2008 Mr.

Yesterday, the State Secretary, Deputy Finance Minister Sergei Shatalov announced the next innovations in which the government will support the business !!!!! This is an accelerated reimbursement of value added tax (VAT) exemption of individuals from paying income tax on the sale of securities, as well as to postpone the replacement of the unified social tax (UST) insurance payments.

Ministry of Finance will consider the proposals until the spring of next year. The main package - accelerated version of the VAT refund ...

Government again reduce export duties on oil

On April 12 the rate export duty on crude oil will be reduced to 108-112 US dollars per ton to 115.3 per ton. This RIA Novosti reported with reference to deputy head of customs payments the Ministry of Finance Alexander Sakovich.

 © Lenta.Ru


 What about inflation?

Kudrin: to curb inflation will be difficult

  "The best," Finance Minister once again acknowledged his defeat at the front to fight inflation. Invincible and uncontrolled inflation once again shamed projectors from the Ministry of Finance.
 "Inflation has gained a high rate, and reduce the current situation is difficult," - said Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin said, according to RIA "Novosti".
The Russian government planned for 2008 to reduce inflation to 6.0-7.0% against a maximum inflation rate of 8.0% this year. However, due to rising prices for products by the end of this year, inflation is already behind schedule: expected the CBR, the rise in prices will be 9,5-10,0% and the Ministry of Finance and did believe that it exceeds 10.0% .
They plan, and inflation is uncontrollable "natural" phenomenon that is gaining momentum in itself, destroys their plans.
Kudrin acknowledged the fact that in autumn 2007 he was made a significant release of rubles in circulation, which immediately affected the prices.
 "The money supply will not grow as rapidly as in this year, due to increased imports, which sterilizes part of the inflow of foreign currency."
All this only shows that the government and the Finance Ministry against inflation only declare, but in reality, do it well and pushed, thinking up all sorts of excuses and promises.
  "The course will enter into a zone of stability," - he told reporters in Washington, adding that this will happen around the year 2010. As explained by the Deputy Prime Minister, notably the reduction of trade balance and capital inflows will reduce the inflow of foreign currency. "It immediately changed (the situation) and will not allow the ruble to strengthen," - he said.
 Kudrin, as we see, is not worried about inflation and ruble appreciation, as he told us, and says.
 He who has ears, let him hear.
"We will strictly control the volume of money in circulation and placing funds of development institutions will be carried out depending on the needs of the market. If in December, it appears that additional funds are required in our market, we will place them outside the country, as well as the stabilization fund" - said Kudrin.
Amazing illusionists in finance! First, all made to the ruble has depreciated, t. E. Sharply increased the monetary issue, and now, under the guise of fighting inflation are preparing to take out actual unfunded.
Russian citizens do not need money !!! They are rich in spirit.

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