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среда, 3 июня 2015 г.

The executioner of the Russian economy is torn to ax

 Kudrin did not rule out a return to power01.06.2015, 09:46 | «BBC»Former Russian Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin said he would not rule out a possible return to the executive. This Kudrin said in an interview to "Interfax"."Do not rule out a return to power. I do not want to talk about some positions, but this is an option under favorable conditions: if the power is set to the reform as it was at the beginning of zero, "- said Kudrin.Moreover, Kudrin said that he receives an offer to chair the Central Bank, but, according to the ex-minister, "the central bank in the coming years will have all the time to follow the policy of the government, and it reaches a high efficiency."

_________________________________________Kudrino loopMikhail DelyaginJanuary 29, 2015 9
"The best finance minister" as a sponsor of the American economyCareer "effective manager"Son served in Latvia (where Kudrin was born) and Arkhangelsk military school after two years and worked as an auto mechanic instructor in the laboratory of the Military Academy of Logistics and Transport in Leningrad. Probably, it allowed him to avoid the army and enter the result in the Leningrad State University. Unlike Nabiullina, which, as a graduate student, so far as can be judged, and was unable to defend his thesis, Kudrin coped with this task in 1988. Entering the circle of reformers (in 1989 Gaidar and Chubais introduced him), in October 1990, he became deputy chairman of the Committee on Economic Reform, Leningrad City Council.He quickly climbed the ladder of hardware, having achieved the financial management of the city, and became a key figure in the team Sobchak dovedshy, as can be judged, rich and developed to Leningrad almost besieged state (in stark contrast with Moscow) and miserably lost the election in 1996 .Criminal cases related to the financial management of St. Petersburg were closed mainly in 2000: it seems Kudrin hid behind Vladimir Putin became president.And in 1996, he found refuge in Moscow headed the presidential administration, Chubais appointed him head of the Control Department, and leading the Finance Ministry - his first deputy. Kudrin was a faithful member of the "team of young reformers" had brought the country to a catastrophic default of 1998 - and seems to have learned a lesson from the impunity of its organizers.He was fired only in mid-January 1999, and with the utmost hardware humanism - "in connection with his transfer to another job," Deputy Chubais had not yet destroyed the RAO "UES of Russia". After the expulsion of Primakov, Russia has stabilized and then became dangerous for the liberal Camarilla, Kudrin immediately returned to "their" post in the Finance Ministry, and after his inauguration, Putin headed the Ministry of Finance, becoming also the first vice-premier.He was finance minister for more than 11 years; close ties with Putin assured him an exceptional influence.Personal incompetence (as far as we can remember, Putin somehow live "caught" his ignorance on the magnitude of the budget deficit) did not play a role: Kudrin has been loyal, was part of the team and seems to have become the chief economist for Putin, whose opinion was final. As far as we can recall, this is about the first time he was told by the phrase "the only position which can not be dismissed - one president" (although the liberal propaganda, of course, has done everything to forget this).Kudrin, Chubais has strengthened the tradition in which the Ministry of Finance was "government in the government" - and in many ways more powerful than the government itself, as could block any initiative.Despite the lack of scandals associated with such Shuvalov, Kudrin seems to be one of the richest Russian officials. When in the middle of "zero" has published photographs of his wife's glamorous French magazine L'Officiel, - "the most authoritative publication in the world, reflecting the fashion trends," as humbly says on his website - merchants appreciated only put his wife Kudrin in his annual income. She modestly emphasized that only photographed in his things.Kudrin accused of lobbying "KIT Finance" in the crisis of 2008-2009 and transcribed the name as "Kudrin and Tintyakova" (his second wife). Even loyal Liberal Milov wondered: "A lot of opacity in certain actions minister (Kudrin). It is, for example, unprecedented spending on salvation ..." KIT Finance "- 130 billion rubles .. ... It is a day not worked anywhere except in public service. Several months in UES, but it is also a public corporation. But he lived well and his personal financial opportunities great. ... I did anything I do not want to blame, but you need to explain. " Last Kudrin "explained" (in my opinion, ironically meaningless) as recently as this January.And in September 2011, one day after Medvedev publicly refusal to fight for power with his benefactor Putin, Kudrin refused a place in the future government and the next day was miserably Medvedev dismissed. The formal reason for the resignation was the unwillingness to fund defense capability of Russia, natural for a liberal; real it seemed to be reluctance to obey explicit insignificance and the pursuit of their political game.Perhaps taking these motives and remaining grateful for past services, Putin announced that Kudrin "remains in the team." For President Kudrin, as the main economic authority (a kind of Gaidar Yeltsin) - ready to "spare the prime", and he Kudrin seems, wants in case of success he slipped to the real power of the West and on behalf of the liberal clan.We must pay tribute to Kudrin: is it possible to combine these contradictory positions. The worsening of the crisis, caused primarily by the implementation of its policies and recommendations, leading him to power - first Putin's hands, and then, perhaps, and his gravediggers.The core of the liberal clanHonorary professor at the Higher School of Economics, and the Buryat, Dagestan State University, Kudrin important as the person who has become a fiasco Medvedev after a public "face" of the liberal clan.Kudrin today - the most consistent, respectable and influential liberal, who took a perfect political position: while out of power, he publicly criticized it and earn popularity. At the same time it is largely still determines the policy of this government - both through ideological influence, so, probably through direct proteges, owe their posts and well-being to him personally.And no one in the political leadership of Russia, did not seem to care about what the Liberals have long derided even by Soros as a "market fundamentalists" and liberalism directly contrary to the interests of Russia.Russia needs a vigorous and active government - and liberalism justifies laziness and incompetence of the officials of the desire to minimize state interference in the economy.Liberals see the state as the key is not the organizer of development and structure-forming elements of the market, but as the irreconcilable antagonism between the latter. They do not recognize that government regulation - the only instrument to ensure the development and freedom, including economic.Russia needs to restore the system of social protection, to raise the capacity of the internal market and to restore the human capital, as liberalism destroys it, even choking with money. After all, he - the only religion is removed from the heavy responsibility for the weak and thus legitimizing their irresponsibility.Russia needs to modernize the real sector, to develop high-tech - and requires the destruction of liberalism necessary for this protectionism to turn the country into a colony of global business and does not give cause to its competitors.Liberalism - this is propaganda of the state as a "night watchman", with appropriate levels of responsibility, activity and efficiency, but somehow with a dizzying income and wealth. This "privatization for its" a total violation of the law and selling at bargain prices, this insider game officials on regulated markets and of the impunity of the brazen theft.All activities Kudrin to the extent that it is not caused by incompetence, is subject, as far as can be judged, the interests of the liberal clan, that is a global business. Therefore, we are not talking about specific errors and not even on the wrong strategy, but is likely to fundamentally hostile Russian goal-setting and the system of values ​​that are inconsistent with its very existence.The owner of the liberal discourseThe main result of his work at the head of the Ministry of Finance is the creation of a unique mechanism in which taxpayers' money is not sent to the budget for the needs of the country and displayed abroad and invested in securities of strategic competitors Russia.At the same time budget expenditures are cut down mercilessly (up to the systematic destruction of sick children "due to lack of budgetary funds"), and Russia continues to borrow at higher interest rates on both the domestic and foreign market, which from a commercial point of view is frank robbery.Deputy Prime Minister Dvorkovich expressed the essence of this policy hammered the formula: "Russia should pay for the financial stability of the United States", - Kudrin and deserved admiration of the West.In 2003 and 2006, the English magazine Emerging Markets called it the best finance minister, the first in Central and Eastern Europe and then in all emerging markets (in 2006, Kudrin has made early repayment of 22 billion dollars. Russia's foreign debt - and a billion dollar fine for that). In 2004 he received from The Banker magazine titles "World Finance Minister of the Year" and "European finance ministers," and in 2010, the best finance minister called it the magazine Euromoney.But "Kudrin loop" can not be reduced to a simple conclusion Russian money at the service of its strategic competitors.This conclusion has become an important factor in the creation of artificial cruel Russian "money famine" that led even in the "obese" for business "zero" years to the prohibitive high cost of credit. As a result, successful corporations have been forced to borrow is not in the country and abroad, taking the currency risk (which was an important factor in Russia's dependence on the West and caused us great damage in the course of the current crisis and the crisis 2008-2009).Surprisingly, the external debt of the corporate sector in Russia (including, of course, money multiplier) roughly corresponds to the funds derived abroad led by the Ministry of Finance Kudrin!Thus, the Liberals have forced the Russian business to borrow abroad, their own money, they paid to the state in taxes!It's really a loop, and now the soul of Russia, and Kudrin is not just tightened her throat our homeland, but also justified the need for it to your friends from senior management.Against the development budgetThe budget strategy Kudrin actually amounted to a reduction of non-interest expenditures. Disengagement of the state from society and relieve him of responsibility were considered as the ultimate goal of economic policy.The main priorities of the budget, as the experience of its implementation, while Kudrin became (and still now) "freezing" of taxpayers' money and speculation with public debt.Budget expenditures, despite the abundance of funds planned for the notorious "residual" (after payments on loans made primarily external), without interest to the real needs of society, which could be above or below the specified amounts.Trying to go to the calculation needs of the economy for money was made in the Budget Code, provides for the development of minimum social standards, but the government is not trying to fulfill his demands.That is unrealistic budget: no one knows what, but not even interested in the real needs of the country's money. Accordingly, it is unclear whether the government spending excessive, adequate or inadequate.Providing financial assistance to the regions it is focused on the mythical figure "national average budgetary provision" and not to the needs of the regions and their populations.Financial assistance to the regions is focused on the current alignment of their support, but not to overcome the disparities in their development. Therefore, the gap between the regions only growing, and the need for increased financial assistance.It undermines development: fiscal burden on successful regions increases, convincing them of the senselessness of work, "because it is still all be taken away," and outsiders accustomed to dependency.The whole burden of reforms is shifted to the regions liberals. The government does not care their condition that puts them in a budget crisis and leads to the destruction of not only social, but, in some cases, and has transport links.Tax suppression RussiaConversion of budget into an instrument of destruction of our country should not overshadow other accomplishments Kudrin.That's when it passed a tax reform, which has become an important factor blocking the development silivsheysya "rise from its knees" of the country.Contrary to international practice, introduced a flat income tax of 13%. The fact that it is lower than the income tax to stimulate consumption at the expense of investment.In the world of the progressive income tax rate declined only Bolivia and Estonia. It seems that they were Russian liberals ideal future.The uniform rate of tax for the poor and the rich ignore the fact that the rich are better able to influence the government than the poor. Great opportunities means more responsibility, which should be expressed in the tax area.But wages are not only subject to income tax, and mandatory social payments, which are disgusting class character. They are regressive: the less people earn, the more you pay. As a result, "put out of the shadows" has meaning only high income: taxation remaining prohibitively high.It makes itself the privilege of possessing honesty. Poor well (including a significant part of the so-called "middle class") are pushed by the liberals in the "shadow" economy of the crime and condemned to a life in fear of the very fact have a relatively low income. It is a totalitarian approach, which enshrines the inhumanity of the liberal state.Russia turned into a tax haven for billionaires (including themselves liberal reformers) and tax hell for others - and it seems to merit Finance Minister Kudrin.Reduction of income tax in 2002, which is still proud of the Liberals, was accompanied by the abolition of benefits for investment and therefore stimulated a reorientation of money from investment to consumption and the flight abroad, dramatically slowed the growth of investments.Failure to account mining and geological conditions at the taxation of subsoil brought destruction to small and medium-sized companies working in the worst conditions, and excess profits to large corporations controlling the "delicious" pieces.Next, to power!Influence Kudrin tremendously now. Although it is likely, and less than the strategist of the liberal clan - Voloshin - it is aimed at specific economic issues and therefore visible.The observers joked that for the past management of the Bank of Russia "there is no god except Chubais, Kudrin and his prophet." Under the current leadership last fall's call for the release of Kudrin ruble directly preceded his catastrophic crash - probably because it was perceived as the leadership of the Bank of Russia to be unquestioning execution of orders.All the liberal information policy aimed at preparing society to designation premier Kudrin.But soon, the prime minister will be appointed to one of the "political heavyweights" who have no taste for economic policy (like Valentina Matvienko) and Kudrin will be the first deputy, sitting tight "on the economy", - the head is not real, but the host government.And then maidan in Moscow, it appears in view of the above, will be inevitable.

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