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понедельник, 28 марта 2016 г.

For enrichment of financial speculators

 Yuri Boldyrev: Cumulative contributions - is a fraud, their task is to get all the money people pay financial speculatorsFinance Ministry proposes to extend for another year a moratorium on the accumulative pension contributions. My position is known on the subject - for many years, I'm trying to explain to convey to people that any forced, imposed by the state for the citizens of accumulation - is a fraud. The sooner it is not something that is frozen for a year or two, but simply suppressed, the better. Instead, on the one hand, the labor investment in the development of the country - the children and grandchildren to feed us; On the other hand - the freedom of every citizen savings as he sees fit. And in such volumes, in which he considers it necessary, and the tools that he finds acceptable. And maybe people will invest only in the children and grandchildren - that's his business. The state should provide a state pension, which depends not on the game in the financial market, and from the power and resources accumulated throughout the country - just so and not otherwise.

Personal savings - is a fraud.For the simple reason that there is no reliable tools in the world of accumulation. And there is not because they can not do, but because the main task of the global financial, control the world - it does not allow people to have reliable instruments of self-accumulation. That is the task to get people all the money in the long run, to give the financial speculators - they say that they will understand, they are able, they will play to our advantage.Those who hoarded in rubles, see what is happening with rubles. People who are very close to the US government, today launched the rumor that they were going to cancel the dollar bills. This does not mean that they will do so, it means a purposeful injection of neurasthenia, people rushed and did not know what to do with the difficulty of the accumulated funds. The key issue - the argument is the accumulation of sounds so that now two workers fed the pensioner, and the day is near when the employee will feed one, or even two pensioners. And supposedly so you need to save. But this is complete nonsense. The fact that no oil or milk or cheese, egg or you can not accumulate. You save up candy wrappers, the cost of which will be determined by how much our children and grandchildren will be ready to give us real butter, cheese and eggs. More butter, cheese and eggs from the sky will not fall. Neither Chinese nor Iranians or Americans still feed us will not. That is, all the arguments for accumulation are entirely speculative, false. And in his circle openly advocates say - a "long" money, we need them. "Long" money they need for financial speculation.Already even the authorities have recognized that the old economic model has exhausted itself. From my point of view, it was originally hopeless, hopeless and criminal negligence. If the model will not change if the model will be parasitic - that is, we will extract natural resources, use what left us ancestors, and take it in the offspring, in this life - there is nothing good nor pensioners nor workers nor unemployed in general ahead I can not wait. On the parasitic model, regardless of world prices for raw materials, it is impossible to reach for a long time.We have a precedent - Government Maslyakova-Primakov saved from the collapse of the Russian economy after the default of 1998, slightly more than half a year, just to pull the country out of the abyss. The then president went so far as to abandon the dogmas imposed upon us by the West - has appointed its Government does not close, and to some extent the coalition government of the opposition. As to how deep the chasm is now the country should reach to the current president and the oligarchs were ready to abandon the economic domination of the West, and turn again to the creative forces in the country? That's the key question. On this depends our future.Economist, expert of the Moscow Economic Forum Yuri Boldyrev specifically for On the eve

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