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понедельник, 28 марта 2016 г.

When the state in the hands of the oligarchy

How to steal money from the budget "Medusa" covers the major corruption schemes in RussiaMeduza20:34, 25 March 2016
Russia - one of the world leaders in terms of corruption. For example, in the Corruption Perceptions Index of Transparency International Russian occupies 119th place out of 167 countries. Defendants in the corruption scandals are regional heads and their deputies, officials responsible for the distribution of land and other property. At the same time a huge number of such crimes remain unsolved. On the basic ways of stealing money from the budget at the request of "Medusa" says journalist George brute.Illegal privatization

When the illegal privatization of state budget incurs losses due to undervaluation of the property, which is sold to new owners. Is responsible for the progress of the transaction or the officials find themselves create a company that purchases property from illegal "discount." After the privatization of such property is resold already on the real cost, and profit-sharing between stakeholders. The loudest story about the illegal privatization in recent years - the case "Oboronservis." The main accused in it took the former boss of the Department of Property Relations Evgenia Vasilyeva Defense. According to the prosecution, under the leadership of Vasilyeva chosen perspective for sale of land plots the Ministry of Defense. Then they invested additional resources in these areas built property. Then lots were sold at greatly reduced prices to affiliated companies and then resold at market price. Part of the profits invested in the further purchase of real estate in the same way.in the case of damages the court estimated at 550 million rubles. In May 2015, a court found Vasilyev guilty and sentenced to five years in a penal colony, but in August, she was released on parole.
Rollback on public procurementWhen buying a property or public services to private companies acting reverse scheme. officials or employees of state-owned companies responsible for the transaction enter into an agreement with the leadership of friendly company, or create a themselves. That said inflated the value of property or services; in the amount of pre-laid "bonus" to the machinations of the participants. Despite the mandatory tender for all public procurement officials in every way trying to prevent to participate in the tender of the company and try to advance to predetermine the winning "their". Make it easy: for example, to make the conditions of competition in such a way that they will come under only the "right" company. After the transaction, the company returns the agreed proportion of the officials.Sometimes the winning tender company itself buys services and equipment from other companies, their subcontractors. Those, in turn, acquire materials from third. Each such transaction may be laid "percent" for participating in the scheme. Thus, the final cost to the state of the contract may be extended several times.For such schemes has been, for example, was arrested in the Defense Ministry came to replace Alexander Gorshkolepov Vasilyeva. According to the prosecution, he (along with the head of the "Industrial and operational management" Sergei Drobysh) for the procurement of assets for the ministry ensured the victory of firms, from which later received the money. January 14, 2016 Gorshkolepov was sentenced to seven years and nine months' imprisonment.Bribes for the right of access to public propertyDo officials often have the right to manage state assets and property. Unscrupulous officials can use this right for the sake of receiving bribes: it provides access to these assets to interested companies - on favorable terms, but with the percentage for themselves - to the detriment of the state.For this, for example, in November 2015 he was sentenced three officials Rosreestra in the Krasnodar region. According to the investigators, they demanded that the head of the local construction company a bribe of 12 million rubles. For the money they promised to issue in the company's ownership of state-owned land. According to the court, two of them were sentenced to three years, one - to four years in a penal colony, and penalties for 150-300 thousand rubles.Prizes themselves
Being in positions that allow you to set salaries and bonuses to themselves, many officials do not neglect to take advantage of this opportunity. Formally officials remain within the law; This method of obtaining money from the budget, rather, relates to the field of ethics.So, in October 2014 the governor of the Murmansk region Marina Kovtun has signed a law that was supposed to receive a quarterly premium equal to 5.5 monthly salaries. The law also established prizes and other officials. For example, the annual award has been established to members of the regional government in the amount of 18 monthly salaries, and the deputies of the Murmansk regional Duma, that this law was passed, at a rate of 13.8 salaries. No impact it had, in addition to the scandal in the local media. In October 2014 Kovtun left the governor for a second term.Frauds with taxesIf a commercial company buys goods abroad, the price of which is included in advance of VAT, it is entitled to a tax refund from the state - if the goods for whatever reason, has not been sold or has been written off as spoiled. Colluded with officials of the tax service and law enforcement agencies, businessmen cheat goods and require a VAT refund from the state. It is designed to prevent fraud staff departments have their share of the money returned by the state."Novaya Gazeta" conducted its own investigation of one of such cases. In 2014, the head of the Moscow company "Stealth Service" were detained. As found out a consequence, since 2009, using the scheme with the VAT refund, they were able to get more than 75 million rubles. In his testimony in the case, they argued that 40 million rubles went head of the Federal Tax Service and the Main Department of Economic Security and Anti-corruption in the Interior Ministry. Of all the many officials involved, according to the newspaper, the crime, hired a private FTS inspector was responsible Yulia Gostev, sentenced to five years.Similar frauds investigated Hermitage Fund lawyer Sergei Magnitsky. He drew the attention of the prosecutor's office and police department of Moscow that the documents of the three companies held by the Fund have been seized by police after the search, and the companies were re-registered to a third party. These individuals sought tax refunds from the state in the amount of 5.4 billion rubles. All appeals have led to the fact that he Magnitsky was arrested and charged with complicity in the theft. He refused to plead guilty and died in prison on 16 November 2009 - the circumstances of the death are not fully clarified until now. Investigations conducted after the death of Magnitsky (in particular, Hermitage Foundation forces and its head William Browder), have shown that the matter of the return of VAT FTS implicated high-ranking officials and investigators who conducted business.Needless Magnitsky case has received worldwide resonance.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------This is only a small part of how government officials steal occupying public positions.Is there some more:- Support for industrial and agricultural enterprises of budgetary resources;- The distribution of budget funds under the various scientific and future directions (Skolkovo, A. Chubais nanotechnology, without control and without responsibility);- Study abroad;-Providing Incentives;- Increased bank liquidity injections by the state;- Support the ruble by selling gold and foreign exchange reserves;And so on 

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