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вторник, 1 марта 2016 г.

Vladimir Putin - the leader of the Liberals

 Putin: the economy must operate without government interference
Mitrich Dmitriev Russian President Vladimir Putin called for to minimize government intervention in the real economy. This was reported by RIA Novosti.The Head of State noted that the influence of the authorities on the real economy should be limited to the creation of conditions for effective work and public companies, as well as state-owned companies should not be an exception."Of course, it is better if you can build a work for three or four years or more. Still, the intervention should be minimal, "- said Putin, speaking at the congress of the Chamber of Commerce. If the state successfully create the necessary conditions for effective work of the company, then she would be interested in the continuation of such cooperation, even if it is a large structure, he said.

The President also noted the complexity of effective short-term planning. But the specifics of small and medium business segment is that companies need to be more flexible and better able to adapt to the new conditions.Earlier it was reported that Putin on Tuesday, 1 March, will hold a meeting with the heads of Russia's leading oil companies. It is expected that the President will discuss the current state and prospects of development of the industry, experts admit that the impact of measures can be affected at the meeting on the oil market, including the freezing and reduction of energy production.Source: rueconomics.ru------------------------
As Cicero stated - "The state - that's the benefit for citizens." According to Vladimir Putin - "The state should not intervene in the economy." In fact, Vladimir Putin explained to citizens, that the State is the benefit to the person who owns it. And it has, as we all know -oligarhiya, and therefore the state should not interfere with the oligarchy to plunder the people. And it was more convenient to the oligarchy to plunder the people, the state, represented by the president and the government has been increasing tariffs for gas, electricity, transportation, utilities, ie, the state always intervenes, but only in the interests of the oligarchy. It turns out that the State can not be held for the benefit of citizens, and the president does not guarantee the fulfillment of the constitutional rights.
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Russian state by Yasin
Modern Russian rulers and ideologues of today prefer not to dwell on that which we have a state, and whose it represents the interests of more speaking of GDP, currency rates, national projects, roads, debt, taxes and so on, trying to as little as possible to touch this important question. Written in the Constitution that Russia - a democratic federal law state with a republican form of government, and that's it.
The latter, who was marked by an attempt to approach the question of the state, a cohort of leaders of the CPSU and the post-perestroika times, was Mikhail Gorbachev. Then this figure, nothing new has failed to come up, pulled out into the daylight worn concept of "people's state", and began trumps them all, pretending that he has mastered and understood the modern state. In the end, this "people's state", somehow got into the crisis, the people did not wish to defend "their own" state, and it is without any problems, thanks to the same Communist Party leaders, has become a bourgeois, so even with the oligarchic form of government. After these transformations, do not fit in the narrow-minded view of the state, our professors and the larger policy decided not to raise this issue in order not to amuse people.But suddenly, Yevgeny Yasin, research director at the Higher School of Economics, and an active member of denationalization in "Kommersant" newspaper №145, raised this issue and shared their misconceptions about the state, giving them a scientific presentation, which once again confirmed the well-known saying of Engels that the professor is not a scientist, as scientist professor.So what is in Russia for the state, according to Yassin? "Professional discussion (Professor advance preparing a defense in an attempt to limit the scope of the discussion of its terminology, and its views on the state) requires recognition by all of some parcels, which are not the subject of the dispute, and its base.There are only four. Firstly, the state of the economy is always present, and no one argues that it should go at all. Second, differences in views are to those functions, which are recognized by the state. The main of them - to ensure law and order; macroeconomic stability; defense and security; the formation of the necessary public institutions; provision of public services (health, education, etc...); social protection; environmental security; promote the development of the economy (which is just referred to as structural or industrial policy); eliminating "market defects" (including through direct control of prices, wages, etc...); state enterprise (production of goods and services that can be carried out by private companies).Third, in life circumstances are that make it appropriate for the State to any of these functions in a given volume. Sometimes it is necessary to enhance the role of the state and brings a positive effect. But the government better cope with their tasks, the better understanding on what direction should focus. And finally, fourthly, the choice of the optimal level of state involvement in the economy must take into account the conditions and the stage of development of the country, its position relative to other countries, especially the national culture and institutions. "That's how much the professor uttered platitudes about the state, but in fact did not say anything significant. What begins! "First, the state of the economy is always present, and no one argues that it should go at all." By this statement we can add that the Volga flows into the Caspian Sea, that the moon revolves around the Earth, and the Earth around the sun, etc. And not only begins but also throughout his article Professor gives many obvious and meaningless statements, "capitalism is over the industrial stage and entered the post-industrial era", "large corporations have crossed national boundaries", and the like.But then, when the professor is taken to talk about the functions that are recognized by the state, even more interesting. The main task, according to Yasin, the state performs - it "rule of law and order." True. But most importantly, in the definition and understanding of the state, is not that the state enforces law and order, and then, in whose interest the laws are written, and which is supported by the order. I must admit that not only in Russia but also in Germany and France, and in Mexico there are republican form of government, but the results of this board are substantially different. Today in Russia we see that the existing laws, all the time, provide enriching a small part of the population and the poverty of the majority of the people. To understand that there is no need to delve too much in theory. It is enough to impartially evaluate the events.
Whose interests on earth, protect prosecutors in Surgut, trying to influence the chairman of the trade union committee of the independent union of "Surgutneftegaz" Alexander Zakharkina demanding pay increases? No less vividly characterizes the modern Russian state and the government's attitude to the hunger strike of the workers of the Voronezh excavator plant, which plant management owes a huge amount of salary. And thousands of protests of workers in other enterprises.
Pay in most cases education and health care, miserable pensions and benefits, along with the extremely high income individual oligarchs, do not say whose interests defends the State? On social services, education and health authority allocates a penny, and the lion's share of income is spent on maintenance of their rule. And in another way, for a given system of government can not be.Yevgeny Yasin, it would be necessary, before talk about the rule of law and order, to look at what our laws are passed by the Duma, and what a wave of protest these laws cause of the people. Take, at least, the new Housing Code. Yes, and the social composition of the Duma speaks volumes. Yes, it would not hurt to put the question of the ownership law, private oligarchs and officials, a huge property and finances of the country.Arguments professor at the "provision of public services (health, education, etc...); social protection; environmental security; not worth a penny, because they do not show the cost ratio, the share of social spending in the general product nations.According Moreover, a sharp increase (13 times) INDEM expert, the annual bribe Russian officials exceeds 316 billion. Dollars. Occurred over the past five years. You just wait for it - $ 316 billion.! Three country's budget! One budget goes to maintenance of the army, and the payment of civil servants' provision of public services ", and three sinks in the pockets of officials. If we add the revenues of big capitalist monopolies, all arguments Yasin, the state, as representatives of the whole of society, the state acting as a "night watchman" in the statement of the rule of law, burst like a soap bubble.With regard to "promote the development of economy", there can be noted only one thing that the modern Russian state and contributes to the economy. But assists in accordance with its oligarchic character, raising tariffs for monopoly services, and providing them, and including myself, huge profits.The last two notes of Professor Yasin, on the basic assumptions for the determination of the state, can be regarded as the top of demagogy. Professor tells readers that: "... the circumstances are in life that make it appropriate for the State to any of these functions in a given volume." Uncertain circumstances which readers must guess yourself, do seem somehow vague and indefinite extent, but advisable, to perform any functions. But in order to achieve an indeterminate result, continues to Yasin, you must "take into account the conditions and the stage of development of the country, its position relative to other countries, especially the national culture and institutions." That's it! Science has to do - it will not turn the thimble.In their testimonies, Professor Yasin, once again repeated the old bourgeois dummy, trying to convince readers that the state - this is not a class institution, which provides power to the ruling class, and universal institution designed to ensure "law and order". Apparently assuming that there are eternal laws that stand above the interests of certain people, compliance with which the state should provide. One word stood on a point of the Progressives, who claim that there is always the potential for development of the existing state. Just what is meant by the development of the state, if it is held on the development of operation, that is, not the bulk of the nation's development.
Preached to them the views on the state has long been disproved, the most recognized human minds refute this petty-bourgeois view of the state, and by the history of development of society. But as we can see, today's ideologues of the Russian state, ready to use all the junk, for the sake of strengthening the power of the bourgeois state, headed by liberal bureaucrats who wished to present Yassin as a whole people.Acquainted with the opus Yevgeny Yasin, that nothing anyone does not explain, inadvertently pose the question: why Professor Yasin, suddenly began to write on the question of the state and what is the purpose of this article? And on closer view to find answers, which concluded just a few sentences.
It turns out that in the current context of increasing state when the power of the fear of being overthrown, and in anticipation of the upcoming presidential elections, is forced to limit the appetites of the oligarchs and big monopolies, Yasin was important to say, "that the state - a bad businessman." "In the past three years, the real strengthening of the role of the state in the modernization of the economy has not happened." "The state has not reached significant success in the main function of" night watchman "in the statement of the rule of law." "The tendency to a weakening macroeconomic policy. - Continues to escalate the negative assessment of the activity of the state, Professor Yasin. - Institutional reforms largely frozen. At the same time promoting economic development, beneficial structural changes carried out in insufficient scale, in particular, in view of the shortcomings of the state apparatus.But the public sector is growing, the priority gets state enterprise. During this time, according to conservative estimates, the state has acquired the assets of about $ 35-40 billion, including the "Yuganskneftegaz", "Sibneft", "Power Machines". Therefore, it clearly does not. "All this shows that Professor Yasin no not an economist and ideologue of oligarchic capital. With his statements, he is trying to hammer into the heads of the readers thought that today the state and its leaders do not come true, then do not. What of the many shortcomings of the state apparatus. With modernization of the economy has not happened. What are those non-state oligarchs, is pumped out of the country's resources, there have been more correct and limit their predatory interests is not a matter of the state. The government, in the words of an ideologue, should act as a "night watchman", that is, make a chamber pot for Abramovich or Vekselberg, and not to interfere in their affairs.
Such a state Yassin and his companions and built. But that's a little flash in the pan out, as some government officials do not agree on the role of night workers, with the oligarchs. Somehow it is quite improper to serve the oligarchs, which very often stolen property. And why serve them when in their hands there is a real power? Let them serve as Yassin and other leaders from science, and true citizens and scientists to present it to anything.
Vitaly Glukhov

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