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In the banking sector the huge theft of money ... need help!

Hundreds of millions have gone through loansFiled a new case on the embezzlement Smolensky Bank03/25/2016As the "Kommersant", the Tver Court of Moscow yesterday arrested two senior officials of the Moscow branch of the bankrupt OAO "Smolensky Bank" and placed under house arrest for another - on a new case brought by the investigative department of the Interior Ministry in the framework of a large investigation into the embezzlement of funds of the credit institution. Bank Owner Pavel Shitov and three of the Moscow branch of a top manager suspected that brought through from the head office to the accounts controlled by foreign companies, more than 600 million rubles. Paul himself Shitov earlier in the large case in absentia was accused of fraud with credit and the international wanted list. His alleged accomplice, former predpravleniya Smolensky Bank Anatoly Danilov is currently on trial.

A criminal case under Part. 4 Art. 160 of the Criminal Code (misappropriation or embezzlement) in relation to the owner of the bank Smolensk Pavel Shitov, Vice-Director of the Moscow branch of blue and Michael Roman Shcherbakov, as well as Head of the Legal Department Temur Akbarov was initiated investigative department of the Ministry of Interior on March 22 of this year. The reason became operational materials GUEBiPK employees. During the investigation it was established that, having learned in advance of the impending withdrawal of the Central Bank of the license of the Smolensk bank (credit institution has lost its December 13, 2013 and February 4, 2014 the bank was declared bankrupt), his leadership has suspended service customer accounts, referring to the technical glitches . In fact, according to the materials of the investigation, at this time figures of the case by the Moscow branch of the Bank actively purchased from companies controlled by them fictitious unsecured securities issued to firms one-day loans and dispose of them in favor of a credit institution real estate. In particular, Shitov and Yahontov, according to the investigation, on behalf of the Smolensk Bank issued no leading real financial and economic activity metropolitan Ltd. "Yunikomfinans" a loan of 600 million rubles.According to law enforcement, to give the appearance of legitimate transactions frauds, borrowers provided fake bank reporting of commercial activity, and were part of a criminal group, bankers were preparing false "professional judgments about the quality of the loan category." One of the organizers of the crime investigation considers the actual owner Paul Smolensky Bank Shitov.It should be noted that one year after recognition of the Smolensk bank bankrupt he had to creditors debt of more than 19 billion rubles, including to physical persons -. 12.5 billion rubles.Last Tuesday, at the place of residence in Moscow and the Moscow Region were detained Yahontov, Akbarov and Shcherbakov. The first two on the request of the investigation of the Tver district court of Moscow made yesterday in custody and a third suspect was placed under house arrest.It should be noted that this case has been allocated in a separate proceeding from a large embezzlement investigation of circumstances of "Smolensky Bank". Initially, it was conducted against the former chairman of the Banking Group "Smolensky Bank" Anatoly Danilov. He is accused of fraud, abuse of power and misappropriation of funds. According to investigators, in the period from 2010 to 2013 Smolensky Bank has allocated Company "Smolensk Construction Company" loans worth more than 400 mln., With the top managers of the bank did not initially planned for their return. As a result, Ltd. has failed to fulfill the undertaken financial liabilities. In total, according to police, while six controlled Pavel Shitov and another local businessman construction companies were granted loans of 2 billion rubles. Now all these companies are in the stage of bankruptcy. more than 25 searches in the apartments of the defendants were held in the course of the investigation, as well as in the International Zlatkombanke and settlement bank, where, after the withdrawal of a license of a bank Smolensk worked arrested. Case Anatoly Danilov heard in the Industrial District Court of Smolensk. Pavel Shitov meanwhile disappeared and now, according to some, living abroad. Recently, he absentia been charged with "especially large-scale fraud" (Art. 4, Art. 159 of the Criminal Code), banker, the international wanted list.Oleg RubnikovichDetails: http://www.kommersant.ru/doc/2946229

Siluanov promises to help banks and companies at the expense of the National Welfare Fund
Russian authorities in a crisis print out of the National Welfare Fund (NWF) to support the banks, and help companies with large external debt, but there is no reason to do so. This was announced today at the Exchange Forum, said the head of the Russian Ministry of Finance Anton Siluanov."National Welfare Fund - a backup resource, so that in the event of crisis be able to assist both banks and large enterprises, and those companies that have large obligations to external creditors It is through the NWF can this issue ever decide to hedge the company, so the SWF. should always be a margin of safety ", - quotes the Prime Minister."But the reason is, I believe, for this is no A in the event of such times -. Reveal, print", - he added.

For his part, the chairman of the Bank of Russia Elvira Nabiullina said that the central bank is ready to apply special measures to support the banking system in the event of tighter EU sanctions and the United States, but until this moment has not come."We expect that one of the consequences of the events may be an increase in demand for loans in the country, if there is reduced access of companies and banks to borrow abroad. For our part we are ready to use all the standard tools in order to provide liquidity to banks so that they ensure the growing demand for liquidity, "- said Nabiullina.Earlier, the United States and European Union imposed sanctions against Russian individual: the freezing of assets and a visa ban against a number of individuals. Talking about economic sanctions the EU has been underway for several weeks, but the decision is not followed. G7 countries have threatened Russia with sanctions against a number of sectors in the event of a further escalation of the situation around Ukraine. Russian Foreign Ministry said that to talk with Russian language of sanctions is inappropriate and counterproductive.Source: rosbalt.ru-------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------
Vladimir Putin: The government has completed work on the anti-crisis planThe Russian government has completed work on the anti-crisis plan. The challenge now - to implement it in life. This was during the "straight line" on the air, said Russian President Vladimir Putin.According to him, it is necessary to do everything to the positive trend will continue and has been accelerated."Resources have enough - human resources, talent people, willingness to work Our task -. President, the Government, the Central Bank -.. To go through this period unscathed point is to use sanctions to their advantage if we maintain a stable political situation, we are not afraid of any threats, "- said Putin."Adopt a plan to stabilize the socio-economic situation in the country - it's an easy and very highly professional task of the Government took some time to understand how and what to do and what forces and means we do this we can plan was adopted at the end of December.. last year. Could it have been faster?Events of this plan thought out and quite adequately reflect the state of our housekeeper. 2.3 trillion rubles. It provided for the implementation of this plan. Of these, 900 billion rubles allocated to support the banking sector. 250 billion - for the real economy through banks in transit. 100 billion will be spent in the field of aviation, 82 - to support the labor market. 200 billion - to guarantee the real economy and for a specific project ", - said Vladimir Putin.
Text: St. Petersburg Diary-------------------------------------------------- --------------The damage from the crimes identified in the credit and financial sphere over the last 3 years, more than 20 billion rubles. Such figures led the Russian President Vladimir Putin.Vladimir Putin has urged the authorities to join efforts in the fight against illegal banking operations. The President of Russia said at a meeting in Rosfinmonitoring on measures to counter illegal financial transactions in the banking sector."According to the police, in 2013 in the domestic credit and financial sector made more than 42 thousand crimes, of which almost 16% -. In the large and very large sizes. And only the cost of crimes amounted to over 20 billion rubles, "the last three years - Vladimir Putin said.


Against the background of a general weakening of the state, law enforcement and regulatory authorities, inadequate legislation and financial and credit system during the reform period it has become one of the most criminalized sectors of the economy. "Leads" financial and credit system as the number of thefts in large amounts, and fraud.Most are criminogenic in the financial sector: banking, with the majority of crimes falls on the commercial banks. There is an increase of crimes in the sphere of insurance, securities market, in the sphere of foreign economic activity, and committed with the use of computer technology, electronic access and telecommunication systems.A common character in the credit and financial system acquired property crime, often committed by fraud and misappropriation of entrusted property - cash theft by using false payment documents and fake bank guarantees, fake memo, irrevocable acquisition and misuse of preferential loans. Typical crimes should also be noted "washing" criminal reasons, financial fraud with the money of depositors, the officials of abuse of bank employees, tax and customs offenses.The scale of crime in the financial and credit systemIn 1993, in the financial and credit system have been identified 5.4 thousand. Economic crimes. In 1996, the number of crimes increased by more than 3 times. The upward trend in crime persists and in recent years (Table 9.1.1.).The evolution of crime in the financial and credit systemThere are several stages of the development of crime in the credit and financial system.The first stage, 1992-1993. It characterizes the theft of funds of banks using fictitious payment documents (memos, "Russia 'checks). Stolen amount cashed in 900 banks and 1,500 enterprises in 68 regions. The highest number of such crimes were registered in Moscow, St. Petersburg, the Republic of Dagestan, Stavropol and Krasnodar regions, Moscow and Tomsk regions.The second stage: 1993-1994 years. To characterize the crimes with Trust and financial companies - "pyramid" type "MMM", which was awarded to 20 trillion rubles. The number of affected people, according to various estimates, ranging from 3 to 10 million people. When crimes most frequently used: obviously impracticable loan agreements, trust, Selenga, insurance; the sale of shares and securities surrogates without cash collateral.The third stage: 1994 - 1996 years. Typical crimes are theft of credit resources of commercial banks.Fourth stage: 1996 - present. An important trend is the increase in the practice of criminal offenses committed with the use of electronic means of access (carding), computer crime, the active use of the Internet for criminal purposes resources. The current stage is also characterized by an increase in the abuse of circulation of bills, insurance.Throughout the reform period is typical illegal export of capital.
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