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Rob you of all the 7.5 - 8%

Nabiullina: Inflation will not exceed 8% in January-March 2016December 11, 2015 inThe head of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina said that inflation in the first quarter of 2016 will amount to 7.5-8% in annual terms.This figure is largely due to the base effect, she said.In addition, the Central Bank has improved the forecast of Russia's GDP for 2015. According to the regulator, the decline will not exceed 3.7-3.9% instead of 3.9-4.4% in the previous forecast.Oh, this inflation!

Rosstat: the results of September inflation slowed slightly
Growth in consumer prices in Russia in September this year amounted to 0.6% against 0.4% in August, from the beginning of the year, inflation has gained 10.4%, reports RIA "Novosti" with reference to the data of Federal State Statistics Service (Rosstat). In annual terms, inflation in September slowed to 15.7% from 15.8% in August.In Moscow, the consumer price index for the month was 100.3% (YTD - 111.9%), in St. Petersburg - 100.5% (YTD - 110.7%). In September, the 10 subjects of the Russian Federation (except the autonomous regions that make up the region), consumer prices for goods and services rose by 1.0% or more of them in the Republic of Crimea - by 1.6% due to an increase in prices and tariffs for services 3.1%.
At the same time food inflation in Russia in September rose by 0.4% after three months of decline, according to the report of Rosstat. In June, July and August, there was a decline in food prices - by 0.4%, 0.3% and 0.7% respectively.In annual terms, food inflation in September slowed to 17.4% from 18.1% in August.Most of all - 5.2% - in September against August sunflower oil increased in price. Fruit and vegetable products fell by 2.3%. Prices of bakery products increased by 1.2%, including chocolates - by 1.6%, chocolate - by 1.5%, caramel - by 1.3%.Herring and salted herring increased in price by 2.5%, caviar salmon - 2%, canned fish, salted and smoked delicacies - at 1-1.2%. At the same time, prices for live and cooled fish decreased by 0.6%.Among other observable state statistics kinds of products have risen in price by 4%, Russian cheese and feta cheese, 2.2% - milled rice, 2.1% - black pepper (peas), at 1-1,6% - tomato and vegetable preserves for baby food, jam, jam, jam, honey, tea black, olive oil, buckwheat.The cost of the minimum food basket per month on average in Russia at the end of September amounted to 3 thousand. 516.7 rubles, compared with the previous month decreased by 1.9% (up 6% from the beginning of the year). Ministry of Economic Development, we recall, in September raised the inflation forecast for this year to 12.2% from 11.9% previously expected.Inflation in Russia in 2015, official data from Rosstat ................................................................................................................. Rating the article "Inflation in Russia in 2015, the official Rosstat data" 1 zvezda2 zvezdy3 zvezdy4 zvezdy5 Stars (1 votes, average score: 5.00 out of 5) January 27 January 3, 2014 was extremely difficult for the Russian economy. Fall in oil prices, the collapse of the ruble, the rapid rise in prices - all this has touched every Russian. What will happen to the Russian economy in the current year, 2015? As far as prices rise, what will inflation? According to the official forecast of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Ministry of Economic Development, annual inflation in the current year will be 12%. Moreover, the Finance Ministry believes that the peak in inflation, we should expect in the first quarter of this year. Inflation in Russia in 2015, official data from Rosstat Russia's central bank also expects inflation to no more than 12% in 2015. However, according to official data from Rosstat, according to the results of the past months of this year, the annual inflation rate of 16.7%. In this weekly inflation was 0.2%. Recall that last year the inflation rate was 11.4%. We do not agree to some independent Russian and international experts with this assessment. For example, economists of the American bank Morgan Stanley predict inflation in the current year in Russia at 17.5%, and the Economic Policy Institute, experts believe that we should expect inflation to 17.1%. It may be added that the inflation rate will depend on many factors: energy prices, the foreign policy situation, actions of the Russian government and the macroeconomic situation in the world. Predict how the situation throughout the year is now quite difficult. One thing is for sure: this year will be extremely difficult for the Russian economy.
Read more on the website goats Year 2015: http://godkozy2015.com/inflyaciya-v-rossii-v-2015-godu-oficialnye-dannye-rosstata/topical archiveWrestlers or mummers?On the basis of the ongoing struggle against inflation in Russia has grown a whole generation of people who just like the older generation simply can not understand why the government, the president, the ministers are constantly fighting inflation, and it always wins?Why are not fulfilled promises of state officials, and they get away with it?Why do all the time to invent all kinds of excuses inflation and no one is trying to defend their arguments?That's in the past 2010, inflation is much higher than the original forecasts ,, members of the government who quietly continue to occupy ministerial posts and receive ministerial salaries and benefits?
We read in the press:. "Inflation in Russia in the past, 2010 was 8.8% These revised data presented today the State Statistics Service, the previous week reported an increase in consumer prices by 8.7% last year In 2009, inflation in the country is also committed... at around 8.8%.This is quite a strong jump in inflation recorded in the last month of last year. At the end of December, prices in Russia increased by 1.1% against growth of 0.4% a year earlier, according to the statistical office reported.Food prices increased for 2010. by 12.9%, while prices of non-food goods and services increased by 5% and 8.1% respectively. In Moscow, consumer prices rose last year by 9.1%, while in St. Petersburg inflation is fixed at around 9.4%.The cost of the minimum food basket in Russia on average at the end of December amounted to 2625.7 rubles. Compared with the end of November the value of the food basket increased by 4.2%, while since the beginning of the year - by 22.7%. Moscow food set price increased from the beginning of the year by 22.8% (to 2,993.3 rubles.), And in the northern capital - by 23.3% (up to 2893 rubles.). "
So what? With whom to ask? With the prime minister or the Minister of Finance, who promised 6% inflation, and three years ago, even in the region of 4.5 - 5% in 2010?They just keep silent, pretend that it is not they who consider themselves high-level experts, made such statements.
Besides writing fraternity and almost no arguments to justify the high inflation in the country.To avoid repetition, just look at the history of the "glorious" struggle.

The theater of the absurd and his hapless actorsLet us examine, as it should, and punish, anybody, this setup gives the government its citizens reporting that they make producers and sellers of socially important goods to freeze prices. And the newspapers vied inform citizens that "Russian officials have agreed with the manufacturers and sellers of products that the prices are not changed before May 1".Writes about this Lenta.ru: «In October last year, is already well aware that the price increases in the framework of the plan will not be able to hold the government reached an agreement with the producers and sellers of the main socially important goods - milk, eggs, cooking oil and bread. This measure was aimed not only at combating inflation itself, but is also a competent PR move - recently became Prime Minister Viktor Zubkov immediately showed the Russians that despises their wallets and ready for the most decisive and fast action ...The reasons for the price increase, several. The most important of them - the rise in prices of products and raw materials worldwide. Due to this factor affected not only the Russian economy, but also the economy of almost all the major countries of the world.The second reason is the elections. In December, the Russian Duma elections were held, in March there will be presidential. The outcome of those and others was a foregone conclusion, but the candidates are still not stint on promises to increase budget expenditures. The last of these promises - the sudden increase of pensions from 1 February 2008, immediately by 12 percent. Because of this and other similar economic measures there are additional funds that, if they do not invest in the production, is rapidly depreciating.
Finally, the third reason - seasonal. In the winter months, the pace of price growth is traditionally higher than in spring or summer. Almost everyone who works, received the award for the New Year, and in a hurry to spend it. The same thing happens on a national scale - at the end of the year or in the beginning of his closing budgets urgently and officials spend money, not sold for the entire year. "
Aleksandr Polivanov
As you can see, Aleksandr Polivanov put together all the arguments of officials do not want to reveal the true causes of inflation, and zabaltyvat question. According to them, the following reasons for inflation:
1. The rise in price of raw materials and products all over the world;
2. Inflation in the world market;
3. The election, as a result of pre-election promises;
4. Seasonal, ie bonuses and the New Year.
All called Polivanov reason, in fact, nothing to do with our inflation if in the assessment of what is happening, come not from the misconceptions and the facts and the understanding that there is inflation.

Inflation (from the Latin inflatio -vzdutie.) - The depreciation of money, which manifests itself in the form of price increases for goods and services that are not due to an increase in their quality or the inevitable cost increases. Inflation is caused, first of all, the overflow channels of monetary circulation of excess money supply in the absence of an adequate increase in the mass of commodities.
The facts are:
MOSCOW, February 8th. / Prime-TASS /. Inflation in Russia in February could reach 1.1-1.2 percent. On Friday at the plenary session of the State Duma, answering questions of deputies, Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin.
At the same time, he noted that, according to Rosstat, inflation in January was 2.3 percent. Kudrin connects high January inflation is to increase tariffs for services of natural monopolies. He drew the attention of the MPs that any one of the following months, the tariffs will not be increased.
Kudrin said that the additional inflow of capital in 2007 amounted to 67 billion dollars in Russia. In addition, according to him, last year was 1.7 trillion rubles, "published and thrown into the economy."
TOKYO, February 9 - RIA Novosti. Fighting inflation in Russia is a priority, because inhibits long-term investment in industry and processing industry, told reporters, Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin said in Tokyo.
As for the main factor of high inflation in the past year - the large capital inflows in the current year in terms of inflation, the situation is even favorable. "We expect that this will be most likely the same as last year or less", - Kudrin said. Earlier in Moscow, he said that the net inflow of capital in the Russian Federation Ministry of Finance estimated in 2008 at the level of 40-80 billion dollars against 82.3 billion dollars last year.

RIA News____________________________________________________________
As you can see, Kudrin acknowledges that the causes of inflation increase in the money supply in circulation, not the nonsense that repeats Polivanov.These Polivanov causes of inflation, has repeatedly disavowed on the website "Political studies", but for the gifted natures worth repeating.1. To understand what wrote Polivanov need to answer a few questions: What raw materials Russia buys abroad? Was the high inflation in Russia to rise in price of products on world markets? Who prevents produce food in Russia?2. Annual inflation in the US fell to zero
Consumer prices in the US for the past 12 months (from January 2008 to January 2009) have not changed, according to Bloomberg, citing data from the US Department of Labor. Zero inflation for the year is the lowest since 1955.3. Perform pre-election promises - it is parasitism power. Parasitism authorities found that the financial institutions are obliged, under the Constitution, firmly hold the national currency, is thrown into circulation unsecured money supply to meet their interests. And then throw up their hands and try to point out absolutely not involved in the crime of citizens.
4. In this case, the author reveals a complete lack of understanding of economic laws
Misunderstanding Polivanov laws reflected in the fact that all kinds of payments themselves salaries and bonuses to participants of the production process does not affect the value of the goods. So what about the New Year, seasonal or other payments should be easy to forget.
If the Government of the countries members of the EEC in reality, not in words is struggling with inflation, there she is just over 2% a year -x, although higher than previously, not in a month, as in Russia. But when assured in words of uncompromising fight against inflation, and thus thrown into circulation enormous masses of money (in the past year, 1.7 trillion rubles was "printed and thrown in the economy."), It is hypocrisy and deception bordering on crime . And all the explanations Kudrin, on the inflow or outflow of capital as a source of inflation, the same lie as the fact that said Polivanov. Since no capital inflow and outflow, by themselves do not lead to inflation. Inflation causes the destructive policies of the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank.And what did our government offers, negotiating with manufacturers and sellers of the main socially important goods of the "freezing" of prices? In fact, it encourages them to pay additional income of the financial oligarchy, which they receive from the depreciation of money.If we look at the matter more closely, it becomes apparent that for all the offer to pay farmers who in words so try to help our officials, but in fact, forced to work for little profit, and often at a loss. Robbing him through tariffs for gas, electricity and fuel, and even crushing inflation, and as a consequence - "frozen" prices.In fact, to "freeze" the heave of money they have neither the desire nor the strength, but to "freeze" the prices of agricultural products they have everything. Well, of course! They are, in fact, care about people.

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