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суббота, 5 марта 2016 г.

Citizens are accustomed to constant looting

Nabiullina: all have become accustomed to floating ruble
Moscow, 02/20/16 - 17:06The head of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina believes that Russians have become accustomed to a floating ruble exchange rate and longer buy foreign currency in large quantities at its devaluation. It is reported by the Bank of Russia let the ruble float freely in the autumn of 2014, to save foreign exchange reserves of the country, without having to spend on maintaining their currency positions. In addition, the regulator is interested in the fact that the ruble was formed naturally, ie through the market, based on the balance of payments in Russia.

Since that time, the Russians are accustomed to the floating exchange rate of the ruble and stopped responding to his coils falling excessive demand for dollars and euros. An example of this head of the Central Bank considers the lack of queues at exchange offices in January 2016, when the Russian currency began to weaken against the background of the new drop in oil prices."People reacted very calmly to the second wave of depreciation. I think this is quite natural. All accustomed to a floating rate. And the company, and people are beginning to realize that the rate can move in the one and in the other direction. And you can win and lose "- said Nabiullina told Reuters.Earlier, the chairman of the Bank of Russia said that attempts to artificially influence the exchange rate, including currency interventions and controlled devaluation will have large negative effects

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