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вторник, 3 мая 2016 г.

iberalov the dustbin of history

Liberal madness engulfing Russia - Mikhail Delyagin 
Mikhail DelyaginThe leader of the "United Russia" Prime Minister Medvedev made a number of basic applications, exhaustively characterize the social and economic power of our country, fully controlled by the liberal clan.On the board of the Ministry of Finance, he said: "The Russian economy is much better than in previous periods of history" - despite the fact that on the eve of, during the "straight line" of Russian President Vladimir Putin, on-screen SMS messages often contain Russians the word "destruction" as a characteristic of the situation of affairs in the country. This term is returned to the public lexicon for the first time since the Civil War - and the head of the "United Russia" and that the government seems to be quite satisfied.Traditional divination thicker oil

Speaking at the State Duma with a report on the activities of the government headed by him, Medvedev gave a stunning example of complacent ignorance.According to him, the main problem of the government is the reduction in price of oil and other raw materials export.
Not primitive structure of the economy is not the monstrous tyranny of monopolies are not African corruption is not insecurity of property, not to kill the economy fake "money famine" is not defenseless manufacturer before administrative arbitrariness and many other problems, which for nearly 30 years of national betrayal says only lazy…The prime minister and leader of the largest party of the great Russian sincerely believes cheaper export of raw materials a major problem. He probably does not even know that the current acute phase of the crisis - the ruble devaluation, capital flight and panic discredit the state as such - began in January 2014, when oil cost more than $ 100 / bbl.. (And confrontation with the West, no one could imagine). The crisis did not start due to cheap oil, while it was still very expensive - but because of total corruption, tyranny of monopolies and the principled refusal Medvedev government to perform their duties for the organization of economic development.Speaking about the problems of Russia, Medvedev, according to him, should look not primarily on the oil quotations, and in the mirror.Is it good that harm Russia?Speaking about the need for "structural reforms" (and, as it should be liberal, tactfully says nothing about their content), Medvedev immediately announced that they will extend the boost crisis for several years. Thus, Prime Minister and leader of the "United Russia" has admitted that he considers necessary for the harmful actions of Russia! And as the highest grace he promises not to hurt us by force, but slowly.For liberals, it has become a familiar mantra about the need to "unpopular measures", saying that all that is supported by the people - it is absolutely unacceptable, "populism", and the state has the right to perform only those actions which are harmful to the people (and therefore, of course, "unpopular "). It follows naturally from the very essence of modern liberalism: it is (and is trying to put the state at the service of) decaying global monopolies whose interests are directly opposed to the interests of the peoples, including our own.Serving a global monopolies, Russian liberals are therefore obliged to destroy Russia, and because for them all unpopular, harmful to people - good and all that is supported by the people, understanding, and acceptance, - bad.Even Gaidar, shocking even his cynical frankness Koch and Chubais were not allowed direct confessions that consider it necessary that the crisis intensifies and is therefore harmful to the Russian economy.Of course, Medvedev gave a promise and reasonable: for example, he said the need to return from annual to three-year budget planning. It really enhances the stability and predictability of the economy, but who is he to do? The government leader of the "United Russia" - a former assistant Gaidar rifmoplёt Ulyukayev, made famous by the inadequacy of its forecasts, and not just anywhere, but in the Gaidar Forum publicly called "diver" for mindless and intrusive searches "economic bottom."His ignorance of the impression of a mad grotesque. For example, he said that the decline in GDP will exceed 2% in the quarter I, and within three weeks was in the last days of March, it was only 1.4% - twice lower than the same period last year.To be expected from a man who is unable to assess what is happening in the past month, the ability to predict - and not for the coming month, and for three years - indeed have to be a man, earning the nickname "Ayfonchik Nanotolevich" and "Mr. Bean national assembly."Medvedev's speech in the State Duma showed that for him, as for Gaidar in 1992, the main task and the main criterion for the success of economic policy is to reduce inflation. And he does not care if the cost becomes a monstrous decline in living standards and the overthrow into the pitch hopeless misery of millions of people, "they do not fit into the market", that they regret?Nationalize impossible: prihvatizirovat!Speaking in the Duma, Medvedev showed rare even for themselves the level of ideologized and ignorance, saying that the nationalization of large companies is deadly for the Russian economy. Probably, by his logic, "deadly" is to recognize the "Gazprom", Sberbank, VTB and other state corporations in Russia, and the people at the beginning of the "zero" who had returned to the state control of "Gazprom" and "Diamonds of Russia - Sakha", made absolutely unacceptable and dangerous for the economy of the act!As Prime Minister Medvedev prepares privatization of large Russian companies, which not only would be looting (as in the conditions of crisis, the assets can be sold only very cheap), but also creates a real threat to the preservation of the national sovereignty of Russia. Senior US experts say that the transition occupy the "commanding heights" of the national economy under the control of global corporations will deprive the Russian leadership ability to conduct an independent policy.Growing discontent in the Russian government's privatization plans Medvedev forced him to declare that privatization is necessary only if the transfer of the company to private hands will increase its revenues and, accordingly, paid her taxes.It perfectly everything: accounting approach, which reduces the entire state policy to increase tax revenues, and the idiotic belief in the ability to accurately predict the growth or reduction in income after the change of ownership, and the implicit recognition of deliberate dishonesty privatization procedures (because for understanding effects of privatization when deciding on it is necessary to know in advance who will manage the company).Thus, the leader of the "United Russia" and the Prime Minister, as you can understand, a clumsy phrase acknowledged that the future privatization will not be competitive and fair, and the "friendly" - in the style of a gangster and oligarchic capitalism of the Yeltsin era.At the same time Medvedev demonstrates a fundamental misunderstanding of the nature of production as such. The fact that the production company, as a rule, can be quite simply to increase profits (and paid taxes), dramatically reducing the need for the costs of production, and put at the head of the corporation "effective managers" who have no idea about the production process, often and come, condemning the company to enormous problems, if not to death in the medium term.The proclamation of the growth of tax revenues as an objective the privatization objectively pushes the future owners of industrial corporations to cut costs and capacity of short-term financial performance - with fatal consequences for the production, which, however, are unlikely to excite Medvedev and his colleagues in the liberal clan.And, most importantly, he even does not occur to a simple question: why the federal budget money which is supposed to gain from privatization? After all, after the Ministry of Finance in March, finally, I began to cover the budget deficit is not new loans, and to wallow in the budget without movement "unused balances," - and the deficit in March amounted to 8.7% of GDP, or 614 billion rubles.. - these residues still make up 8.6 trillion. rub. They are still sufficient to rebuild the Russian, if suddenly someone in the Medvedev government for some strange chance comes to mind fantasy serve the good of their country, and not to devote all forces implement maxims Dvorkovich ( "Russia must pay for US financial stability" ).Reluctance to organize this catastrophic stage of privatization has shown even a consistent and uncompromising exponent of the interests of big business, as the head of the Federal Property Agency Olga Dergunova, the former head of the Russian "Microsoft." At the time, she publicly advocated (if not developed) marvelous scheme in which money paid for the privatization of the budget, returned the privatized enterprise in support of business!But even she publicly opposed the privatization of Medvedev, and then chose to leave the post, but not to deal with this shameful, if not deliberately criminal, nothing operation.Medvedev and the "shadow"It is not the most crazy way possible Stunning feature prime minister and leader of the "United Russia" Medvedev is the ability to justify even completely right moves hardly.So, he promises not to raise taxes, not because in the conditions of crisis should be reduced to stimulate business activity, but because it will lead to de "return envelope salaries". The key word here - "return": on the scale of the shadow economy, expanded including as a result of initiated them in the distant 2013 genocide individual enterprises (due to a sharp "address" increasing mandatory social contributions were closed about 650 thousand.) Prime Minister All Russia does not seem to have any idea.Meanwhile, his own assistant manager for the government a few years ago Golodets unwittingly acknowledged the scale of the "shadow economy", saying he did not know, what do the 34 million Russians -. About 45% of the total economically active population. Of course, some of them are housewives and do not fall in the official jobless statistics, but most of these people squeezed into the "shadow" the monstrous policy of "United Russia" and the Medvedev government. Suffice it to recall regressive taxation wage at which a person withdraw the greater, the smaller it gets: for the poor and middle class are required sotsvznosy and income tax greater than 39%, for the wealthy sotsvznosy reduced from 30% to 10%, and having the opportunity to hire a tax consultant at best, pay 6%, spending their income through the individual enterprise.Prohibitively high taxation of income poor growing part of our society pushes it into "shadow employment", causing including pension crisis. But Medvedev, speaking seriously about the threat of the return of "envelope" wages, demonstrates a complete disregard economic realities.And not just economic: what a terrible irony that the leader of "United Russia" has publicly condemned the "unrealizable promises during the election campaign"! Here I do not know who to remember - whether Gogol noncommissioned officer's widow who flogged herself, or Mark Twain with his "pity omit the curtain on the scene.""Business Support": according to the canons of the Gulag?The real head of the government's policy, "United Russia" Medvedev is that its public commitment to "continue to support the business," was seen a significant part of business as a threat.On the one hand, some stabilization of business taxes is accompanied by the mad growth of mandatory tax payments of various kinds.On the other - to choke the money Medvedev government arranged a severe crisis of regional and local budgets, due to which the tax authorities of some regions, faced with the necessity of any cost wring money for the survival of the regions are in business for well-known principle of the Gulag "Die you today, and I tomorrow".In this population no clear promises Medvedev does not. Moreover, defending the validity of "tax overhaul." It looks like he really does not know that this is not a "tax" and the compulsory contribution - but important demonstration of their classic for the "United Russia" notions of justice. Representatives of the party repeatedly (including a camera) explained to me that, in their opinion, the situation where people are poorer than, the more it takes away from the state fund his wages - this is justice. Medvedev's "justice", "tax" for the repair - exactly the same justice in the representation of his party.Liberal love to corruptSpecial importance is a new act of the actual support corrupt Medvedev. Dissatisfaction with massive corruption in Russia has reached such a pitch that in the eve of the elections, the party leader, has earned the reputation of "crooks and thieves", was forced to declare its readiness to consider a long-overdue and widely used in the world of action - the confiscation of property of corrupt officials.Even Medvedev could not but know that they tend to write a significant portion of the property stolen from the company to members of their families. In the US, for example, in connection with the rule: if a member of organized crime (and corruption in power - always mafia) are not cooperating with the investigation, his family confiscated everything, including "good faith acquired" (in fact, as a rule, successfully legalized) assets, leaving her social minimum.This measure has undermined the economic foundation of the Mafia and allowed the Americans to destroy its political influence. But achieving this goal, apparently, is not acceptable for the "United Russia" and the liberal clan, "destalinizator" Medvedev categorically stated that the total unacceptability of the successful US experience, branding it as ... a return to the "Stalinist repression"!Probably, the reason is not only ignorance, but also in "social proximity" to the corrupt Russian liberals. At least when he was technical president, Medvedev not only destroyed the division Ministry of Interior in the fight against organized crime (as soon as they reach the number of long-term success), but essentially make life easier for corrupt officials, giving them the right to buy their way out of identified law enforcement agencies bribes due to undetected.Thus, pending a return to the medieval norm, according to which even the most severe crime (and corruption in government are a crime against the state, as such, is worse only direct treason), you can simply pay the ransom - that is, the same trick, just legalized liberal lawyers in Example medieval.Activity leader of the "United Russia" Prime Minister Medvedev produce, so the impression of touching love to corrupt, and are supported by a complete helplessness in the profile for his state government.Complaint about himselfMedvedev's appearances on the board of the Ministry of Finance and the State Duma have been supplemented by a note to the president that the liberal press has already dubbed "the offer of public administration reform." In fact, it is, according to its statement of journalists is not a description of the reform and a touching complaint on their own impotence and incompetence in which the prime signs, highlighting the main problems of his government.First of all, Medvedev directly indicates the absence of the government in its interaction between the authorities needed to solve complex problems. Perhaps the Prime Minister did not even realize that the organization of such an interaction is its direct overhead task as the Prime Minister, and no one can in principle not replace it at its decision.The second complaint to President Medvedev is the lack of external control over the work of government departments. This control - one of the duties the prime minister; thus, Medvedev complains Putin on himself, on his own idleness.Medvedev pointed out that the work of the ministry, as a rule, is only concerned with the minister and his subordinates do not help him; The change of minister leads a mass replacement of subordinates, whereby the continuity is broken. Our management system is appointed by the Minister (and dismissed) by President, but his assistants - the prime minister. It turns out that President Medvedev complains that appointed him deputy ministers, in fact, sabotage work of the Ministers appointed by the president, and he dismisses them when replacement of the Minister, destroying the continuity!

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