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среда, 11 мая 2016 г.

People have offered to invest in the oligarchy

     MED wants to stop the decline in the economy by limiting the growth of salaries
In the Ministry of Economy to finalize the draft macroeconomic forecast for 2016-2019 years, announced as the Office intends to implement with the forecast yield GDP growth of 4.5% in 2019, says "Kommersant".The publication notes that the decline may pause by limiting the growth of wages in the economy in 2016-2017 with further compensation in the years 2018-2019, as well as strong growth in corporate profits in the years 2018-2019, the investment of the Fund's Russian National Welfare Fund (NWF) and budget "systemically important and effective investment projects", as well as by reducing energy consumption.Recommended by the Ministry of superrigidity monetary policy of the Central Bank (monetary measures to reduce inflation to 6.5% by the end of 2016 and to 4% by the end of 2017) the forecast is only needed in order to alleviate the population continued decline in real disposable income (2, 8% in 2016 and 0.3% in 2017). Reduction of real pensions should be even tougher: 4.8% in 2016 and 2% in 2017 with further indexing only on inflation until 2019. According to their calculations, the Ministry of Economic Development will increase the number of poor from 13.1% in 2015 to 13.7% at the end of 2017, with a peak in 2018 at 13.9% - and the return of the real incomes of the poor and to that of 2015 2019.

In this edition notes that the significant GDP growth is possible only after the presidential elections in 2018.Office described the target scenario - not an alternative to structural reforms. Thus, an increase in the retirement age, changing the cost structure of the federal budget, labor market reform they do not contradict. But the main problem of the target scenario Minister Alexei Ulyukayev is that the transition to economic growth, paid for "hungry" for the population in 2017 year, in the calculation of the Ministry of Economy is accompanied by a fairly rapid reduction in employment (from 72.7 million. The economically active population in 2015 to 71 5 million. in 2019) with the pre-crisis falling to 5.6% (ILO) of the total unemployment.Actually, it must be admitted that the reduction in the level of wages and the reduction in real purchasing capacity of pensions has long been underway. Revenues Russians fell by four per cent in the first quarter of 2016.
Population's real income in the first quarter of 2016 decreased by 3.9 percent, while the real average monthly wages - by 0.5 percent. This was said in a Tuesday, May 10 report of the Accounting Chamber.Overdue wage arrears April 1 amounted to 4.5 billion rubles, an increase from the beginning of the year more than a quarter. The total debt to manufacturing accounts for 35 percent, construction - 23 percent, transport - 25 percent.Real incomes continue to decline in line with inflation, where the rate fell slightly in the first quarter. It amounted to 2.1 percent (in January-April - 2.6 percent).According to the Chairman of the Accounts Chamber Tatyana Golikova, slowing inflation in January-March, partly due to a significant reduction in consumer demand due to lower real incomes.
Retail trade turnover in the first quarter compared with a decline of 5.4 percent in the same period of 2015, and the volume of paid services rendered to the population decreased by 1.4 percent.The report notes that the federal budget expenditures were executed in the amount of 3.6 trillion rubles, or 22.4 percent of consolidated budget target figure (compared to the same period in 2015 decreased performance of 12.3 percent). Federal budget revenues amounted to 2.9 trillion rubles - 21.2 percent of the approved annual volume. The reduction was more than 15 percent.
Russian consumer confidence index, calculated by the Company to Nielsen, in the first quarter of 2016 renewed its historical minimum, falling to 63 points (in the first quarter of 2015. - 72 points). This is the lowest value for all 11 years of observations. It is reported by "Kommersant".76 percent of Russians tend to save. In early 2015 by spending on entertainment refused 55 percent of respondents, now there are 59 per cent. From new clothes declined 61 per cent of respondents (55 percent a year earlier), electronics postponed the purchase of 45 percent (43 percent in 2015-m).Most of the population (52 percent) admitted that they are switching to cheaper foods (last year there were 48 per cent).
According to the Ministry of Labor, in 2015 the number of Russians, whose incomes are below the poverty line, has exceeded 19 million people.But now, the reduction of wages, the Economic Development Ministry decided to present the people as the general development plan of the country as a whole. Dodgers from the Ministry Ulyukayev, pretending concern for the overall development, people have offered to cut their current consumption to live tomorrow and nothing does not deny.This false promise of universal interests of the existing bureaucracy and the people, operated for many years. Government, Presidential Administration, State Duma deputies, senators, and after him, and the media are trying to convince citizens that they are spokesmen for the interests of the whole society, all citizens. What they seek, in their activities, to take into account the interests of all segments of the population. They strictly follow the Constitution, which says that we have a social state. And they act in accordance with a scientifically designed programs, and if there are some shortcomings, they are always ready to correct them. Officials also, very often, are for the benefit of all citizens, and do not use public office for personal gain. And we have the only correct political system and the corruption and abuse can be eradicated by law. Available as shortcomings in the management of incidental and fixable. And we are developing properly and consistently. That is why we are waiting for a bright future, as all transformation of the state apparatus are directed only to improve its performance. Should we strictly comply with the requirements and wishes of the authorities and we were comfortable and well-fed life will be ensured, because, the government has a strategy for the development of industrial production. A valid trade unions protect the interests of its members. Unfortunately, the state has no money to increase pensions, and the money from taxes and from the sale of oil on the world market - a different money. And in our society, only lazy people live in poverty, as we each have the right and the opportunity to earn a living. Utility payments for the citizens is a necessary minimum. And oligarchs acquired their wealth through work and talent, not because of predatory looting of state property, with the complicity of government officials, etc. etc.Cultivation of these illusions is convenient and advantageous to the bureaucracy and the representatives of big business who do not have such illusions, and take full advantage of their power to increase their capital, to increase the income from the operation of the whole society, to strengthen their power. Therefore, a lie is always and everywhere - it is such a slogan, adheres to current government.In reality, the oligarchs, the government worried about the profits of the capitalists and decided to once again rob workers, under the pretext of future development. Even a simple analysis clearly shows this. Stating that the GDP growth necessary to reduce wages, our grief economists have once again demonstrated their commitment to the oligarchy and the absolute ignorance in matters of cost. The fact that the decline in wages is not conducive to GDP growth and revenue growth in the capitalist countries, has long been commonplace in political economy. And then, as the oligarchs manage additional profit center for Russian citizens is also known. That bought the island, in the offshore obscured or villa on the Cote d'Azur in France will buy.
This thesis, on the tightening of belts for the sake of well-being in the future, plutocracy uses to start the restructuring period and up to now. However, with the advent of Yeltsin, this slogan was: "Tighten the belts in times of crisis, then to establish a life." Since then, the authorities did nothing that people are tightening their belts and enriched the oligarchy and plutocracy. And today they are again under the banner of the overall development, seeking to rob the workers, promising some ephemeral compensation. But any reasonable person will understand that not rob in order to continue to do much good for the citizens. Never in the history of nations, rogue and thief did not return the loot freely. Suffice it to recall the history of the contributions of Soviet citizens in the banks of the USSR, which have been frozen, and subsequently depreciated, and in fact, stolen.Yes, and correctly we identified the problems of our economy? Is the development of the capital and just not enough? However, bankers argue that there is a sufficient number of borrowers in Russia, and the capital that they abound. And the government is buying US Treasuries, it has repeatedly stated that the domestic producers of capital is sufficient and should only apply to banks. All of this suggests that the ministry is not just ignorant, and candid lackeys of the oligarchy and capital.All their policy, if it express a general definition, is to ensure that all the loot, and then, under the guise of supporting the economy and effective investment programs, to distribute their own.What they consider effective investment, people are already well aware.After the Chamber of Accounts found in RUSNANO hole of 13 billion rubles had to explain to Chubais. And Chubais, not really thinking, he said the money was lost due to market factors and the technological, financial, marketing and other "unavoidable risks in innovation."Generally, set a goal to reduce the level of pay and the level of pension provision, and immediately, ranting about effective investment programs and the development of production in modern Russian conditions, then show signs of schizophrenia. Even a child in school, it is clear that it is necessary and growing consumption for production growth. And in this case we see how the leaders of the Ministry of Economic Development, apparently all the students of the Higher School of Economics Yassin, propose to reduce the consumption and even increase production. All this could make sense if Russia compete in the world market with China and Japan in industrial production, but it is not in sight. Russia manufactures industrial products to the world market, with the exception of military products.
All this shows the predatory nature of the current government, aimed at reducing the cost of labor and concentration of the oligarchy and plutocracy.Naturally, such a fiscal policy creates a lot of difficulties for the whole country, and especially for the working part of the population. Financial hunger and high cost of credit, high inflation and the ongoing rise in prices, high unemployment and the failure of the labor legislation, the growth of utility bills and bad service quality, product adulteration and frank deception. All this is the result of the activities of the government.We can not say that this predatory system of financial relationships arose yesterday and accidentally. Of course not. Her long and consistently rooted in our reality. First mutilated electoral system, establishing elections by party lists and removing people from participation in government, in violation of the Constitution. After rebuilding the entire state system in the form of the vertical of power, a bicameral parliament, the appointment of judges and governors, the establishment of the system of presidential envoys, tight control of the media and all that have closed in the presidential administration. It is this political structure made it possible to carry out predatory fiscal policy, which is aimed at draining money from the economy and the wallets of citizens and can not be a link in the country's economic development.Are concentrated in a huge money supply center of the hands, the president, the government, the Central Bank, are beginning to wrestle with which they attach. The economy back forcibly vpihnesh not as overwhelmed by inflation, and usurers, profiteers expensive credits, will not be allowed. Then begins a furious development funds at reasonable rules for them. Part of the output in offshore accounts. The other part is for the purchase of US Treasury securities. Devise and implement various global projects, with incredible kickbacks and theft, as well as the distribution of its affelirovannym companies in the form of investment and support for a variety of industries.As a result of the chosen support competing companies finally falling into disrepair and ruined, and received support we have to ensure the rise in prices to recoup the kickbacks. That is why Russia, with a rather weak agriculture, there are a number of the richest owners of agro-industries.As you can see, even a slight depression in the existing financial system shows that an obstacle to the progressive development of the country and increase the well-being of the people is not high wages or higher pension, if you count the $ 200 high pension and predatory policy of the government.Citizens, beware and do not allow yourself more time to rob the government of oligarchs and plutocracy.

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