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среда, 11 мая 2016 г.

The planned robbery

 The reform of the pension system - an imitation of activity, but in fact - the planned robbery"
It became known that the Finance Ministry and the Central Bank prepared the modernization of the pension system in relation funded part. For a discussion is offered to the "decision of injustice", related to the fact that the accumulation is not yet recognized as the property of the citizens; also stated that the cumulative system, allegedly did not justify itself, it will be abolished. But there are a few "buts".It is expected that citizens will be able to dispose of accumulated funds in person only in exceptional circumstances, and that - not the entire amount.It is also said that the savings will still be, but not to the FIU system and once in SPF and the new storage will not entirely voluntary. So, now all running will default "subscribe" to participate in a funded system, and only then will be able to reduce participation in the savings to zero. And there is no more decisions about how long to allow not to deduct in the accumulation of funds to those who refused, there are proposals to start again sure to deduct them after five years.

But the declared "not justified" funded system has brought the state a lot of money, which it froze and did not want to give way. Now it is understood that the storage system will be abolished, but actually continue in another form. On the eve tried to understand what lies behind these proposals, in a conversation with an economist, former Deputy Chairman of the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation, expert of the Moscow Economic Forum Yuri Boldyrev.Question: How do you assess such changes in the pension system?Yuri Boldyrev: I have on this occasion two thoughts - good and bad. If you are forced to defer a portion of your money and give it to financial speculators, but still recognize that it is your property, which had not done - that's good news. The bad news is that the forcible seizure of the means of citizens in favor of financial speculation (that is, funds that will inevitably depreciate another 10 times by the time, as citizens will go to retire) is under the guise of alleged pension scheme - in fact continued feeding parasites and compulsory withdrawal of our financial resources in favor of lenders and speculators.Q: It would seem that the economic situation is not the best, so that is something else to reform, but nevertheless, such initiatives have - there are serious problems?Yuri Boldyrev: I think that this is nothing more than an attempt to sweeten the pill before the election, because many pay attention to the absurdity of the situation, when you have seized your own money, however, your not called. This reform, essentially, does not change anything. In fact, it is still considered whether it is yours or not yours - if your hands before that still does not reach, and someone arbitrarily dispose of it is not in your best interest.The only way in the modern world to manage their money in their own interests - is to invest in the development of their country. Any attempt to build up in some tricky financial instruments is doomed to failure because of such tools in the world does not exist. All global world financial system is built so that nobody could find no reliable tool for saving their financial resources. In this work the great minds and great capital.Q: There is speculation that the new system will be especially interesting for people who have income much above average - it is an attempt to push the interests of the rich?Yuri Boldyrev: Hardly, because more affluent people prefer to look for themselves what to invest - whether to invest money in, whether in real estate, whether it is in the health of children and grandchildren. That is, the wealthier a man is, the less it relies on the fact that the state machinery or supervised by the State moneylenders and speculators do something to his advantage. To this no one should.Q: And in other countries, if such a principle is used, that is the property of the citizen accumulated?Yuri Boldyrev: To my knowledge, this is the principle used in European countries. It is a general principle - if this is your accumulative part, then this is definitely your property. Another thing is that the very idea of ​​organized force of the government funded initially flawed.Question: Is there a danger of losing the accumulation?Yuri Boldyrev: The danger is always there, it depends on how the country will develop. Here we have brought down the ruble is now 2.5 times, there is no guarantee that it is not hurl back in 2 times, and then another. Here are these key concepts is not - and if not, then there is no means of preserving the purchasing power of what is now being forced to pay these speculators. This is the main danger.Question: That is possible, it is necessary to take all at once and spend that money is not worthless?Yuri Boldyrev: In this case, the property right is not entitled to relief. The main thing - that nobody would not allow the opportunity to take and pick up all the money. From the fact that they are beginning to call the property, it does not mean that you have the right to remove them. What is somewhat contrary to the idea of ​​freedom to dispose of its property of a citizen.Either the state should not be entitled to force you to accumulate your money at some parts and send to someone, or the state must ensure that the money will not lose purchasing power. But it is not.Firstly, the Constitution is not written that the main task of the state - to ensure the preservation of the purchasing power of your savings, so you, in principle, even in theory, no one is going to guarantee the preservation of the purchasing power of money. And secondly, after all there is always where to direct our thoughts - whether we will send them out to strengthen the country, or send out to compete with each other in a "zero-sum game" (wins someone one and no more than there is on the line - editor's note)..Question: How do you feel about the fact that all new work will be the default "subscribe" to participate in a funded system?Yuri Boldyrev: I am categorically opposed to citizens have been forced to participate in the speculative game. It is wrong in principle, not to mention the fact that all sorts of arguments that soon we will have too few workers per pensioner - it's all lies and deception.The fact is that if we were forced to delay butter, cheese and eggs, and they could be stored in the freezer - it would have a physical meaning. And we are forced to postpone the "wrappers". And the eggs, butter and cheese we get as much as our grandchildren will make - they are only those eggs, butter and cheese are redistributed among us, how many will decide for themselves, no matter how many wrappers we postponed. It is necessary for people to understand this important point. And the whole concept of funded pension is based on the fact that as we increase the number of its accumulation of future oil, cheese and eggs. It's a lie. We just drive in a dead end.These changes do not change anything. If we change the rules of the speculative game, but will not lead them to play a productive, it is all the same, what are the rules of speculative games. I'll try not to play it, because the appearance of activity - it does not work.| Photo: www.ural-chel.ruQ: And why this year a lot of important topics touched upon reforms - road, privatization, social programs, and now the pension?Yuri Boldyrev: Many of the reforms covered a lack of money. For example, all of the privatization program - it's all the plans that are currently issued for "forced due to lack of funds", but in fact were programmed in 2010-2012, when no problems did not exist..There are reforms that are covered with difficulties, but in fact are planned - planned looting of state property balances. And there is the concept of the visible activity, instead of the actual activities. That reform funded part - is the visible activities instead of activities.Polovnikov Alex 

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