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вторник, 31 мая 2016 г.

Speaking instead of thinking

Gref described the system of public administration with a quote from Chernomyrdin the Russian public administration system can best be described sentence former Prime Minister of Russia Viktor Chernomyrdin "We wanted the best, but it turned out as always," said the head of Sberbank German GrefThe head of Sberbank German Gref, on Tuesday, May 31 again stated the need of modern management models for Russia. And with the introduction of their need to hurry, he said."We have today, unfortunately, this system is not very well developed. Viktor Chernomyrdin once said a great phrase: "We wanted the best, but it turned out as always." This is the best characteristic of our management system. President sets goals, and it is the right target, then they modify the government in the form of certain plans and then they break up for the purposes of the ministries, then descend to the relevant departments and regions, and until it comes to performance, often, I'm afraid that the president does not know what as they are executed, and it has nothing to do with the tasks that he formulated. Here is the problem ", - said the head of Sberbank of TV channel" Russia 24 "(quoted by" Interfax ").

Control system, according to Gref, should be changed so as "to between what is said and executed there was no gap." "To strictly in accordance with the statement of the problem worked the entire state apparatus, from government to the municipalities," - he explained.Gref said in the same interview, said that Russia does not consider the lag in the introduction of new management models hopeless. "I do not think that our country is hopelessly behind, I talked about what we saw over the last year or two in the world, as a model and change management in companies and public management model. Is very fast change, "- he explained.Corporate University of Sberbank in April announced a program to improve the skills and training of deputy ministers of modern management techniques. The ideologist of the program called the source of RBC Herman Gref, who sees this as a prototype of the future of public administration reform. As told RBC Sberbank Corporate University Rector Valery Katkalo, listeners of the program must be deputy ministers, state secretaries, heads of federal agencies and their deputies, directors of strategic departments - about 80 people.On the world's major trends that shape the "new reality", he also said May 27 at a meeting of Sberbank shareholders. Then Gref called the five major trends: the world is becoming digital, breakthrough technologies replacing traditional production, growth of geopolitical tensions, a slowdown in emerging markets and the decline in commodity and energy prices.On the need for structural reforms, said the ex-Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin. As the "Vedomosti" newspaper has learned, during a meeting of the Presidium of the Council of Economic Kudrin suggested to President Vladimir Putin "to reduce geopolitical tensions." He justified this by saying that Russia lagged behind technologically and should be integrated into international production chains. Putin, in turn, in his closing speech at the meeting recalled the thousand-year history and said that the country will not trade sovereignty, even if it is something, and behind. The source told the newspaper that he was in the same speech, vowed to defend the sovereignty of Russia until the end of his life.Speaking at the "Russia 24" channel, Gref also linked geopolitical tensions with the Russian currency. He predicted "significant" in the stabilization of the ruble in the Ukraine.Vladislav GordeevMore details on the RBC:

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 A striking example of speaking instead of thinking. And not just speaking as a Liberal ever just do not say, as always affect, with the subterfuge, to not just say the phrase, but to show themselves. And what in fact? And in fact says nothing. It does not say about the current management system. It does not say why such a system is built and who it benefits. It does not say why you should move on to another, and how it would be better for someone better. In general, nothing standing.However, it is worth noting that the current system of government, to the construction of which he put his hands and Gref, antiarodna, cumbersome and ineffective. And in order to understand the need to understand - who is this state? This brings the benefit?And in this case, particularly without delving into the evidence base, we can say that the built vertical of power serves the interests of big business and the bureaucracy. And without this ineffective for people and is very effective for the oligarchy, the control system nor Gref nor many other oligarchs and managers could not grab huge capitals.
Millions of facts shows how in times of crisis, the fall of production and living standards of the people, enriched with a group of oligarchs and managers. How to grow their capital. As managers and executives currently prescribe millions of bonuses and salaries How misappropriated budget funds and assets of state-owned enterprises. This is an indicator of who is the state.And to serve the oligarchy and plutocracy State may otherwise as violating the principles of democracy and the constitutional rights of citizens. Appointment, growth of bureaucracy, folding and self-representation of people with the government bond exchange and allow usury plunder the country and the people.Gref wants to rob was only allowed top managers, and whole bureaucratic machine worked on them. But it does not happen. Gref does not understand or does not want to admit that without the permission of a robbery at all levels of the government hierarchy will not stand, having lost ground. Corruption and robbery here is the "brace" on which rests the power of the oligarchy.Afraid to touch the spirit of the state and therefore Gref juggles catchwords, falling into abstract arguments about the "modern management practices" Modern is what? With whip and machine? With poverty and discord? What specifically can offer society Gref and Kudrin same? But for all the time of their rotation in the government offices they have not generated a single worthwhile thought. But the status leads them to represent meaningful activities rather than just pilfering someone else's property.In conclusion we can say that there are no control methods, without changing the essence of the state, acting under the authority and in favor of the oligarchy will not be able to benefit the country and people. The parliamentary cretinism and the sluggishness of the bureaucracy of the bourgeois state by the decree can not be undone and corrected with the help of computerization. But Soviets do not pleasing the oligarchy and their service staff, just had an effective working body.The old lackey song about a good king issued a decree for the benefit of the good people and the bad boyars, all distort, in the mouth of Gref shows that all their claims on intelligence and knowledge, can not be fooled thinking person. The lackeys of the oligarchy reveal the full poverty of spirit and thought.The state apparatus will then be effective when people take possession of them in full, in accordance with the rights enshrined in the Constitution - to elect and be elected. When people really become a source of power, rather than the object of fraud and deception. When the state will be based on democratic principles - the election, turnover and accountability. When laws are published in the interests of the majority and are binding for all. Code the court will make decisions not in the interest of the authorities or the money bag, but on the basis of the Constitution and federal laws. When the equality of all is not an empty phrase before the law and the reality of acting. Then the government, indeed, will the state, and not a set of bodies for fulfillment of desires of a handful of parasites.

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