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Who are they, the sustained economic growth?

Kudrin will prioritize the structural reform of the Russian economy
Chairman of the Center for Strategic Research, the ex-Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin, in the framework of the Economic Council under the President of Russia will prioritize structural reforms. It is reported by TASS with reference to the position of the Council working group on the subject "The priorities of the structural reforms and sustained economic growth."The main functions of the working group, headed by Kudrin, is to determine the current obstacles to sustainable economic growth, and to develop proposals to address them.

The group also will be engaged in the analysis of socio-economic development of the state and the individual sectors of the economy. The group won the right to request and receive from the federal and regional authorities, and material information on matters within its competence.According to RIA Novosti, the group included the first deputy head of the government apparatus Maxim Akimov, Deputy Economic Development Minister Alexei Vedev, the head of Sberbank German Gref, Deputy Finance Minister Maxim Oreshkin, the first deputy chairman of the Bank of Russia Ksenia Yudaeva, Vice-Rector for Research of Economic Development Paul Kadochnikov Russian Academy of Foreign Trade.
Why is the president in the conservatory accompanied by former Minister of FinanceKudrin has been elected chairman of the board of the Center for Strategic Research 26 April. April 30, he entered the Economic Council under the Russian President.Alexei Kudrin served as Minister of Finance of Russia from 2000 to 2011. During this time, the country has paid for most of the external debt. In addition, when it was formed by the Stabilization Fund, which is filled with surpluses from oil sales. Now it is divided into two entities - reserve fund (used for the replenishment of the budget) and the National Welfare Fund (the so-called pension airbag). In 2010, Kudrin has received a prize "Finance Minister of the Year" by Euromoney magazine. Currently, he heads the Committee of Civil Initiatives. Kudrin Critics argue that the windfall from oil sales in the period of high prices should send on economic development rather than to create a stabilization fund.-------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------
The economy Kudrin

The authorities at the highest level has its own explanation of why you need to do as they do in the national economy. Alexei Kudrin gave a lecture to students of the Higher School of Economics (2007).. According to Kudrin, it turns out that money from the Russian one injury, so their "place" abroad.
He said that "the time is not ripe to spend - you need to save more, and better control of the money supply, the government needs to do an adequate amount of money commodity turnover in the country, that is to sterilize the money supply by withdrawing the money from circulation." And then he said that the strengthening of the ruble, "reduces our competitiveness and does not increase productivity." He also said that "it is good only for people whose salary increases in dollar terms, but it is detrimental to businesses, since it does not allow to reduce their own costs of production."
As you can see, the Minister of Finance, on the one hand, advocated the sterilization of monetary income, from the sale of raw materials, reducing the money supply, and at the same time tends to act against the ruble. The less money confronts commodity weight, the more expensive currency. So what are all the same? Having a weak ruble, high inflation and the pursuit of the dollar, or sterilization, and therefore the strengthening of the ruble? These are two contradictions over which should think, after all, there are contradictions in the imperfect relationship, including economic!
In fact, Kudrin clearly pursues a policy in the interest of raw material monopolies and the financial oligarchy. This policy extracting maximum profit and reducing costs in the manufacturing process. Employee Salary falls into the category of costs, and if the employees are paid a weak ruble, it is advantageous for the oligarch, because markets abroad for dollars. For the raw material monopolies it is very advantageous to have a weak ruble. Kudrin said that the strong ruble reduces the competitiveness of the enterprise. In his lecture, Kudrin urged the audience you need to replenish the Stabilization Fund is much more active than now, and once again repeated the soothing bike for the people, that the Stabilization Fund of Russia - the airbag in the event that oil prices greatly fall, plus it will protect our economy inflation of unplanned and unwanted appreciation of the national currency. But he did not say what would happen to the Stabilization Fund, if the dollar will collapse. The fact that stores the Stabilization Fund, and where its funds are invested, on whose work the economy, Kudrin chose not to talk, saying only that "the money, as it were withdrawn from circulation, from the economy, and not wasted." In all economic logic Kudrin associated with the withdrawal of money from the population, it turns out that spending money on the needs of the people: pensions, increase of salaries, infrastructure - it is not necessary, as "undermining" the ruble, launches inflation in the economy. "You can not raise salaries" - shouts Kudrin, as he seems to be on a salary does not live - "All the politicians and ministers are saboteurs who proposes to increase social spending!"
If we agree with Kudrin, it is only after he and his ilk are the same, equaling his salary with the average in Russia, will give all the cottages cost, to reduce the ruble mass, and from all the other privileges to refuse to save rubles and send in Stabilization Fund. If we try for the economy, so all you need, this applies to all, and the president in the first place, because the budget money, according to the "law on ex-presidents guarantees" are the high cost not only to the former president, but also for the whole of his family and subservient . Or they live in another country?
These are great contradictions, related to the economy and the distribution on the basis of who is closer - the longer seized, and those who are far off, even take care of themselves, is very revealing. Weak ruble, cheap labor and low costs in rubles - on the one hand and the higher dollar profits - on the other hand. Some travel to Courchevel, another for bread, well, if you have enough. They talk about the competitiveness of the product, if you reduce the cost of production. Well, there is another way - the reconstruction of the production process, the replacement of more modern machinery and technology. Putin says inefficient use of financial investments in the economy. Why under Soviet rule updates in the means of production were obtained? People that were there other, and perhaps less than stealing, property abroad can not buy? They will say - different economy was planned, and now the market, and products of high quality steel, and a variety of all, choose what you want. Yes, of course, if you have money, you can buy on the earned by their labor.
After all, not bad, that everything is in the shops, in fact - is a consequence of the mechanism of the market economy. But good if the model work with this mechanism, if you will - what is the ideology of the market? On a bike, you can learn to ride and the Bear. Bicycle - the machine and the rider - the control of the machine. You can bear to go and crush of pedestrians, and it is possible to head "rationally" when pedestrians and drivers are on equal terms. The current market economy - a wild and predatory in their ideology, in which people explain the relationship between the current market, as the only possible. At the same time the common people against the background of zhireyuschih of the power and money of the oligarchs and bureaucrats, advocates a kind of hostage to this predatory model of (government and business) behavior. The people they give to the slaughter and slavery in constant production and rivalry (competition) in the sphere of production.
It would seem nothing else, and no, not invented, and she profits - a natural incentive to work. One sells his labor-power, the other - the mental creativity, realizes the third - selling where there is demand. Demand creates supply, and everything revolves: the economic model, once invented, is bearing fruit. People get what they want, if you have enough money for it. "It's good to live not forbid, and live well even better" - so they say, or something like this, but that's who forms people and behavioral patterns of demand, when a person is constantly need to buy, although there is no longer necessary? We know there are ways to indoctrinate advertising producers and sellers, from the very idea of ​​the market. "How to become rich?" - It seems to be the most common name books and forums. But remember the people, as in Soviet times with a different ideology lived, and if the basic social needs have been met - it was believed that live with the Joneses, who are abroad.
There is also the question of consciousness, and the adoption of the existing model of relations! Conflicts can occur where there is a distortion of the principle of "good for all". The level of conflict, or mass - reflects the "health" of these relationships, the degree of equality of rights and freedoms. You can talk about freedom, but to be in prison. You can proclaim freedom, but to be a dictator. Some lull, telling tales about the market and the rise of the economy, and then work hard, taking the cash flows to other countries. And all this is presented as good - so, they say, the economic model of the market, nothing can be done, where the money came from, and return to have. If it is clear that any signs of imperfection - in its contradictions, and it is already clear that it is necessary to change the model itself: the mechanism (bicycle) to leave, but the rider - change. After all, in any case the motivation is the most important (d), with the internal issues: "For what it's done, will all benefit from this, what will come in the end?"
The market mechanism with the current changes in the labor motivation at all levels of production and sales will lead to a new understanding of the human role in the sphere of consumption and distribution of wealth. Gross distortion motivations market already know: the billionaires and millionaires dollar and ruble as if a thousand years will live and take care of their offspring. This is their motivation, and in another they just can not think, it is consciousness! Money and its benefits can not all use all the money they have, but others have cheated. Imperfect consciousness - creates imperfect fruit.
If the motivation to change, in which all our works are made for the benefit of everyone in society, and all the work in this direction, the change in the consciousness of the good side. And it may come a time when people will say, "How is it possible that a man cheats and steals, comes up with an ideology under their dirty tricks?" After all leave then by the current market stereotypes, because everything is artificial, what good does not bear fruit - to give birth freak and can only!
Vitaly Glukhov

It took 3 years and thought Kudrin has not changed. Stabilization Fund has become a National Welfare Fund and the Reserve Fund.
The Russian government to classify information on income and expenditure of the Reserve Fund of Russia and the National Welfare Fund. The corresponding decree was signed by Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, April 21, 2010. According to the document before February 1, 2012 the Ministry of Finance will be obliged to publish on the Internet information about the value of assets of the Reserve Fund and the National Welfare Fund, information on the amount of received funds into their accounts, about where they are located and how to use. In addition, up to 1 January 2013 the Ministry of Finance will no longer be placed on your site and information about the sizes and directions of spending of oil revenues.

LOGIC - ECONOMY NO AUTHORITY And only a nuisance to the "state career"!Only just sounded the trumpet of joyful interviews Arkady Dvorkovich, such as, in the wake behind them, we have been blessed with no less joyful, commentary by Alexander Zhukov, whom he honored the passing of the 2007 financial and economic year. (See .: g.12.56 BBC News 22.12.2007.)The overall impression of the new interview is as follows: if in place Zhukov (! Strange way, of course) would have been ... Boris Nemtsov, then his speech, undoubtedly, would be, in essence, about the same ...- What kind of nonsense? - Surely some readers exclaim. - After all, Nemtsov - not Zhukov! The first did not satisfied with the status quo, and economic obstoyaniem country and society, particularly dissatisfied. Nemtsov, even believes that in general the economic course of our official financial and economic headquarters has nothing to do with the current interests of the country. A beetle is believed that - all the way around ...Yes, you calm down! All of it, of course. Just like you said ...Nemtsov - not Zhukov!Moreover, as said Sergei Dorenko, Nemtsov - frustrated "prince." And, in fact, Alexander Zhukov - is completely held Deputy Prime ...But it's something, only, that the locations at which such an interview to "Vesti" gives itself "saith" strictly about one thing, what would it it (the place, that is) at any cost!On this, that's about it, and once again it literally cries out the whole text of the interview.How exactly?And all those undisguised contradiction that in the text that, with all our desire to you, and can not be silent.... Zhukov begins with the fact that in 2007 in Russia, from the economic point of view, was quite successful. Rounding out the same to all those who agree with him, his wishes even greater success, of the same kind, in the coming year.And between the beginning and the end of his speech, we meet an endless series of confessions and admissions-samooproverzheny-self-exposure.For example:.. The influx of capital into the US $ 80 billion - is "good". And right there, that "On the other hand, here is a capital gain increases the money supply in Russia", and it - "bad";On the one hand, "we grow mostly not due to raw materials and by the processing industries". And on the other - "We have more than 3-fold increase in the number of mortgage loans in this year's" Building ... On which (mortgages) are well and officially it is known that they are absolutely not accessible to all those in Russia who has nothing "economic" but his "labor" and bankrupt in "Savings Bank" Soviet rubles. That means that the loan is to take and upload, thus, the real our national production, it is necessary to cling to the "gas", "oil", "boss", "Trade" (= spec), the financial PR flows corrupt journalism, anti-national system, non-system "opposition" to the paid "higher education" and finally to "oligarchy" or his "service staff" ...;On the one hand, "continued this year, wage growth of our working population. Approximately 15% of it is grown, and in real terms, that is, a rise in price in excess of the price over and above the rate of inflation. " On the other hand, I myself, for his diligent and uniquely-skilled labor in the society, the state and humanity as received in September 2006, 7,700 per month, and in December 2007, these MOST 7700 rubles. per month just got ... (Who is this so in the New Year, "jokes," the two of us?);On the one hand, inflation "forecast that it will be up to 9%", and on the other - it is "turned" in 12% of ...And so on all the interview! Life mercilessly "beat" all those who have just congratulated Alexander Zhukov. And he himself, including ...... The ruble strengthened "stronger too than we expected, primarily due to the fact that oil and gas prices were higher than we expected."... Liquidity crisis from somewhere came from.... The growth of prices for food products suddenly erupted and, for no reason, no reason, our food market "hooked." "Our economy is becoming more open," lamented the difficulties of the profession and life, the interviewee, the vice-premier.Etc. etc….For, truly "conceptual" and "system", a reporter's question: "Well, you talked about the fact that people have raised salaries by 15% and inflation has, in principle, ... about 12%. That's what happened ..? "We've all got truly STATE RESPONSE:- You know, really, this figure can not be attributed to the success of the Russian economy.(Say, did not we. It's the economy "is to blame!")And so on, all in the same spirit of justification "Left Behind" STUDENT-pioneers who spoils, their academic progress, indulgent class teacher, "targets" of his class magazine.However, all the "highlight" of the State "speech" on the architectonic logic and all the material is what it is. Zhukov quote:- All this creates stability in the financial sector and protects us from defaults and crises.As everybody !!! THIS ???That's because something! Do not fret that "throne" statecraft now reigns unchallenged solid logical inconsistency.Nothing more, and nothing less ...However, with the new year, you, gentlemen ...Mihail Kazarin, an accountant from Perm.

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