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четверг, 16 июля 2015 г.

Girls need to change, not to rearrange the bed

 The government has long proved that the band will not doThe economic situation is so bad that you need a radical reform. Probably, the conclusion made by the experts of the liberal bloc of the government and decided to create a new Center for reforms. The system needs to be changed, but these "musicians" have already shown that it is not able to "play", he said On the eve.

"In this case it is appropriate to turn to the grandfather Krylov -" and you friends, no matter how sit down, all the musicians not fit. " What has changed - changed only one. It is already clear clearly, convincingly - "in the musicians not fit." From the fact that you will be loaded onto a little differently, and call it the Center for reform - in essence nothing will change, "- commented the economist On the eve, the former deputy head of the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation Yuri Boldyrev.

According to experts, even if the orthodox neo-liberal doctrine invited into your circle of who "really knows how to play," it hardly will benefit the common cause.
Boldyrev said that in addition to these people, many of whom have put their talent to the economic reforms, there are other professional experts, who could very well replace the Liberals in the way of reforms.
"Moscow Economic Forum three years already exists, the three most powerful plenary sessions held. Themed section. Take [there] the people who were on the banking sector - the main lines of reform. Take the people who were the subject of the agrarian - the same, everyone is talking about reform. There is not any mysteries, there is no problem that someone is no one to replace, "- said Boldyrev.
According to the former deputy head of the Accounting Chamber, in fact, we are talking about a fundamental problem, and that you need to start to solve.
"There is a monopoly, for which are held in both hands, because this monopoly monopoly feeds. The monopoly on power - the most deadly monopoly that possible. From monopoly on power flows monopoly on economic governance. And it destroys the country - it is obvious to all. To pretend that this is not impossible, then monopolists first shout that something needs to change. I should be only one thing - this monopoly, "- summarizes the expert.Yuri BoldyrevSource: yuriboldyrev.ru 

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