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Secret officials are sensitive organs

 FSB officials to classify property of fighters against corruption
Federal Security Service offers close access to the information on the owners of property without their consent for all but the state authorities. The bill is being developed to eliminate the use of such information in criminal or discreditable purposes, "Interfax".According to the authors of the document, "the aim of increasing the request for information contained in the Unified State Register of rights to immovable property and transactions with them, it is not property and personal data of its legal owner.""A comparison of the information received with information from other sources, allows the identification of individuals by their personal data. In the future, this information could be used in criminal or discreditable purposes," - leads the agency document text.

This situation, as noted by the Federal Security Service, also has a negative impact on the application of specific measures for the protection of the state - the presence in the public domain such information greatly facilitates the search for the person in respect of whom such a measure is applied."The situation is similar when referring to the information contained in the State Real Estate Cadastre, the Unified State Register of rights to aircraft in the ship registers provided for by the legislation of the Russian Federation", - said in a notification.As recalled by representatives of the service, according to the Federal Law "On state registration of rights to immovable property and transactions with it" the information contained in the public register of real estate rights and transactions, "are public and available at the request of any person.""The adoption of the bill due to the need to curb the negative trends in the provision of information from state registers by excluding the possibility of access by third parties, other than the competent state bodies and officials, to personal data of owners of immovable property without their consent in the preparation of extracts from relevant registers," - noted in the FSB.Source: sovsekretno.ru-------------------------------------------
Sacrament of public serviceOur state, with all its branches and branches for a long time turned into one continuous mystery. And today, as paradoxically, this is the greatest mystery of our state. The service in state bodies has become a sacrament acts like a service of the Egyptian priests. They have something to do there and do something very important for the salvation of the whole society, and if they do not do it, then the whole society will be lost. That's all his gestures and movements seek to show our citizens the officials, and nothing else. But the uninitiated can not be aware that, as for what they do, or the mystery of power disappears. Then the power end. So they are constantly moving, counsel, meet, sit, share their experiences, decisions, hint.But that's the trouble. The more resolutely they are taken for solving the problems, the more they become, the more these problems are not solvable. Fight against crime and drug abuse, and crime and drug abuse only add to their revelry. Fighting for the purity of urban areas, and garbage dumps is becoming more and more. Fighting inflation, and inflation only adds a percentage. Seeks to increase the GDP, and the economy shows an even greater decline in production. They help to survive the village, and is becoming less. Fight against poverty, and the poor become even greater. Adopt a program for children and the number of orphans increases.The president is constantly at work. That he participates in the "troika", the meeting of the "Big Eight", the meeting with the president of the United States, with Nazarbayev drinking beer, then meets with US and German businessmen, is struggling with poverty, then it builds vertical, and then it overturns then arranges clashes between members of the government quarreled. In general, it is not no sleep, no rest. The truth is people do not really understand the true meaning of such a proactive, do not even see how it affects their lives, but are silent, suggesting that the authorities know better. And the heads and did not consider it necessary to inform the citizens what it's all done. How can they understand the seriousness and the importance of public policy.No less active life and performance show, and public servants. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov as just living in an airplane. And even, as reported by newspapers, experienced a "threat," international terrorism at the airport of Amsterdam, where he was detained spetsbort Russian Foreign Minister, together with all the attendant. But nothing happened, and after an hour the minister safely flew to Sana'a. Well, when it will arrive in Russia and why he flew to Amsterdam, we certainly are not reported. State secrets. Diplomacy - it's all one big mystery.
Of course, due to the lack of information, some irresponsible citizens can assume that the minister with associates flew to Amsterdam to smoke marijuana as soft drugs legalized in the Netherlands, but we know that solves a very important state tasks. And so we sleep peacefully.It is quite natural that in the cloak of secrecy can not just understand, why some comrades, such as a State Duma deputy Nikolai Kondratenko and criticize: "Our foreign policy, it is quite frankly, we vykastrirovana. It is no matter what today is incapable. " It is necessary to state this! Only in one building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Moscow, sitting thousands of employees, who may one day fill a ton of paper and Kondratenko states that nothing can.He works hard, and the Russian government. Meetings are continuously. It is evident that members of the government have their fingers on the pulse of the country, and therefore respond promptly. If at first had the task of doubling the GDP, now the concept has changed, and the Ministry of Finance headed for the reduction of inflation, instead of doubling the GDP. Of course I would like to know why the concept has changed? But we are calm, because they did not know what will happen to us from doubling the GDP, and in general it possible to double the GDP, and whether or not we worse without doubling the GDP.And what a great job they are doing a Russia to join the WTO! Citizens simply do not represent the importance of this work. A dig at their dachas, and do not even know that the first thing we need to join the WTO. But it is also outraged that they have not explained why we join the WTO. And they do not realize that the government can not explain, because then the government's plans will be known to other members of the WTO, which may not like our plans. Then our accession to the WTO will be delayed for many years.Even more hard work associated with high emotional stress, are State Duma deputies. This emotional burden sometimes even results in a brawl among deputies that had a very negative impact on the health of Deputies. But no matter what the deputies are going to again and again, and pass laws. Here is an example of selfless work for the good of the country! And never mind that they sometimes pass laws that infringe upon our rights, such as the Law "On Meetings, Rallies, Demonstrations, Processions and Picketing", but we can and be patient for the sake of public interest. And really, that roam around public institutions, prevent people from working. It is possible to hold a rally or picket there, where be in the field, and even better in the woods or on the river bank, where they hold a rally convenient and can catch fish.Do not sit on the ground and governors. They also have to is not easy. It is necessary and in the field visit, and in Moscow to coordinate and negotiate with local parliamentarians, businessmen and even find a common language, and to the people to explain why the government suddenly changed the concept. So do not envy.The heads of the cities, we can say, just overworked. Everybody all necessary, but budgets are not rubber. All missing. The weather in Russia is not present, then the snow bulk, the rains flooded. But you have to go abroad and to exchange experience, but not one, and with the deputy, that they looked like living abroad. But you never know what is necessary. Works no end. And then there's the citizens with their questions and problems, itch, do not give passage. All of them know not.In general, any look, the entire state apparatus is in operation, and voltage. And there is nothing to bother with questions of civil servants. Therefore, the right does the government approved the Ministry of Economic Development presented the bill "On providing access to information about the activities of state agencies and local governments." Do you want to know a lot - pay. And if everyone just to provide information, and the time to work will not. And not everyone needs to provide information, but only trustworthy to avoid getting it into the hands of foreign intelligence services.Well would that be, I asked nonessential or even give them a detailed budget, or how much money received from the sale of municipal property, or, for example, Veronica Sivkova, all trying to learn from the Federal State Statistics Service, according to inflation. And rightly so, that did not give details. This is how much paper you want to translate? We tell you that 10%, then 10% inflation. They said that the culture spent 10 million rubles, then spent. They said that for the restoration of the Bolshoi Theatre must be a billion dollars, so the way it is. And there is nothing to look for malicious intent.Unfortunately, our citizens are not yet accustomed to do on their own, are not accustomed to their position, we have not learned to live without interfering with the work of civil servants. Here teachers were demanding an increase in wages by 1.5 times. Threatened to organize a general protest. But they can understand. They also hurts the soul. As there will be calm when children are hungry, when the salary is not enough for the bare necessities when the pension is not enough to live on when the scholarship is only enough for a ticket when there is his corner when the disease pursued heels and expensive drugs when villages are dying out and Russia's population decreased by 2.4 thousand per day.I will understand that public servants in the solution of all these problems has its own program, and outlined the right reforms, but not all citizens are conscious. Some doubted. Someone said that it was forgotten. Such people need to call in the authorities, and to remind you that they are not forgotten and know. And let them not get upset for nothing.Did you come up with a good mass militia sweeps conducted in the city of Blagoveshchensk, in other settlements. Very subtle hint to our restless citizens. But it would be necessary to meet with teachers, gentlemen officials and explain the difficulty of the civil service, the difficulty of the transition period. Explain the need, where we go, and when the transition ends. These people are literate. All understand.Just have to be careful with the supply of information. Do not miss the media false information. And then there have recently been published by Rosstat data, the population of the country in January - May 2005 decreased by 286.6 thousand. But I think that this information is disseminated intelligence services of the West, with the aim of undermining public confidence in the government. It should definitely be refuted. It is necessary to inform all citizens that Russia's population increases, the birth rate outstrips the mortality and life expectancy we will soon catch up, for example, France. Well, I think you will understand it, we catch up with someone.You do not have so much to write about the corruption of civil servants, and even more so, write and speak with a negative fuse. After all, they just take what they put on the status and the disclosure of these facts undermines people's trust in government. It is necessary to follow the preaching of the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Alexy II, who said: "Before the convict, to test my conscience." Let people think, and how is he? Unless people are sinless? And more often to remind people, the words Alexy II that the moral character of power is inextricably linked to the morality of the people. As soon as someone starts to denounce power abuse and corruption, so soon and answer - he is. And immediately send a request to the authorities, even in the biography accuser digging. Maybe he has been married three times.Of course, I would be better to live to at least something remained of salaries, after the payment of utility services. For the children candy or fruit you can buy it there. Our union leader all the beats, like a sheep on the wall, for higher wages, but it is nothing. He says that we have to wait. But wait, there is no urine. We must find a way out. To this end, I propose to the Government to extend the law "On access to information, and so on. E.," And include the point that for the provision of the citizens, the tax authorities, income statements, and reports of enterprises, the tax authorities should pay a set amount. Suppose, for quarterly balance of the tax authorities is to pay 5000 rubles for the annual report of 25 000 rubles, and for the declaration of income citizens - 4000 rubles. Maybe the money somehow to support our citizens. In my opinion, it would be more fair. Who wants to get information, Pays.But you do not worry gentlemen, work for the good of the country. We really like something to live for potatoes, just to our potential enemy of the state secrets is not vyznat. And do not pay attention to the performances of such irresponsible citizens as a State Duma deputy from the Liberal Democratic Party Vladimir Ovsyannikov, who recently said: "In all that we do in the economy, all of us will hang, regardless of whether the left or right we are." He's got a little excited. After all, before you go to such drastic measures, citizens must first know what you are doing in the economy. And they will never know as our potential adversaries.Well, if the adoption of my amendment is not possible, you can not answer why nothing paper to translate.Sincerely, always your supporter and loyal citizen of Russia, Ivan Tevrizsky.10.10.2005

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