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понедельник, 20 июля 2015 г.

Where to sit foreign agent?

CBR supported USCentral Bank of the Russian Federation in May, resumed active buying of government bonds United States. According to the Ministry of Finance dannymamerikanskogo volume of purchased securities amounted to 4.1 bln. Dollars, and the total amount of Russian investments totaled 70.1 billion. USD. May purchases are made on the currency bought by the Central Bank in the market (about 2.3 bln. Dollars). Thus, the Central Bank not only has placed public funds in the US "paper guarantees", but also to support the domestic market the US dollar (!).

More specifically, recorded a devaluation of the ruble at current levels and supported the dollar. Analysts estimate the volume of investments in May (more than 200 billion. Rubles, based on the exchange rate) as a quarter of the income of the budget of the Russian Federation for the year (809 billion. Rubles). The deposited amount 15% higher than the amount of money spent on health care article from the beginning of the year (186 billion. Rubles), and 4 times the amount of the cost of housing and communal services for 5 months (47.8 billion. Rubles). When asked why (?) (In the background of US sanctions to invest in American securities) of the Central Bank was no answer.Earlier, Russia is actively selling US bonds - by April 2015, as compared to the start time of the Maidan, the volume of Russian investments in US bonds fell from 135.5 to 66.5 billion. Dollars. In May 2015 resumed buying.In this month continued to increase their positions and other countries: China, for example, said "the American government guarantees" to 6.9 billion. Dollars. Through the Caribbean offshore purchases were made at 16.1 billion. Dollars. Unexpectedly large sales Treasuries implemented France, the volume of transactions amounted to 23.8 billion. Dollars.Source: anna-news.info----------------------------------------Actual ArchiveThe new idea KibalchishToday, the Russian government fails to do two things - the withdrawal of funds from the country's economy and transfer those funds abroad. How well the government is doing, one can observe. The volume of Russia's international reserves exceeded the mark of $ 150 billion, has been steadily growing Stabilization Fund, an unprecedented pace multiply oligarchic capital, Moscow surrounded by a ring of bureaucratic luxury villas, and other countries, our officials and oligarchs have bought up a lot of expensive real estate. As you can see, the government is acting very well. And in vain individual writers and opposition members say the current government as a worthless and not effective. Very effective, considering that officials and promised, and apparently did not intend to act in the interests of the people, of different writers and opposition. All of it is natural, it is only necessary to get rid of illusions.Therefore, there is nothing surprising in the statements of Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin and Chairman of the Russian Audit Chamber Sergei Stepashin placement of the Stabilization Fund in foreign securities. After all, the government evacuated through taxes, monopolies and fiscal and credit policy of the country's economy money can not disturb public officials, deputies and other officials involved in the partition of the pie, or wishing to participate in this division.Therefore, in the media and ignite debate about how to use the Stabilization Fund, where to send the budget surplus. It can not allow the government to discuss the issue indefinitely. It must be addressed. Only this explains that the administration of the President and members of the government continue to work on a program of action for the autumn program of sterilization bulging of the country's economic resources. But the State Duma, despite the fact that now sunbathe at various beaches, with the consciousness of accomplishment, vigilantly monitor the status of the money. And the officials during their stay in the State Duma on vacation, not sawed money without their participation, the vice-speaker of the lower house of parliament and secretary of the General Council of "United Russia" Vyacheslav Volodin (in general, an important man) explained to them that the "United Russia" intend to take active participation in the distribution of the additional federal revenues during the autumn session.But, as, indeed, the officials were not going to wait for the return from leave of Deputies. Why do they need an extra headache? They have decided to place the Stabilization Fund in foreign securities. And maybe that's a statement of Vyacheslav Volodin has spurred them to the fastest action.Having made this statement on July 22, Kudrin and Stepashin made it clear not only to the deputies, but also to all those who sought to participate in a sharing of the Stabilization Fund, who is the boss. And not just the owner, but the owner, who does not tolerate objections, no one asks and no one explains nothing. Explanations as Sergei Stepashin, so do many of the country's more like a mockery.Whoever told him that some Japanese businessmen spend their accumulated capital to charity and go to monasteries. Maybe he expresses the wish to do likewise.But that is typical of all the participants in these discussions, so it is the inability and the inability to go beyond the proposed issue. They continue to talk about the natural rent, which does not exist in reality, these funds continue to call "oil" money. "Among Russian economists inflames the conflict over how to share the surplus" oil "government revenue" - says Konstantin Frumkin in the newspaper "Izvestia". Only by following this logic, our Russian economists need to recognize that in addition to "oil" money we still have "aluminum", "iron", because the steel magnates have no less than the oil, and then, "diamond", "Wooden "proceeds from the sale of the forest," military ", the sale of weapons, about which the government modestly silent. Or even how much money will come up with our writers and economists, just to obscure the essence of the issue?Panelists continue to walk on the set range, arguing invest these funds in the economy, or not to invest? Of course, you have to invest, and invest in the manufacturing sector, in the construction of new factories, development of new technologies, in person. But, before asking this question, it would be to understand: where the money? As a result, the state and the oligarchs are having super-profits, and whether the authorities concerned in the development of the Russian economy?Those explanations, which we hear is that the data super-profits - is the result of increased oil prices on the world market, it is natural rent, can satisfy except the ignorant. Although, at first glance, it all seems legitimate. But is it really?And in fact they did not arise because of the natural wealth of Russia, although this is the basis, but because of the tax incentives for suppliers of raw materials to the world markets from the state, because of the low labor costs, due to higher the degree of exploitation of the working people of Russia and not only in the oil industry, and in the entire field of production. This is all as required for oil pipes, drilling, machines, and many more that, for the production of which, in turn, requires the coal, metals, wood, and the whole constant part of their capital cost of the final product. And accordingly, the lower the cost of labor, ie wages, the cheaper the ton of oil for an entrepreneur, the more he will profit from selling it on the international market.Only the profit gotten with the help of the state stabilization fund, and in the pockets of the oligarchs, is nothing but a surplus value created by the employees of different industries. The profits are not generated by the mines, fields, land or capital, as such, but it allows the owners, ie our state, able to receive a share of surplus value. The state, in turn, he stifles the growth of real wages, creates favorable conditions for the formation of super-profits.Today we can state that the trade in raw materials in the international market there is no natural rent, which does not exist, and the state rent. State ownership of the territory, and therefore the working conditions, which produces oil and other natural resources, which the state has the right to impose taxes where it is actively involved in the regulation of wages, and create opportunities for profits.In fact, today it is necessary to put the question is not about how to sterilize the extracted resources, and how to stop deplete the economy, how to stop the arbitrariness of officials on how to increase the share of wages of employees in GDP, how to create a favorable environment for small and medium businesses, which will decide the development and investment for their businesses. And I'm sure that will decide much better and more efficiently than government officials and MPs. But as soon as there are proposals to reduce the single social tax, or other ideas, leading to a reduction in revenues and the center of the oligarchs of the government circles immediately hear the cry - you can not. This suicide as recently stated by Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Alexander Zhukov representatives of the "Business Russia", on the proposal to reduce the single social tax to 15 percent, even for small businesses.It turns out, according to our government, we are in a vicious circle. On the one hand, we are told that a lot of money and need to be sterilized, investing in foreign economies, and immediately declare that taxes can not be reduced, because the budget has no money. A budget money, and the money received from the sale of raw materials, according to members of the government - a different money. It is they who have come up with such a game. However, it is different for them, but in reality it is the money of the people, not Kudrin and Economics Minister German Gref, Russia. But even if they take the position that this "oil money" and that their investment in the Russian economy is like death, then it does not hold water. Imagine that Volodya has a ton of oil, and George a thousand dollars, and they decided to make an exchange. As a result of the exchange, George got a ton of oil, and Vladimir - a thousand dollars. But after the exchange offers Volodya George to take it from him one thousand dollars, as it turns out, he does not need, and give him a piece of paper instead of a commitment to return the twenty thousand years. The result: George has a ton of oil, and a thousand dollars, and Volodya paper. Now try to guess why Volodya selling oil? And if we take into account that oil is a non-renewable natural resources and dollars and pieces of paper with commitments can be made always in the right quantity, the behavior Volodya no sane person is beyond comprehension. Therefore disastrous for the country is the work of the central government, which is widely protects the interests of large monopolies and strongly inhibits the growth of real wages of employees, prevents the development of small and medium-sized businesses, as can be seen, and on how the government ordered the bulging of the economy with money, giving large part of the funds for the development of foreign economies. However, to calm the deputies of the government planned for 2006, 72 billion rubles for the formation of an investment fund that will be, at that time, not more than 1.5 per cent of the rent received by the state, increased spending obligations of the federal budget in 2005 to 382.7 billion. Rubles which will go to state, by and large, to compensation from inflation, but contributed to our patriotic education almost half a billion rubles, which will develop the 22 ministries and departments. Apparently, we must admit that they dealt with the economy, and there is not much to fix the feeling of patriotism among the people. The government has already spent 115 million rubles for our patriotic education, but, as the authors of this program, "patriotism had not yet become fully unifying framework of society." That is, we have not yet conceived a comprehensive love for our power. As can be seen, the authors of this venture is simply not enough money in order to achieve the desired result. And now for this purpose it decided to allocate considerably more funds to eliminate "certain shortcomings". And never mind that patriotism, as well as all love is an intimate feeling, does not imply interference. Our government, as experience shows, if to take up something, be sure to get results. And a prime example of this - the government's actions regarding the use of the Stabilization Fund. We decided to invest Stabilization Fund in foreign securities even at the time of its creation as Kudrin and invested. It is not in order, they recovered the funds from the economy, to throw them back again.So we, the citizens of the Russians, the other way than to be inflamed with the love of power, no. Therefore, do not pull, and start to express their love right now. Flies aircraft - "thank you" to say the government is floating the ship - "thank you" tell the government, train rides - "thank you" to say to the government, more expensive utilities, "thank you" tell the government, inflation eats salary - "thank you" tell the government reduced at work - "thank you" to the government. And do not forget the most important song to sing country.Vitaly GlukhovThe newspaper "New Planet"MondayAugust 29, 2005

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