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Robbery in the shadow of the law

There is no more brutal tyranny than that which lives in the shadow of the law and under the aegis of justice when the accident, so to speak, drowned on the very board on which they were saved.- Charles Louis MONTESQUIOU
Receipt of great sizeIn Russia, very quietly, but rapidly, a new financial empire. Hybrid, as is customary. In the sense that it does not have a single beneficiary and even formalized controls. But there are important - resources. Well, that is for ordinary Russians another couple of hundred rubles a month deducted for the future - and often in a very distant future - Repair of his house? And across the country - tens and hundreds of billions of rubles, which, of course, will not be left without a master.

In fact, it is one of the most acute - now and in the near future - the political order, which is able to play the so-called systemic opposition, especially its left flank. In the last 15 years, the government did not climbed to us directly into the pocket. But now there was an atypical and uncomfortable situation for him, which can be described with a quote from the unforgettable Boris Berezovsky: "The money was, the money will be, but right now there is no money." That has to move from the operation of the resource base to the direct exploitation of the population.
"Novaya Gazeta" will closely monitor the way the economy is in demand fueled by the budget, converted into the state's economy, living at the expense of its own population. In this issue we begin a series of articles about the burning points on the social front - overhaul, maternity capital, pension savings, "the new poor".Long money for selected beneficiaries of the scheme nationwide collection for the repair could be two or three of the bankFederal law, which complemented the Housing Code rules on regional operators overhaul Russians "presented" at the end of 2013: December 23, he was accepted by the State Duma, the 25th approved by the Federation Council and signed by the 28th president. New Year's Eve - the traditional period for pushing controversial initiatives. Especially that the country was living in the information space between the Maidan and Sochi and for such things as capital repairs, are not exchanged. "Novaya Gazeta" tried to find out what needed to reshape the housing legislation, who could lobby for this process, and most importantly - who can become a beneficiary of the new system.As you know, since 2007 a major player in the market of capital repairs of apartment buildings (MCD) has been specially created state corporation "Fund of assistance to reforming housing and communal services." Its registered capital transferred the money raised from the sale of the budget "Yuganskneftegaz" legendary company "Baikal". Constantine headed the state corporation Tsitsin. This functionary is little known to the general public, although under its management were large sums of money - 240 billion rubles.Source "New" from the leadership of the Ministry of Regional Development and Housing believes that the sudden rise of Tsitsin was obliged to favor Viktor Zubkov, under whom he worked in the tax authorities. Moreover, unlike the situation with Anatoly Serdyukov, it was not a personal, but a professional relationship. Perhaps in favor Tsitsin played by the fact that in 2004-2005 he served as deputy chairman of Gazprombank. Coincidentally, it was in Gazprombank decision the bankruptcy trustee have been listed all the money from the sale of Yukos (more than 310 billion rubles). This time allowed the credit institution to become one of the pillars of the interbank market.According to our source, this is the whole essence of manipulation around the theme of a major overhaul. It is the source of long-term money, while constantly updated. Money ran Yukos banal and needed another source. They, in fact, was a population that is often called "the only inexhaustible resource."Significant plus scheme with regional funds that between content and spending money in the "common pot" takes a long time, sometimes literally decades. All the while, the money allegedly lie dead weight, but in fact - to work. In the interests of the credit institution, where they will accumulate.Rich region with strong governors are likely to leave the money at home. Thus, for example, it happened in Moscow, where the expense, which will accumulate huge sums of income from the owners of real estate capital, has been opened at the Department of Finance of the city government. But, as our interlocutor believes, informal but strict supervision of the majority of regional operators will carry out the same Constantine Tsitsin.Also among the possible beneficiaries of Gazprombank and Rosselkhozbank is called, which is also occasionally experienced problems with funding. Tens of billions of rubles, which the population will pay an annual regional operators are able to minimize these problems.As in any scheme, there must be a loser. And in this role traditionally are citizens who will actually pay the inflation tax. Indeed, in contrast to the same pension savings, the legislation does not provide for specific mechanisms of capitalization of payments for public utilities, it is not an investment, and, in fact, the accumulation. Who ate inflation.- I'm here for her Moscow apartment I do not cry, - says the source "New" from the Ministry of Regional Development and Housing. - I put the house four years ago, about a major overhaul to say? And I personally do not see any legal reason to pay for these receipts.The law does "raw" and "holes", but if necessary it can be modified, and, where necessary, sanded enforcement. If the non-payment of the population will reach critical levels, which is very likely, regional courts and the Office of the bailiffs will be thrown on the priority. Too big prize at stake.Andrew Sukhotin,The "new"Effective management of democracyWhen it comes to talking about the bills for repair of the first complaint - "back money from us pull", the second - "it is not clear how they will spend the money." And if the first bewilderment - rhetorical plan, the second - with the decision.Tenants of the house number 19 on the Student Travel Kirov not worry about where to leave their money cast in the column "Fee for the repair." They decide what to repair at his home. At a meeting of the HOA.- Meetings have carried on any important issue: painting the entrance, changes in the local area. Any step necessarily debated - says a resident of house Vera. - The general ballot we choose and the chairman of the HOA. Every two years.Vera lives in a flat area of ​​48.4 square meters. m. And to pay for the repair of 343.64 rubles per month.Deciding that it was repaired in the collected "kapremontnoy" money line, the tenants of the Student travel, 19, also took their own.- The Chairman said that the Commission of the Government of the region, which deals with the overhaul, recommended us to repair the elevator. This proposal was supported by all, because we really have to lift a painful subject: it is with the construction of home runs - since 1988: slow by today's standards and, unfortunately, not very tidy.- A new elevator will cost us 1.5 million rubles, - says Lidia Marina. - Repair we have until 2020. And, of course, by this time the amount accumulated.Ivan ZhilinGSS. corr. "New"Citizens owe half and do not want to payMore than a third of residents of apartment buildings do not pay bills for "major repairs", admitted on July 13 in the program "Vesti-Omsk" Regional Deputy Minister of Construction and Housing Dmitry Shekalov. The number of taxpayers has decreased dramatically, according to him, in recent months: in February and March were 78%, and in April began to decline, and now they are 65%. The official suggests that gardeners make a difference, who cares about the harvest forget or do not have time to go to the post office with receipts.Circulate Omsk - apart from the current utility payments - a regional fund overhaul established regional government, with September 2014. Indicators collection of contributions for 10 months abruptly changed several times: in September 2014 - 50.1%, in October - 64.2%, in November - 82% in December - 48.8%, in January 2015, the first - 76.1%, etc. Probably, they are dependent on the activity, on the one hand, regional agitators, explaining the need for residents of the area on the card and on the other hand - human rights activists and communists, urging citizens not to pay the "fake overhaul."The odds in this information war, of course, the first, but the resources at their opponents are not so small: at the Omsk branch of the Communist Party have newspapers and television, the Communists hold pickets and rallies, reported local online editions. Regional HRC (Human Rights Committee) on all protest activities gives the participants 'memo' - how to behave deliberate defaulters if they suddenly called to the court. And also - ready application forms to the head of a regional fund overhaul "refusal to sign the contract for repair of houses" (a sample of his published on the website "Omsk political"). The arguments it lists it is suicidal: this fund, although established by the regional government, it is a nonprofit organization. Article 10 of the Law № 82-FZ, said that the property of such a fund can be formed solely "on the basis of voluntary contributions and its founders" are not liable for its obligations, "as well as" the fund is not liable for the obligations of the founders. "In Omsk, the courts in recent years rendered decisions in 1640, obliging the mayor mnogokvartirniki repaired by the city treasury: the price issue - 13 billion rubles., Slightly less than the annual budget of the city. "If the home - human rights activist said Kuznetsov, - more than 20 years was not carried out major repairs, the municipality is obliged to take it over, without requiring tenants to a penny. But these decisions are ignored by bailiffs, and we will appeal their inaction in the courts, so far without tangible result. "Himself a human rights activist living in the home, which, like the vast majority of Omsk "hruschob" is thorough not been repaired for over 40 years, but on a regular basis all the time with the tenants have been charged for "maintenance and repair of housing."Total to date, residents of the Omsk region owed for the repair of more than half a billion rubles. If we divide this amount by the tariff - 6 rubles. 70 kopecks. for the quarter. m, multiplied by the average living space (squares 50-60) and 10 months, it turns out that more than 100 thousand families for Omsk overhaul pay nothing. Many, of course, ignore these bills on line, but most, I am sure, Valentin Kuznetsov - not only financially, but also for ideological reasons.George Borodyansky,GSS. corr. "New"Our house - "Land Cruiser"Today the local rate - 5.07 ruble meters in homes up to 5 floors and 5.84 ruble meter high-rise buildings. It is noteworthy that in the plans of the regional government was to increase the amount in 2015 to 6.21 rubles, and the director of a regional fund overhaul Andrew Chibisov offered at all to bring the size of the average wage up to 7 rubles per 1 sq. m; the idea is not supported by MPs and Minister of Energy and Housing Sergei utterly.Actually, Andrew Chibisov no further than last spring became a defendant in the scandal over the purchase of fund overhaul of the car "Land Cruiser Prado". In late March, the Fund announced an auction for the purchase of the machine, the initial price of the contract was 1.9 million rubles. Bidding declared invalid, and within five days signed an agreement for 1.89 million rubles with a single party - the company "SamREK-operation", which is engaged in heat supply in cities and districts of the region. At the same time the head of the "SamREK-Maintenance" is the same Andrew Chibisov. In a conflict of interest when buying a car drew local media attention and the governor himself. Refurbished Fund was forced to announce bids for the sale of "Land Cruiser" and buy domestic "Lada Largus."However, the program itself in 2014, and without any "Land Cruiser" was a failure: a population collected only about 30% of the payments, and of the 862 houses that were included in the plan for repairs, the work carried out only in 127.In 2015, in the Samara region planned overhaul 886 multifamily homes as real figures about the work performed there. According to Sergei Krainev, the percentage of contribution collection has reached 40%.At a recent press conference, Sergei Ulyankina, Deputy Minister of Energy and Utilities of Samara region, reported the difficulties faced by workers fund.In the first place, houses with a high degree of wear and tear repair is unprofitable and profitable to give them the status of emergency and dilapidated housing, but all of these have to deal with the stress.Second, the Fund alone can not begin to repair, it is necessary to coordinate with all tenants.From the speech of the Deputy Minister it became clear that the operator overhaul would work very well, if it was not unpleasant tenants of apartment buildings.Andrew Sukhotin Ivan Zhilin, George Borodyansky, Natalia FominaSource: novayagazeta.ru 

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