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суббота, 11 июля 2015 г.

The oligarchy and plutocracy Russia pulled to the bottom

 HSE: the Russians are preparing for a protracted crisisThe financial position of the Russians this year deteriorated significantly increased the number of the poor and those who are in the "austerity". This is the conclusion reached by the authors monitoring "Revenues and expenditures of population: the main changes to 2015" prepared by the National Research University Higher School of Economics (HSE).As noted in the study, people are preparing for a prolonged crisis, saving money for a "rainy day" and reducing their consumption, according to "Finmarket."

HSE experts have concluded that in the I quarter 2015 the population with incomes below the subsistence minimum amounted to almost 23 million people. The poverty rate jumped to 15.9%, which is 2.1% more than in January-March 2014. Real disposable income of the population declined by 1.4% in the first 3 months of this year compared to the same period last year. In April and May of this year, the drop was 4.9% and 6.4%, respectively.In the structure of incomes, the biggest drop of salaries and pensions. In March, the depth of the fall in real wages (wages minus inflation) in relation to the level of 2014 exceeded 10%, in April and May - 9.6% and 7.3%. This is the maximum decline in the last 17 years.Despite the fact that pensions were indexed in February at 11.4%, which is more than 2 times the rate of indexation of all other social benefits, it allowed only marginally and temporarily improve the dynamics of the pensions in real terms. For example, the January decline in performance in 2014 was 5.3%, and in February, taking into account indexation - 2.8%, but data for April showed a decrease again by 4.5%, experts say the HSE.As a result, the Russians began to save not only on the purchase of durable goods, but also in consumer goods. Retail sales in April 2015 decreased by almost 10% from last year's figures (in billions of rubles in comparable prices).Analysts do not expect rapid change in the situation, and the Russians themselves have prepared for a protracted crisis. Citizens are not only save money on purchases, but also save more on "rainy day", the authors monitored. In January-March 2015 the share of savings in the structure of incomes of the population increased by a total of 12.7% in the annual comparison. In February, the share of savings has reached a level of 18.2%, the highest figure in the last five years. As a result, in the I quarter of 2015 the share of cash in the hands of the population began to decline rapidly, while the share of bank deposits to grow.
Source: rosbalt.ru 

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