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понедельник, 13 июля 2015 г.

Money for pensioners and children there!

 The MP, who seized 100 kg of dollars, live on wagesIt is written in the Declaration of Alexei Lysyakova
Incredible, from the standpoint of an ordinary person, savings of 100 kilograms of dollars were seized in the night from 2 to 3 July in St. Petersburg office "City Invest Bank". As it turned out, the money, more than $ 7 million, belong to the State Duma deputy from the party "Fair Russia" Alexey Lysyakova and tested in a criminal case of fraud on a large scale."MK" tried to estimate how much luggage you need to put down $ 7 million, and compare this amount with the declaration of income of the deputy.In A.Lysyakova seized hundreds of kilograms of dollars.

History and with the withdrawal of such an impressive amount started in the morning on July 2nd. At around 10 am a senior investigator for especially important cases at the head of TFR Alexander Bastrykin and FSB Petersburg arrived at the head office of the St. Petersburg "City Invest Bank", located on Gagarin, 4.The task of the investigator was to withdraw the money held on the criminal case in Moscow. These investigations have been ruling the security forces. However, an attempt to withdraw money and documents failed: branch manager of the bank has forbidden to let operatives in cash. Negotiations continued throughout the day. On persuasion manager did not yield. Do not open the door, and security officials after the bank building was de-energized. As a result, it was decided to operate a radical method, namely to take the building by storm. Around 20.00 the same day, security forces broke down the door of the bank, and after about two hours (as time has taken a difficult job to eliminate armored doors and windows), they get inside.Already in place TFR employees, operatives of the Economic Security FSB in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region together with employees of the special forces "GRAD" FSB found sealed boxes, which were glued sheets of A4. The sheets were not nothing but a photocopy of a zoomed picture ID 45-year-old Duma deputy from the party "Fair Russia" from Dagestan, the Stavropol Territory and the Chechen Republic Alexei Lysyakova.Inside the boxes of the security forces found more than seven million dollars. In addition, the bank was found unattended a large amount of currency, ... packed in a suitcase. Later it was confirmed that the money belongs to it Lysyakova that a year ago surrendered their savings deposited in a bank. For this service the MP Bank paid 100 thousand rubles.Investigative actions in the bank ended only in the morning.Alex Lysyakov - a typical example deputata- "backbenchers". For 4 years of work in the State Duma of the member of the faction "Fair Russia" has never appeared in the plenary hall.But the Committee on Family, Women and Children, where Mr. Lysyakov is, it "knows". According to deputies from different factions, who are working under the direction of Elena Mizulina ("CP"), the meetings of the committee "it is, but not always - as, indeed, and all."Signature Mr. Lysyakova stands under the 8th bill submitted to the Duma. Almost all of them - collective initiatives, either of committee, on topics related to the protection of children's rights or fractional. Only one, the latter is the product of the creativity of Mr. Lysyakova: This bill was introduced in May 2015 and proposed for the fathers to pay the costs associated with induced abortion.Deputies native faction answering the question about what they know about this deputy, responsible one, "He walks rarely silent, but hello ..."Although the political biography of Alexei Lysyakova like rich: from 2002 to 2011 he was a member of the Federation Council, where he represented the legislative power of the Stavropol Territory. Stavropol deputy in charge and now - is "his region" as they say in the State Duma.But in SF Mr. Lysyakov sat quietly. Senator, by the way, it was a time when Sergey Mironov led upper house of parliament.Born Mr. Lysyakov in 1969. First Petersburg finished medical school, then - the Moscow Geological Prospecting Academy, defended his PhD in economics. Until 2002, he headed the Board of Directors of CJSC "Management Company MDM (international business world)." The company provides asset management.If for Declarations spravorossov the last 4 years (they are available on the website of the State Duma), questions arise. It is evident that the family is not poor: it is enough to say that for himself, Mr. Lysyakova including two expensive cars (BMW and Mercedes executive class), his wife, first there were the three expensive cars, now there are two. Besides a couple of years ago was at Mr. Lysyakova apartment 243.7 sq m in Russia, while the minor child and now have half of apartments in France (140 sq.m total area). At the same wife until 2013 was owned house and land (1900 sq ft), and the apartment and garage - all in Russian.But on the other hand, cash income, Mr. Lysyakov declares small - for the deputy's standards, of course. In 2011 he said about 1.9 million. Rubles (parliamentary salary), the wife did not earn a penny. In 2012, cash income rose sharply - to 42 million. Rubles deputy, but disappeared from the declaration apartment. A 1.7 million. Rubles spouses, declared in 2012, most likely resulted from the sale of one of its cars.In 2013, Mr. Lysyakov again said one parliamentary salary, and in 2014 - the same (income rose to 4.1 mln. Rubles, because the salary of deputies rose sharply). No property he owned left.Wife also completely got rid of real estate, as can be seen on the Declaration - as a result of its 2014 cash income of 83 million. Rubles ...During the faction "Wed" does not comment on the criminal history that involved the name of the deputy. Silent and his assistants. Cabinet deputies closed. His phone does not answer.Marina Ozerov, Darya Fedotova  

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