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вторник, 7 июля 2015 г.

Russian authorities terrible temper

In the Russian language the word back-markers of povertyNo matter how successful, no patriotic and well-fed propaganda portrayed the citizens as to the citizens of any faith in his greatness, have a traitor who gives the true guts of their trouble. It is the language. Today's Russian language tells us that people are living badly. In the Russian language the word quietly returned poverty. Word of hunger, fear and hopelessness. Optional right to ask people whether they live well - just listen to what words they describe their new lives.Take the beginning of the word "feast". It is used people to limit yourself to spending on food. The word "feast" always sounds in an interview with the poor pensioners, who talk about their diet. "With the pension I buy my chicken to eat."

This is an accurate marker of poverty and even poverty, as in the XXI century. diet and prosperity average person almost eliminates any food deprivation. People rarely buy caviar, truffles and fine wine. But the poor call those buying a delicacy, thus giving their dissatisfaction with the daily diet. If you come on a date with a very successful person's mind and suddenly he offers to eat chocolate, alert: in front of you exactly poor playing in someone else's game. Unfortunately, people who like to "feast" in Russia has increased. This word almost disappeared from the mass consumption of at least ten years. And here it is returned. As we returned "gourmet" and "goodies." It's horrible. Even worse is that now the Russians consider a delicacy: cheese, meat, fruit, fish, candy ...Another word in this series - "spoiling." "Sometimes I indulge myself curds" - he tells reporters provincial schoolteacher, barely making ends meet. "Apples buy only to pay - treat children" - says another teacher. Another says "Children fruits raduyu rarely - only the salary." It would seem that the position of both the same, but no - the second feels undernourished.Another marker - those "cottage cheese" and "apple." Diminutive form applicable to products issued servile to them. A subservience to the cottage cheese or apples occurs only in people malnourished, and, here and now malnourished. And malnutrition is not the fault of the disaster, catastrophe or war, and because of their poverty, their social disadvantage. Chronically malnourished. In no blockade or military memoirs you will not find indiscriminate use diminutive forms of the word "bread", "milk", "porridge". Eli "hlebushek" drinking "milk" and fried "fish" Russian peasants, fasted for hundreds of years, and with the kings, and after them, while the nobles with merchants all the time consumed bread, milk and fish. But sex in the restaurants offered them "ikorochku", "balyk" and "sterlyadochku." In general, remember: if you are in someone's home are treated to a red "fish" is probably it was bought at the expense of other needs - for example, instead of "chicken" for children. Walk on the market, wait at the dairy department store. Listen - more and more people are called Food with special aspiration "myasko", "fish", "Milk." They have enough to eat!There are people who asked about his diet optimistic answer: "We ate well." Do not believe it! These people are also malnourished. Hunger them, probably not, but afford a variety of products they can not. Buy food for the pleasure they can not afford. They do not eat - they eat, fill themselves with energy, eat as much as you need to sustain life. Anything beyond the power is considered a treat. Power - bitter Soviet word for consumption of products within the essential standards.From another. Terrible in its revealing power of the word "rest", it is "rest." I know people who are flying to rest in Egypt is likely to work hard for little money. Even those who are "resting" in Mexico or China. The word "holiday" gives them the fatigue of work they are likely to devote a lot of time, and which are unlikely to like, because of his beloved work hard to get tired. Fatigue, apparently so strong that the two weeks of travel in comparison with it seem to rest. But the journey - it's hard work to go on a journey should be well rested. And the rest better at home. Notice how little we travel and how many "travelers", which recently became known as the best tourists. The word "traveler" is still associated with high incomes and carefree. All campers dream to become travelers. Travelers as the class of the Russian language in the past year almost disappeared. By the way, monstrous word "holiday" sounds in relation to Sunday picnic with shish kebab and vodka or Friday to go to a nightclub. How can these people work, if booze to death for them - for a holiday? In general, if your a fan you promise mountains of gold, and he invites to relax in the same Mexico, you know that before you tired of the employee, which is unlikely to get out of their rut - language gives it hopeless.And absolutely bezyskhoden the groom that his work calls "processing." Watch your friends. Listen to conversations bystanders. Note, as they say on the work of your online-friend. You will be surprised, but it is the people who are employed and for low wages, called his job processing. It - feigned scorn through which the losers splash out their dissatisfaction and that began to meet more often in the language. People who walk "in the processing," pretend to live easily, but their life is really hard, but the financial situation is futile. On the processing work disadvantaged people.And they work for pay. To hear the word "pay" - you know that before you a poor loser, a victim of the system. He is not independent, is not ambitious, it is not earning money, and receives, in his mind there is a solid understanding of the relation of their income and their skills, the money generated on the job, he takes for granted, constant, not depending on him.Distress and failure can slip and other "labor" words. Mainly in the name of leadership. If a man calls his chief employer, which means that most of all he appreciates there is the fact of providing jobs. Employer - he as a savior. He sheltered, warmed, it provides employment and food along with it, the ability to pay the rent and to buy gasoline. The man who calls his boss employer, be very afraid of the street. This rule is. But the one who is calling the chief executive, is afraid of independence. This is also the rule. Remember employment contracts, recall the rhetoric of business magazines: a variety of business and merciless sharks called HR chief executive. Let them talk about the development of human resources, we are seeing something that they dream, executives of dependent executors. Remember, by the way, the scandal with the job description that Eugene Vasiliev was for his servants - there she called himself the "leader."Head - the most neutral word for superior counterparts. In the extreme case suitable "chef", "boss". Even better, the chief called on a post or name. The man who called "head" or "commercial director", or, finally, "Ivan Petrovich," knows his worth, he is sure of himself, he has a professional dignity. In contrast to those who say to you in passing, "I'm sorry, the leadership is."Ominously only person who the owner of the business where he works, called the host. It is noteworthy that the word is often heard from various guards, bodyguards and a watchmen. "The owner goes," "host is not told." Not only that the watchmen of the word "owner" pops up land and then melkolavochny history (accurate ancestors "in people" lived), because they are still feeling the dog chain in a human issue.Even two years ago, our people do not fly, "relax" and "sea", went to work not "for processing", and in the office. The word "employer" and "head" were rare, they operated only themselves "employers." Now everything has changed. The Russian people are impoverished, weakened, becoming more and more helpless. And he works hard. We were from the late 90's the old lady returned lakomyaschiesya curds and myasko spoiled children - are undernourished people again. It is possible to try to hide the clothes, you can hide it in the cabin of the purchased credit Ford Focus, forget about it in the bar at the resort. But the language of helplessness can not hide.By the way, share your observations - what other word to give human poverty and oppression?UPD: I will add more examples here, from the comments"10 rubles" instead of "10 thousand rubles" too tough people say. It's a slang recent mid-level managers, who are eager to forget the days when 10 thousand. Rubles were their money. I truly corrected it - Slang cattle from service stations. I mean most of middle managers in the field ... logistics, construction, installation ...When they say "left at work late" - it is alarming that the man gives his passivity, he is himself the subject of the work does not feel he is in psychology - subordinate."Now my man drive up" - the words of a recent hard workers who matured at least to one slave. Sam has a precarious position, but very happy to be the "master".Another would add the word "dressing" ("elegant") - it is rather from the recent past, when the beautiful clothes were in short supply, it took care of it "getting out". Now "dress" mainly pensioners and women okolopensionnogo age. Those that "regale" "chicken.""Dorogushchie" - as suggested by readers. Not expensive, but "doroguschy." It is noteworthy that it is used in relation to people of modest means things the average price category. "Dorogushchie" the same provincial teacher would call a dress for 5000 rubles. Mink coat from whole pelts she "doroguschy" not obzovet. It seems to me, "doroguschy" means an object at the upper boundary of the availability for the speaker. Dress for 5000 rubles - the most precious thing a teacher can afford - it dorogushchee for her, even if the dress is bought by other people. Mink coat teacher can not afford under any circumstances - she would call her dear unavailable, transcendental, "for the rich", but not doroguschy.UPD 2: after the publication of the text has met in the film: "Here, in the film met today:" We need advice from a knowledgeable man! Yesterday the head summoned. Farewell processing I got laid off. Last pay 10 numbers from the same day dismissed. Would have the right to reduce so quickly? "He writes a guy 23 years he is working in a marketing development company.

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