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понедельник, 27 июля 2015 г.

Taxes are rising, because you want them to eat

Property tax has increased at timesThe property tax of citizens - is a big scam, because this tax is contrary to the Constitution of Russia. Why citizens should someone pay for their already paid property? It is not for rent, and property ...
The company has begun to collect taxes. After receiving notification of 2014, Saratov threw up his hands an incredible amount. They have increased by several times! Balakovo restless. July 15, 2015 people came to picket the building administration. Many came platёzhki 30 thousand!
Balakovo swept a wave of protests and pickets. The people threatened to arrange a hunger strike and blocked the road. The decision on raising the tax rates on property received by local deputies. The Balakovo it raised from 0.6 to 2%. If earlier the average for the apartment owners gave in the year 7000, it is now 23!

Murashova resident Vera says: "Two years ago I bought a small house, sold all that was acquired in 47 years. The BTI this accommodation was estimated at 1.5 million fabulous. In the past, the tax paid with difficulty: still 15 thousand for the house with the site - my monthly pay. And now notice it at 34,000. How to take the money ?! "
This is not the limit. The amounts in the notices reach 80,000, with the rather easy accommodation. People are terrified! - Says social activist Natalia Caraman, the chairman of the human rights organization. To help it has already addressed a few hundred people. By the way, in the exclusive village of "Rainbow" home owners have to pay and at 145 and 300 thousand. Shuddered from such amounts and those who stand firmly on their feet!
Local people are in perplexity: Balakovo overtaken even large metropolises! In Saratov, for example, the tax rate is 4 times lower - 0.5%. Even in Moscow, only 0.75%.
Balakovo officials admit 2% is really a lot, but the law allows. Especially because the taxes collected will increase the city budget, and ultimately will benefit citizens.
- Anyone dissatisfied Balakovo administration responds: if the amount of the tax is high, collect it within a few months - continues Natalia Caraman. - Another tip from officials - to share accommodation on several owners and pay a purse. Is this normal? Everything is more expensive, and incomes fall. If MPs do not revise rates, the consequences can be unpredictable!
Truckers have land out from under their feet
But draconian extortion outraged not only Balakovo. In Saratov, and most areas of the field site owners are shocked by the amount of land tax.
- During my seven acres in the village of zonal must pay nearly 3 thousand rubles - outraged cottager Dmitry Kornienko. - But in the past I have paid all of one thousand! Compared notice: the cadastral value of land has increased from 330 to 970 thousand rubles. They are there in the tax figures taken from the ceiling, or what?
The hardest hit on payments to pensioners living in private homes in the districts - here, unlike in Saratov, elderly benefits are not provided.
"My tax increased by 5 times! - Appeals to the governor resident of the area on the website "Faces of the province." - I have to skimp on the essentials, food and medicines, as pensions for all is not enough. She was the last time we raised a mere 4%. "
Recently, representatives of the tax in the air, "Radio Russia - Saratov" responded to numerous requests from citizens. It turns out that for the growth of payments they do not respond.
- The cadastral value of land approved by the Committee for Property Management field, - explained Julia Vanyushkina, deputy head of the taxation of property and income of individuals UFNS area. - Since 2014, we accrue a tax on the basis of these data.
"Razorilovku" postponed
Meanwhile, legislative changes are coming next. Starting next year, residents will pay tax on housing, calculated from the cadastral value. It is significantly higher inventory, which is used today. Accordingly, the increase and the amount of platёzhkah. However, the experiment is only affected 28 regions - Saratov region among them not. In the local UFNS explain: the transition to the inventory will be held no later than 2020. The earliest date when the new notice will come Saratov - 2017. But skeptics postponement does not add optimism.
- The amounts in the same way as in the case of the land will be inadequate, - said the head of one of the evaluation agencies Saratov. - Who is in the region of the cadastral value of plots (except for land industrial zones) is overstated by 2-3 times. It is not excluded that the apartment will be the same. You can, of course, appeal to an independent appraiser and challenge the amount of the tax. But I do not think a lot of it will be solved, - expertise is expensive.
Meanwhile, to pay tax on the cadastral value will have not only the apartment, but also for the cottages. Even the rate for them will be the same - 0.1%. In addition, the tax will fall under all the buildings on the site: baths, barns, and even unfinished hozstroeniya, if their area exceeds 50 square meters. m.
On Friday, July 17 in the administration of Balakovo revised tax rate on personal property this year. According to the press service of the regional administration. Taxpayers of the city was divided into more groups.
Pay tax at a rate of 2% will now only the owners of property, the total cost of which exceeds two million rubles. Bids residential property tax purposes, depending on the total value in 2015 will look like this:
- Up to 300 thousand rubles inclusive - 0.1%;
- From 300 to 500 thousand rubles - 0.2%;
- From 500 thousand to 1.15 million - 0.6%;
- From 1.15 to 1.5 million - 0.8% (instead of 2%);
- From 1.5 to two million - 1% (instead of 2%);
- Two million - 2%.
Today, the tax rate for residents of the Balakovo reduced. Once again, the highest bid will be valid in 2016, when payment of the tax in 2015. This year the rate will remain the same and the resulting platёzhki taxpayers will have to pay.
Pay will have, in principle, the tax unconstitutional. Let's see with the fact whether the person in principle to pay property tax at market value each year, and that in fact this tax means? If a person has acquired in private property or that property and immediately paid the full amount of the seller, then it (the buyer) is the only legal owner of the property.
If the buyer of the real estate bank loan used to purchase real estate, until full payment of the loan, acquired property is practically owned by the bank. But if all the same person acquired property and fully paid for her own means, then, in accordance with Article 35 of the Russian Constitution, the right to private property is protected by law, and everyone has the right to own, possess, use them, both individually and together with others!
Thus, according to the Constitution, everyone has the right to private property! Real Estate also belongs to the category of private property and protected by law on private property! This raises the legitimate question of the legitimacy of imposing a tax on real estate, contrary to the Constitution of the Russian Federation! If it is private property, then, based on what the person who owns thereof under the law must still pay property taxes ?!
The introduction of property tax actually means the abolition of private ownership of the judges. Here's why!
If the property owner can not pay the property taxes for some time, the state takes away from the private owner of the property! If so, it turns out that the property belongs to the state, not private, and citizen judges only rents from the state. Property tax in the Russian Federation is intended to introduce equal to one percent of the market value of real estate.
If so, then the person does not have to pay the market value of the property, but only the state pays for the use of property in the amount of one percent of its market value. But in this case there can be no question of private property in general, and private ownership of property. Otherwise, there is a direct violation of the Constitution.
Russia is the only country in which the violation of the right to private property of citizens. The stronghold of the world of "democracy" - the United States - the right to private property is violated in the same way, and real estate tax as unconstitutional! Most citizens are not only Russia but also the United States, and many, many other countries do not know anything about it, because of their ignorance and incompetence in these matters. And those who know about it, the taxes are not paid, or come up with special schemes for self care from taxes.
And it is the people who know about the unconstitutionality of the tax on real estate, is now deliberately carried it through the State Duma of the Russian Federation and relevant government institutions in Russia. And they do it with only one purpose - to turn ordinary people into slaves of the country! And it's not just words, but, as they say, the real truth, and that's why!
The average market value of the property, for example, in Moscow, of the order of 400-500 thousand dollars, so the real estate tax in the year of this amount will be 4-5 thousand dollars a year! At a cost of US $ 1 in the 32-34 rubles, the annual property tax for its owner will turn into 128 000-170 000, at least!
This means that the owner of privatized apartments the average market value of real estate in Moscow will have to pay annually to the state of 128 000-160 000, in addition to all the utility bills that are paid on a monthly basis! Those unlucky, who live in the center of Moscow, for the same living space will have to pay 2-3 times more - 256 000-384 000 per year for their own place! And now the question arises: who among people receiving salaries will pay such amounts, and even every year, regardless of whether healthy or not the owner of the "private" property, the number of children in his family, and, in general, dependent on the content ?! By the way, the "Law" believes dependents and children and elderly parents, as well as any non-working member of the family!
Some may argue that these prices are only possible in Moscow, where housing prices are significantly higher than in other provinces of the country, and will be right and wrong at the same time. Indeed, the real estate prices in Moscow is much higher than the prices for similar accommodation in other cities and towns of Russia, but ... and salaries in Moscow, too, much more wages in the regions, so that the property tax will hit not only Muscovites, but also all the ordinary citizens Russian Federation! It does not just hit and turn most of the Russian population in most of these slaves!
To pay property tax, most citizens of Russia will have to take a bank loan, even on fully-paid property. And very soon, it will only lead to the fact that this property will be owned by the bank, and, sooner or later, will be sold by auction, and its legal owners will be on the street, even with young children!
It is waiting for most of the citizens of Russia, if the law on real estate tax will be adopted and enter into force. In this situation, do not get to sit on the sidelines, as if this someone and wanted to. Only if all the citizens together to express their will in the form of protest against the introduction of property tax, it is possible to avoid this bondage.
FYI: in the United States 90% of the population live in debt, and 70% never pay off their debts! This has never happened before. Even a slave could gain freedom and live freely. The parasitic capitalism that is trying to impose on Russia and creates only the illusion that a person is free. Yes, it is now almost no one is a slave collar, but ... Invisible financial and other collars are much more reliable, if only because he is almost no one even notices. But the fact that they can not see with our eyes and feel his hands, does not mean they do not exist !!! "
Our task to understand what is happening and explains the concept of acquaintances, friends, loved ones, make the right decisions based on accurate information. Knowing that the property tax is unconstitutional, and bringing this knowledge to more people, we wake up to promote a proper understanding of which is expressed in their respective requirements - no property tax relief, and complete its abolition!Source: 3rm.info  

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