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суббота, 11 июля 2015 г.

When the interests of capital is more important than the interests of the people

 Prices in Russia for the year increased 4 times faster than wages
Analytical service company "FinExpertiza" published a review of "The Year of the sanctions: the salary of Russians vs inflation." In it, experts have determined the ratio of the rate of growth of wages of Russians and inflation for the year of sanctions against Russia (from April 2014 to April 2015).
Based on the data of Rosstat analysts have concluded that in the country the rate of inflation for the year exceeded the growth rate of wages by 4 times: core inflation from April to April was 17.45%, and wage growth - 4.34%.

Among the regions of Russia is the biggest difference between the growth in prices and wages observed in the Republic of Bashkortostan. According to "FinExpertiza", the inflation rate there exceeded wage growth in the 73.02 times (16.29% vs. 0.22%). Even in the five regions of the inflation rate surpassed the growth rate of wages by more than 10 times. It Novgorod region (34 times), Bryansk region (23 times), Pskov region (22 times), Altai Republic (12 times) and the Kursk region (10 times).
In the six regions the ratio of inflation and wage growth failed to count, as they wage declined. In the Amur region, the Krasnodar Territory, the Republic of Dagestan, Tver, Volgograd and Kurgan regions for the year amounted to a pay cut from 0.09% to 3.03% with an inflation rate of 17% to 19%.
In Moscow, inflation outpaced growth in wages up to 6 times. In St. Petersburg - 2 times. Only in 14 regions of Russia, inflation has exceeded the growth rate of wages less than 2 times. Only one region - Sakhalin - wage growth (14.3%) were higher than the growth rate of prices of goods and services (14.17%).
The highest inflation rate from April 2014 to April 2015 was observed in the Crimea (58%) and Sevastopol (45%). However, to calculate the ratio of the rate of growth of prices to the growth of wages could not be due to lack of data on the latter indicator.
Source: rosbalt.ru  

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